How can I improve my communication skills in everyday life?

In this essay we are going to talk about the How Can I Sharpen My Communication Skills? Being human the very important skill we have to achieve in our life is communication skill. Without this communication we can’t imagine our daily life, because each and every activity we do on daily bases need a communication with others it may be parents, friends or any strangers. There are so many factors that help to improve your communication skill and this will help to create a better conversation to others. English is a language every people commonly used in almost all countries and this language can be widely used for our official purpose mostly in our country India.

So, it is very important to learn at least the base of that language for communication if you want to make international trips. If you are Indian then Hindi will be enough to handle while travelling in our country. Likewise, language is very important in communication and this factor help us to convey our thoughts and ideas to the person to whom we want to communicate, that is why we have to know the language well and should always try to improve our vocabulary by learning new words and meanings in the language which you want to improve. Other than language there are so many factors which help you to improve yourself in your communication skill for better convey of your ideas and thoughts especially for work environment as well as personal life.

How can I improve my communication skills in everyday life?

These are the top ten factors which really help you for the improvement in your communication skill. Let us explain each factor in a detailed way.

1. Use gestures

The first and very important tip you have you make sure to improve in your communication is using gestures. It is scientifically proven that our communication will be better and awesome while using gestures and it is very effective way for a great communication. Just imagine a person taking a presentation or talking something seriously and they are speaking without any energy and in a sleepy way, how could you feel, definitely the topic may be important and interesting but the way you present it will be the matter.

If you present it in a sleepy way then interest of topic dose not matters it will not be reached to whom you are trying to convey your thoughts. It is scientifically proven that your gestures play an important role with fifty above percentage in our communication. That is why in business meetings, official conversations and public speaking we can notice this factor. But your gestures should be effective do not try to overdo these gestures and this will also create problems in your communication. So, use gestures in your conversation for an effective communication and make sure to use it in a proper way without over doing.

2. Listen properly

This is another important factor in our communication skill. Not only conveying your thoughts and ideas, you have to hear the words from the person to whom you are communicating with. So, you have to listen the properly and think a better reply and reply them with effective manner, the answer should be clear and straight to the point without blabbering something and diverting the communication. So, always listen to your opponent person and make an effective communication between them.

How Can I Sharpen My Communication Skills?

3. Positive attitude

This is another important factor that you should keep a pleasant smile on your face and keep a positive attitude throughout your communication. This will help for the easy conveying of your thoughts to the person to whom you are trying to make a conversation. This will be help them more convenient while communication with you and this very important factor when you communicate with strangers or in your work place. This will also give them a relief from their problem when you communicate in a positive way. So, this is another important factor that you should keep positive attitude and smile in your communication.

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4. Confidence

The very important factor to improve your communication skill is be confident with your communication. Without confidence it will be really difficult to make an effective communication. You should be well known about the topic you are conveying and also it is very important that you should never self-doubt yourself while communication. And be known with the language you have been using while communication and try to make a fluent communication and your thought should be clear only you express confidence in your communication.

5. Think before communication

This is another important tip many of them forget to do while communicating with others. Always make sure to think what you are trying to speak and make a clear and effective communication. This thought will help you for the framing of your communication in the right way. If you start speaking without thinking this may create some confusions and future conflicts for you. So, always make sure to think properly before communicating with others.

6. Fluency

This is also an important factor which help you to improve your communication. You should be fluent with your communication for that you have to build a strong base on the language you use while communicating and be aware about the topic and make research to get proper knowledge in that subject and make an effective communication. Without fluency your communication will be improper and there will be confusion and conflicts. So, make sure to keep a fluent communication.

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7. Voice modulation

It is very important that you should have to keep an audible voice with correct modulation. You should be audile to the person to whom you are communicating then only you be able to make a proper communication. The voice mode you use should be according to the situation of your communication. If it is a presentation of public speech then the voice should be loud and with a kind of motivational mode, if it is in other place keep audible voice with pleasant smile and speak slowly for the clarity of your words. Otherwise, you suddenly blabber something they will not be able to understand and this will create problems in your communication. So, always make sure to have audible voice in your communication.

8. Read

Reading is an important factor which help for improving communication skill. This is very important factor which improve your vocabulary and language in a better way for an effective communication. Reading helps you to improve your thoughts and refresh your minds. And this will give vast knowledge about different topics and will make you effective in your communication. Try to watch and read the language which you want to improve this will help for improving fluency. So, reading is an important tip for the sharpening of your communication skill.

How Can I Sharpen My Communication Skills In English

9. Avoid distractions

This is really important factor that avoid major problems in your communication. You have stay away from distractions while you start communication with others. Keep away your mobile phone when you directly approach someone to speak. Because, this will be a reason for distraction and disrespect to the person to whom you are communicating. Avoid looking somewhere else while talking keep an ‘eye contact’ with the person to whom you are speaking with. Avoid actions like scratching your head, touching your face, these will create distractions and discomfort to the person to whom you have been communicating with. If the communication is happening in your house, then switch off the grinders and television because these distractions will create conflicts also. So, always make sure to have a peaceful and calm environment for better communication it is very important to avoid distractions in your communication.

10. Be clear with topic

This is last and important tip in improving your communication into a sharp way. Because, you should be clear about the topic you have been talking about. For that make research and take notes about that topic and try read about that topic for better knowledge. You can also discuss this with your superiors and lectures for an effective and clear knowledge about the topic. Do not try to skip away from the topic, this will make your communication arrogant to the person to whom you are communicating with. Please make sure that you have been sharing the right and clear talk in each time and it should be straight to the point. So, this is very important tip for the sharpen and improved communication skill.

These are the top ten tips or factors which help you to sharpen your communication skill. Stop self-doubt and start effective communication using these tips. Use proper and effective gestures in your communication and listen properly to the person to whom you are communicating. Make a positive attitude and keep a pleasant smile in your face for a convenient communication. Be audible and focus on the fluency and voice modulation before starting your conversation and avoid distractions for better communication. Try to follow these top amazing tips for sharpen your communication.

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