How Does Education Impact Your life?

In this essay we are going to talk about the How Does Education Impact Your life? Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world these are the words of 1993 Nobel peace prize winner and former President of South Africa Mr. Nelson Mandela. The reason why Mandela referred to education as a “powerful weapon” is that it truly holds the power to change the fate of complete humanity just like a powerful weapon but in a positive sense.

How Does Education Impact Your life?

Education doesn’t only mean getting knowledge about academic subjects and fancy certificates and degrees, rather the meaning of education is much broader, education involves building character, morals, and other good qualities which are beneficial to not only the individual getting educated but also the society and community he is a part of. It would be really difficult to try and make a list of the possible ways in which education impacts an Individual’s life as there are innumerable ways in which education impacts your life and those ways are not so apparent, yet here is an attempt we made to list the top 10 ways in which education impacts your life. 

1. By ensuring a bright future

Education is one of the most important prerequisites for getting jobs or as a matter of fact even to run your business successfully in the present world you need to have good education along with other complementary skills such as punctuality, diligence, leadership, etc. Having job security can really change your outlook on life, it gives you a big edge over someone who lacks job security and has to constantly be worried about getting a job and earning money, and to have job security you need to be properly educated and also be fledged with other additional skills.

How Does Education Impact Your life?

2. By improving your financial condition

You must have heard of the cliché phrase “money doesn’t buy happiness” probably more than one thousand times, which is not wrong as this statement is completely true but you must be aware of another fact that poverty brings misery. While it is true that money is never enough and one must know how to be satisfied to be happy with what he has it is also true that to be happy one must at least have enough that he can get essential goods and services without any trouble and also maintain a decent standard of living, for which education is very essential.

There is a lot of competition in the present-day world and to get a job one must be educated. Education increases the chances of getting a job and higher education increases the chances of getting paid more the more educated you are the better you will be paid, and the farther you will be from misery.

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3. By reducing criminal activities

Education can really change people’s lives. It can give new hope to people who have completely lost all the hope in their life, people who think they are not capable of feeding their family without doing something illegal and they can never have a decent and respectful life. These people’s life can completely change with the help of education. This is the reason why many governments in various countries like Finland give prisoners free education and vocational pieces of training so that they can turn their life around after getting out of jail. Just think  about it would a former thief who is now a working professional  and can now earn decently and feed his family ever again risk out his life for just a few bucks, the answer is no because there is no reason to do so 

4. By improving public health

Education results in better awareness and about various health hazards. When students are taught about communicable diseases, the carcinogenic agents in tobacco like nicotine, and educate them about STD’s we can prevent the spread of such dangerous and life-threatening diseases. Education also inspires and teaches people to have a healthy diet and do physical exercise and take care of their mental health, which proves to be really fruitful for them in the long run. When people of a nation are healthy it saves a lot of money and resources of the nation which can be used to help other people in need.

5. By reducing pollution

Educated people understand the ill effects climate change and pollution has on our planet. And they also realize that it is their responsibility to keep the pollution in check as we owe our planet to the next generation it is our duty to hand over the planet to them as we received it. Educated people take many do not cause pollution and avoid frivolous use of energy and fuel which help keep the pollution in check.

6. By keeping the population in check and sustainable development

Our planet has limited resources and the rate at which our population is growing it will soon be very difficult to meet the needs of everyone on this planet to avoid this crisis we need to keep our population in check, education can be really useful in doing so as educated people have a better sense of family planning and have only one or two kids so that they can take care of them properly. 

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7. By creating a better world for the next generation

 Education not only gives a better future to us but also to the next generation as educated people can pass on their knowledge and wisdom that they acquired in their lifetime to the next generation and this will result in a better life for them as they can avoid the mistakes that our generation made and use the knowledge given by our generation to build a much better world for themselves.

8. By developing a social and politically just society

An educated person can make wise social and political decisions which are very crucial in order to form an ideal society where everyone is treated equally without any injustice. A person must be able to stand for himself and others whenever he experiences any kind of injustice, for this a person needs to be properly educated about his/her right and obligations. 

How Does Education Impact Your life In English?

9. By promoting equality

Discrimination and inequality are the biggest problems of modern civilization and also the biggest hindrance man faced in development. We would have made much more progress had we treated everyone equally and everyone got the equal opportunity. Be it gender discrimination or racial discrimination, education can be used to abolish it. Education is a basic human right, everyone deserves to get educated. Education can provide people of every gender and race with the equal opportunity to succeed as in today’s world an employer seeks the best employee regardless of their gender or race. In this way, education can be used to abolish discrimination and inequality.

10. By giving content in one’s work

Education can allow you to pursue your passion and do something you love doing while also contributing to society simultaneously. When you get educated in the field you love, you can pursue your passion and regardless of the field you work in you can contribute something to society for example if you are an engineer you can make the electric car or if you are a physician you could invent a new way of treatment, the point is you can give back to the society while doing something you love that is the power of education. 

We hope that you now understand the power of education and appreciate the impact education can have on someone’s life. 

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