How To Be A Good Daughter?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to become a good daughter? Parenting is not easy. Our parents are honestly very great, who sacrificed their desires for us. What all we want in our lives? If you have parents, you cannot be alone in any phase of your life. For father and mother, both son and daughter are equally important. But they expect little more from their daughters as compared to sons.

How to be a good daughter?

You must also be thinking, “why”? Just because girls are obedient and understanding, because of this, their expectations increase from you. You try to meet their expectations. Their expectations are not too high. Parents only want you to be well-behaved with everyone.  

It is not that tough to be a good daughter. Girls maintain every relation very nicely, but why you end up disappointing your parents? You fail to appreciate and value what you have. And when they leave you forever, suddenly you realize their importance. You think you do everything for your parents. But you do not. But it’s still not too late. You can still have the privilege of seeing the priceless smile of your parents. I have listed ten ways for you to be a good daughter.

1. Respecting your parents

Respecting your parents

Respecting your parents should be your foremost priority. You guys would think that we respect our parents. Ask yourself, “Do you?” You cannot respect someone by saying, “I respect you.” It should be in your heart. Our parents are very soft-hearted. Even if you hurt them, they would not mind. They forgive you every time, thinking that you are a child. To them, you will always be a child. It is your responsibility to understand their unsaid words. Mind your language, words, voice, and even your pitch before speaking to them. You may want to say something, but they do not understand.

But by being irritated, you shout at them is not a solution. If you have to explain ten times, then explain ten times, but tell with love. Don’t ever blame them if you had to sacrifice anything in your life due to your financial condition. They did every possible thing for your happiness. Being a girl, you should be your parents proud. Respect them, treat them well, keep them happy. 

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2. Staying active

Staying active

Girls need to be active in everything. Staying active means being energetic and filled with excitement for everything. The glow on your face is the reason for your parent’s happiness. They would not like it if you stay dull, ugly, and arrogant every time. Get along with everyone at family functions and show your active participation in any work. Celebrate your parents’ birthdays, anniversaries with great pomp. I assure you that you will be happier than your parents. It is what all parents want from their daughters.

3. Helping your parents

Helping your parents

Your mother wakes up early in the morning and works throughout the day to feed your family. Have you ever thought of getting into the kitchen and help her? You can do small household chores like putting wet clothes on the rope to get dry, placing the washed utensils in their places, and so many such light works. 

If your father is not making use of the technologies, then introduce him to them. Teach him how to operate laptops and make him understand that technologies are there to reduce your workload. In these ways, you can become the right hand of your parents. 

4. Expressing your feelings for them

Expressing your feelings for them

For 18 years, you must have loved your parents a lot. But after that, you grew up. But they are also growing old. By the way, girls stay very close and connected with their parents. She loves her parents very much. To hug them, kiss them, and share your talking kinds of stuff with them is the best way of expressing love. Trust, me this will make you the best daughter. Sometimes tell them “I love you” too. When you speak for the first time, it will create an awkward situation. But from the next time, you will get used to it, and they will like it.

5. Knowing Moral values

Knowing Moral values

Daughters have some restrictions upon them. But if your father or mother does not restrict you from anything, know that they wanted to, but they do not want you to hate them for this. So, being a girl, you should be familiar with your moral values. Like wearing shorts and sleeveless dresses while going with friends is okay, but you should avoid wearing those clothes in any family get-togethers. If you are in a relationship, you should know your limitations. Don’t do anything that will bring bad karma to your parents. Touching feet of elders of the house. Why would your parents tell you all these things again and again? You have to be sensible enough to understand them without saying. Your parents will feel obliged if you know your moral values. 

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6. Discussions and Decisions

Discussions and Decisions

 You should always have the quality of making decisions after discussing with the parents. Why so? Generally, you talk to your close friend before deciding anything. Your friends will not be able to give as many good suggestions as your parents give you. Because they are more experienced and they have seen the world. And they will always think about what’s best for you. Always consider them while having discussions and making decisions.

7. “No” means No

"No" means No

Your parents will not allow you for night-outs with friends, camping or trekking, or love marriage. Avoid arguing with them. You have the right to keep your points and views in front of them. But to fulfill your desires, you should not lie. If they said you “no” to love marriage, don’t try to run and get married without their permission. So, no means no, respect their decisions. They decide everything thoughtfully. 

8. Little efforts for their happiness

Little efforts for their happiness

You give gifts you your friends. You present random gifts to your boyfriends. Have you ever gave even a single flower to your parents? Don’t try to find a special day to give anything. Make any random day special and present whatever you want. When you give something to parents, the price doesn’t matter. 

If you are earning, you can start their monthly health checkups, because your parents will not go to Hospital by themselves. All these types of small efforts you can take. 

9. Calling them

Calling them

If you are living in a hostel or you are married, you can still make them happy. Know that they are just a call away. You can call them and ask them when they are fine. They are well or had lunch or dinner. Ask them if they need anything. Calling them 3-4 times a day will make their day. These are some customs that you can follow even when you are miles away. Girls generally talk to her mother daily. But she doesn’t understand what and how to communicate with her father. Does this happen in your case too? The only reason behind this is spending less time with fathers and thinking that they will not understand you. You share your thoughts with your father.

Maybe he can get angry at first. But if you want to erase the distance between your father and you, you will have to initiate taking positive steps towards him. Your one hug can melt him. If you remember, in childhood, when your mother used to beat you, only your father used to save you. Bridge the gap between you and your father even when you are staying far away.

10. Fulfilling dreams

Fulfilling dreams

Your parents don’t want you to be a housewife. They dream of your prosperous life. Your parents never pray for themselves, but they pray for you. You must fulfill their dreams. So study well, work hard and earn commendable. Plan vacations and trips for them. Take them to foreign countries. Make their dreams come true. Let them enjoy their retired life beautifully. And it is not written anywhere that daughters should not take their parents on a world tour. Even if you are married, you should be capable of saying to your husband that you want to take your parents too. Their hardwork was the amount paid to fulfill your dreams and make you stable. Now, it’s your turn to accomplish their fantasies. 

I hope this article helps you. All these are the properties of a good daughter. Doing all the above things is not essential. Do as much as you can to see the priceless smile on the faces of your mom and dad. You don’t have to become the son of your parents. Be the daughter and be the best daughter to them. A daughter that they are proud of to have. You can’t be perfect, but you can do things perfectly. Grab the moments with your parents and cherish them. Your happiness is the only that matters to them. Try to be the fittest daughter for them. 

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