Short Essay On Confidence

In this essay we are going to to talk about the Confidence. Confidence is the key to success. Imagine having all the knowledge and talent and not being confident about any thing that you do. We all know that is so much of waste of mind and power. Often people with lesser talents and understanding go a head or get on top  easily because they have confidence to present their ideas or any thing what they have with confidence and power.

Short Essay On Confidence

Life changes for you and around you if you gain confidence in your self. Confidence is power. Your happiness is defined and design by you. By your self and your work. So why to feel sad or bad or have any regret later in life for missing any opportunity because you were not strong enough to go through that that. So when you have confidence in life you get a new sub con scious power of having to do things that are good for you and also good for people around you. If you are working for some thing on some thing you need to work on your self to get the all that is need.

Essay On Confidence

Having confidence is a good sign of personality. People find you charming and trust you. When you have confidence you feel good from inside. You know and understand what you are capable of doing in life. When you understand every thing that you and what all you can in life you can get what you dream for because you know what your value is and where you stand in the competition or any thing else.

Confidence can make your life better and help you to get successful in life. Your confidence defines you. You know competitive modern world is and how people try to bring other people down for their own good or benefits or betterment in life. So if you have confidence in your self you can face any or you can also say that you can face every type of challenge that life throws on your face.

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Being confidence and over confidence are two different things. Basically we all know that. So when you are a confident person and let us say you are given a task to do same thing that is difficult to do but if you have confidence in your self you will day “may I can do it” or “I can give a try to it” see the thing here is your not sure if you can get the desired out come or the result but you are sure you can not say no to it. Because with out giving a try you can not decide anything. May be you will try first and later do it after knowing how powerful and effective it was or it is,

On the other hand you can say if you give the task I mean that same difficult task to an over confident person they will say I can do it with out even thinking once how is that thing even possible or what it is.they just are filled with self superiority complex thinking they can accomplish any thing.

So over confident persons are often cocky and annoying to every one. See the over confident person will always think like I’m the best or I can make any thing possible or I can do any thing while the confident person will always look on bright and dark side of each task and will say that he can say after giving a try, such behavior helps in improvement of personality and also help in improving personal relationships.

Essay On Confidence In English

Few ways to have confidence or few ways you can get more confidence are-

First of al you need to believe in your self and what you stand for.

  1. Get your work done all by your self with out seeking help for any thing. See when you accomplish a task you feel happy and confident that you can do it with out any one helping you.
  2. Monitor your progress and what you do so you know where you are improving or at what points you are great at. This way you will learn more about your self. Self love and self acceptance plays a huge role in boosting confidence. That thing is simple to understand you know your self and your limits  to do things so you will act according ly and preciously knowing that spots where you can possibly go wrong can be a big saver of your life.
  3. Ask multiple questions. When you ask your self a lot of questions like when, how, where, what, why, what if and the list continues depending on type of question you need to know the answers of. So you get clear head and clearer idea of every thing so you know you are playing safe. So when you know you are playing safe you feel confidence. It is because safety is assurance for every thing for any and every human being on this planet
  4. Dress well and be well groomed. So when you are neat, clean and tidy you feel confidence automatically in life. So always wear nice cloths by nice it does not mean it has to be expensive it has a simple meaning by nice it means well ironed having no winkles on it and also not dirty. Apart from that keep your self also clean and tidy tied your hair properly I know messy hair looks god but the secret of good looking messy hair is making a clean look messy.
  5. Be positive about every thing and be happy.

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