Short Story About House Robbery With Moral Lesson

In this article we are going to tell you a short story about house robbery with moral lesson. Once there was a man named Shyam. He was poor and his family condition was so harsh that his father died due to starvation. And mother had a very deadly problem, and he was not able to cure it because he did not have money for her treatment. As he was poor no one trusts him as he looks like a beggar and did not get any work for his living because of this appearance.

It was becoming very hard for him to earn a living. But still, he did not steal anything from anyone. And continued searching for a job. But his appearance and his shabby clothes did not let him get any. Sometimes he used to work as a coolie, but the coolie union did not like him and forced him to leave from there.

He hardly gets money for his hard work. He got frustrated and insulted every time. This made perception in his mind that people do not have heart because not a single person treated him like a human. This made him sit on the road for money like a beggar and whatever he gets in the whole day he used to buy food for his mother and for him thought the food was not enough but still he has no option left instead of begging. So, he continued with the begging as at least he gets something at the end of the day. This made him feel quite embarrassed but still the need of food made him a beggar. 

Short story about House robbery with moral lesson

Sometimes they get food and sometimes he does not get anything. So, they must sleep empty stomachs. Still, he and his mother were happy getting meals at least one time a day. 

One day his mother told him that she will also come with him, and she will also beg. But Shyam did not like it because his mother was extremely ill, and she was not even in a condition to walk. But her mother did not listen to him. And told him that they will get more money if people see my condition, then we can even get a meal two times a day. Still, he did not want her to do so. But she argued and convinced him. 

First day she got enough money as she was old with lots of physical problems. Got more money than her son and her mother said see I already told you people are good they help needy once. But Shyam argued and replied that no people did not help the needy once they just want to see us helpless. When I was searching for a job that time, they did not give attention to me and now when I am begging they still have problems. Why am I begging and why don’t I earn money on my own? This is a problem with the people. They make us helpless and then they talk dirty about us. We all want food so what is wrong if I have left with the only option to get food. 

Short story about House robbery

His mother calmed him, and they had a proper meal that day. His mother was happy but also worried about his son. Because he was getting frustrated day by day seeing her getting more money than him. And listening to people on the way, why don’t people work? Why do people choose to bag like this when they can work? This type of embarrassment made him feel more embarrassed and then one day he argued with a man who did not give him a single penny and started cursing him for his condition.

Shyam got angry and fought with the person. On seeing this the man called the police which made Shyam leave that place. Shyam was very upset about his condition and now he was under the police eye. He remained hidden for a week and one day his mother passed away in a road accident as people were cursing her for her son. Which made her puzzled and met with an accident while crossing the road on which they used to bag. On hearing this Shyam started crying and cursing god for his condition. Why does everything have to happen to me? He was very sad running from the police with an empty stomach. 

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He saw some fruits from a window in a house near him. He did not want to steal but he was very hungry. And that time he did not have a second thought in his mind and got into the house through the window. He did not think about the consequences and got into it. And started having those fruits and opened the fridge near him and started eating fast. The noise of his chewing was so loud that the owner Akshay thought somebody got into the house and he must be the rubber. Akshay got downstairs and saw someone behind the door of the fridge eating the food. So, he was surprised, watching the way he was eating. He thought why anyone would take this much risk to have food only. He decided not to call the police. 

Shyam got eye contact with Akshay and thought he would not let him go. So, Shyam showed him a knife near to him. And asked not to do anything he will just take the food and go.

Akshay calms him by saying that he is not going to harm, but he wants to listen to him about what made him take such a risky step to get food. Shyam asked him to stay away from him, but Akshay convinced him to tell him the truth. Shyam asked to sit at a distance so that he did not get caught with him. Akshay asked him to tell me what made you do so. Then Shyam’s eyes filled with tears and told him how people did not let him work for his living and made him a beggar and it is not it. They did not let him beg peacefully as he is a young body. 

He told him everything about how society made him in that situation. This made Akshay feel like crying. Akshay showed sympathy towards him. And tried to make him feel comfortable. Shyam told him how he was so eager to have a job but did not get anything to do. 

Akshay decided to help him and told him to tell everything then he will provide him a job. 

He told him that the police were searching for him. Akshay gave him surety to get him out of the condition. And gave him a place to stay and kept him as a guard in his house.

So, it is not necessary that all people have wrong intentions, it is the matter of getting the true intention out. When we get to know the true intentions of the person the condition takes a different turn. So, first try to get the truth and then make an opinion about anyone.

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Short story about House robbery with moral lesson

Moral: Don’t judge anyone on seeing their very first action. Because the action that you may judge would have lots of mystery and truth behind it so, firstly try to find out the truth behind their actions then react to the situation. Because our immediate action can destroy a lot of things which we cannot even imagine. As from the story if Akshay would have not shown his interest in knowing why he robbed then the old man would be in prison which would be the wrong decision. After knowing the truth Akshay offered him food and helped him too. So, it’s important to know the truth behind the situation.

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