How To Convince A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend?

In this essay we are going to talk about the How to convince a girl to be your girlfriend ? Finding Love in todays time are not that hard as compare to the time where one have to give in a lot to find one , now we are in the age of digitalization every thing is on our hand with the help of mobile and internet there are plenty of dating sites where one can find love like Tinder or Bumble but the thing doesn’t take a reserve here due to this internet age people somehow are not that comfortable while talking to another person, and these things are very much common in the boys.

How To Convince A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend?

Here in this article we would find out what would be the ways to convince a girl to be your girlfriend.

To have a fresh outlook                                                 

Having an outlook is really very important in today’s time it doesn’t mean to judge a person on the basis of their looks but it says to be presentable as being presentable solves out half of the hesitation while approaching   a girl or convince a girl to be your girlfriend because be honest people in general tend to be attracted towards a person who looks presentable you clothing and your fragrance do matter as people are very judgemental in general they tend to judge upon the outlook of the people so it become very important to have a presentable outlook

So as for that one has to dress well dressing in a funky way could send a bad message to the girl your dressing sense somehow tells a lot about you its very important to dress in a decent manner to look very presentable, also with this having a good smell is very important as good smell sense a way that a person do have a care regrading the people along them. having a fresh look also gives a message that the boy is very interested in personal hygiene.

How To Convince A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend?

Respectable to the girl

Lets be honest in todays world there is no place for misogynist person women are now should be treated equal like any other gender and being from a patriarchal world it becomes very important that the boy should have a respect and sensitivity toward girl being respectable doesn’t mean that one have to be only pretentious of being a person who respect women just for the sake of convincing a girl to be the girlfriend it should be inherited to be respectful toward the girl as it’s a right of girl to be treated in a respectful manner and a guy having this quality is very important .

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Rightly said there will always be chivalry a journey for being a boy to man is to be chivalrous around the girl you like as it makes them feel very respectful and safe whenever she is having a time with your chivalry should be done in a manner to be actually chivalrous but not to be a person who is overdoing it just to make a girl be impressed by it, because it doesn’t work like that

Learn to take the hints

The major mistake one does is to never be able to understand the hint that a girl gave now here hint doesn’t necessarily mean in a negative sense but here taking hint be talked as in general manner girls are very sweet by nature, they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings in general so they gave hint about what they are feeling and a person should be able to take the hints , learn to taking the hints doesn’t only make you good at conversation but also makes you know what the person really think about you.

Most of the time the thing happen that the boy doesn’t take the correct hint at correct time or even if a boy gets the hint then that boy does act as per the hint for e.g.- if girl is giving a hint to you to work more on your personality to get herself interested in you than that one should work on that , if girl is giving a hint that she is not interested in you than its very important to respect that and to not do the things that the boy was doing earlier

Learning to take hints is also not that easy as most of the boys have not been able to take the hints so it become very important to learn that.

Remembering her important days

Girls in general are very excited on their special days be it her birthdays or some important day in her life in general a boy should first need to know what those days are where she wanted to be treated special, one need to remember her birthday not only that its important to make her fell that she deserves a celebration you can surprise her with a party or gift.

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To have confidence in you

Its very important to be confident in one self as if there is no confidence then its not easy to convince a girl to be your girlfriend you have to have confidence to talk to her and how you pursue your interaction any person can only be interested in other person if they find them the one who can they have a comfortable conversation

Don’t make yourself available all the time

 Just Imagine you make yourself available each and every single time for the girl you like  while you doing this all you may not like it but t=your this habit is making your image to be that of a person who have noting to do at all who doesn’t work and it gave a wrong signal to the girl that you have nothing productive to do in your life you doesn’t give time to yourself and this gives a negative impact of your personality to the girl so its important to be available but not in a manner that it makes a wrong image of your in the eyes of the girl you like  

Give Space

Imagine a scenario where you are having a chat with the girl you like and she tells you that she is going to have a sleep but then you saw that she is still online most boys feel offended at this thing and make a wrong move of asking the girl that why she is still online , Well first of all she in not your property she is a different individual who can do whatever she wants in her life and this habit of your could annoy her and it makes you look like a creep stalker of her who is keeping eye on her every online activity  convincing a girl with this attitude is farfetched aim you will end up get yourself get blocked by her.

Advisable thing is to give her space is she is talking to someone else have trust in her if she doesn’t like talking to you each and every single hour that that is perfectly fine because every thing could not be in your control and its better to accept the reality and give her some spaces don’t be the victim of the economics law of the diminishing marginal utility where a consumer lost interest when used again and again and in increasing pace.

How To Convince A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend In English?

Tell her directly

Well, it’s not very good to be in one sided love with a girl for a long time because everyone have its own capacity to be in a one sided love if you find an opportunity to tell her that how much you love her or that you want her to be your girlfriend then just simply ask her at max you will be rejected but you will come to know that maybe your one sided love wont be worth to be kept forever and you have to move on at some point of time.

Remind her that she is special

Mistake boys do is to keep talking about themselves , what football club they like ,  what movie they like and many other things but it is important to let her know by your hints that you want her to be your someone special and for that you have to tell her that how wonderful she is , how good she is looking , how you feel very good when you talk to her , how your day is made when you see her  but in a respectful manner , these types of thing instill a interest in girls mind regarding you

So here are some suggestions regarding that how could one person could convince a girl to be the girlfriend remember these steps next time you are with her these steps might help you and even if these steps don’t work then don’t worry keep doing your work you will find your one love at some point of time and also learn to move on as you a person of your own and soon you will find a person best suited for you.

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