Short Essay On I Miss My School

In this essay we are going to talk about the I Miss My School. School has been an integral part of everyone’s life. It was where we made one part of our personalities. Afterall, a child gets to learn from his home and school only in his initial days. No doubt, school life was not only about education and learning things. It was also about the memories. The whole journey of school life is one of the most memorable journeys of our life. Here we present you an essay on I miss my school.

Short Essay On I Miss My School

School life is one of the warmest journeys of everyone’s life which we cherish forever. For every one of us, our school is the best school. It is so surprising that we are ex students of some school but a school is never our ex-school. We make the best of our friends and share the craziest memories with them in school. But other than that, we get to study as well. School has a very supreme role to make us who we are today. It has affected our personality in many ways. When we are in school, we always dream about leaving the school. We want to leave the school as soon as possible. We think that college life is more fun and that is mark of growing up. All these prejudices make us feel that we need to go to college as soon as possible.

Essay On I Miss My School

But as soon as we enter college, we realise how pretty our school life was and that college life is entirely a different world. At first, it even gets tough for all of us grasp things. We fail to understand most of things in the initial months. We then start missing our school. Especially the friends that we have made in school are the best kind of people and friends we would have ever made. We have laughed, cried and shared all the precious moments with them. other than all this, the way the teachers in school used to teach us and the way they would treat is completely different from the way we are treated in college.

I studied in the best school. One might be wondering that why I am calling it as the best school. It is just because of that our school will always be the best for us and no matter how good the other schools are, our school will always be the best for us,

My school was in my hometown, Tezpur, Assam. My hometown itself is very special for me. Tezpur is known for its cleanliness and peaceful environment. The environment of Tezpur is what I miss the most. The place was adequately developed and under developed at the same time. One could hear birds chirping and noisy traffic at the same time. The place had well maintained buildings as well as greenery all over. The beauty of Tezpur was picturesque. One would never want to leave Tezpur if he had understood the beauty of Tezpur. May be that is the reason Tezpur sees many migrators every day.

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My place in Tezpur was surrounded by luscious green trees. I could see beautiful sunsets every day from my terrace. Every day I would wake up to birds chirping. As I have already shared that Tezpur is bank city, we had pretty ghats which surrounded the whole city. One of the ghats was just one kilometre away from my place. We would cycle to that ghat occasionally. The prettiest part about Brahmaputra is the river dolphins. We would occasionally witness those as well.

My school’s environment was somewhere very similar to that of my hometown’s environment. The people living in big cities and studying there might never this feeling. My school was between all kinds of greenery. We would hear birds chirping as we continued studying. I have studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya. Most of the people residing in our country might have heard this school’s name at least once in their lifetime. Kendriya Vidyalaya was not like every other Indian school. It had a completely different vibe all together. In KV, we would meet students from all over the India.

It was a mini-India in general. I can proudly say that in today’s date, I have a friend in every state of the country. Such kinds of friendships have helped me grow as person. I got to learn about different cultural traditions practically and not just by reading books. Every year, we would celebrate mother’s tongue day in school and we would the glimpse of every state in a span of 3 hours. Such is KV life. Academics is present in every other school, but our school was known for its extracurricular activities all around the year. Through out the year, we have sports tournaments. Half of the students of the school is related to some kinds of sports.

Essay On I Miss My School  In English

We would have inter-school sports event to some different extent. We would have regional meets; state meets and then national meets. This school can get you the best exposure to explore all the parts of you and your likings. This way you can discover your passion in the school itself. Other than sports, the students are trained in every kind of activities, starting from debates to music. It can get you the best platform if you are into dancing or painting. You name any kind of activity and it would be present there. KV can do all-round development to your personality. Why would someone not miss a school like that.

The pandemic has made the school students sit at home. It is very obvious that they miss their school too. But more importantly, they are missing a lot in their life as school is a very integral part of our life and not everything can be experienced online. We can just hope that the situation to get back to normal as soon as possible.

This was an essay on I miss my school. Thank You.

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