Short Essay On Human Rights

In this essay we are going to talk about the Human Rights. Human rights are nothing but the fundamental set of principles and morals which ensure certain rights that  every human is entitled to. Human rights apply to every human being regardless of their gender, religion, caste, financial status, intellectual status etc. they apply to every human being regardless of any social identity they belong to or whatever political ideology they follow. Human rights are something that we are entitled to simply because we were born as humans and we all have right to live with a certain level of dignity. Human rights ensure that same certain level of dignity. No exception or conditions apply to human rights they should be provided to every human being equally and every human being deserves those rights.

Short Essay on human rights

Human rights are very necessary in order to ensure that every citizen of this world can live with dignity and have their own freedom. They prevent countries from misusing their power to harass they citizens of their nation and torture them. Human rights prevent the exploitation of citizens by their respective countries and also of the prisoners in a country. Human rights are very necessary for any country to develop because when citizens of a country are happy from the government of their country they contribute to the nations by being more productive and helping the government and supporting them, whereas when the government violates human rights the citizens of the country become dissatisfied with their government which creates an environment of disharmony in the society and country which in turn lead to slow down of the development of country. Human rights have many benefits and are very useful and crucial for the progress of any country.

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Human rights as a concept was first thought of after the end of the Second World War which caused huge destruction and chaos. After the war was over there were many soldiers who were trapped in the enemy’s land and failed to escape. These soldiers were called prisoners of wars and they were treated very badly and often tortured to get information of their respective armies and defense system. These was a matter of huge concern as every country used to torture there prisoners of war very badly and almost inhuman ways. Human rights were introduced in the United Nations to prevent this very thing but it later expanded into various other areas.

Human rights are necessary to safeguard people from the torture by governments and other authorities.

Human rights include various rights like right to liberty, right to privacy, right to freedom of movement, right to freedom of religion and many others these right are there in order to ensure that every human being has basics sense of freedom and a self will to take decisions in his life. These prevent government and outer authorities form controlling and exploiting their citizens. Unfortunately there are always several reports of violation of human rights from all around the world by various countries. And these are reported to the United Nations and it is the duty of united nation to ensure that every country provides its citizens basic human rights and that the citizens of every nation have liberty. When there is a report of violation of human rights in a country, the country is answerable to the United Nations.

Human rights are an exceptional tool to prevent the misuse of power by countries and prevent the exploitation of citizens. It is important that we remember that every human is equal and deserves liberty it is this sense of humanity which can make our society much better than what it is currently.

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