What Are The Secrets Of Lasting Friendship?

In this article we are going to talk about the Secrets Of Lasting Friendship? We all have heard “a friend in need is a friend indeed” and we also sometimes subconsciously know how many people we can count on when we need someone. Friendship is not always about how long you have known someone, it’s about how far you can go for them with them.

What Are The Secrets Of Lasting Friendship?

Let’s find out the hidden secrets of long lasting friendships.                                 

1. Mutual understanding and trust

Mutual understanding and trust

“Your vibes attract your tribes” a friend is a person you can get what you want to say even without asking. They don’t have the power to read your mind but they can read you. The magic of the bond is because you have same level of understanding. True friends be on your even if things go south or even if you try to push them out. They understand your inner thoughts. Sometimes they are the only one for you to give advice best suited for you.

Friendship is like all the other test of life where you get to choose your family. You have unbreakable foundation of trust with that person.  You know they’ll never go behind your back or against you. They become your power and strength in rough times. Even they can sacrifice their sleep so can you pass in the test. They are the one to keep all your secrets safe.

Sharing things no matter how worst with them gives you a relief because you know they’ll never judge you. You know your friend can fight the world to prove you right even after knowing you are wrong about that only because they don’t want you to feel humiliated alone. They laugh at your mistakes on your face but give advice out of heart.

2. Respecting all boundaries

Respecting all boundaries

Every person has a limit to do thing just like every relationship have boundaries. A true friend will always understand your limits won’t push you out of your comfort zones or will never force you to accept the facts or believe you don’t even agree with. People may have different political and life views but they’ll find positive even with that. Important point for them is not to ruin the things between them. You can never change the core value of a person no matter how hard you try. That’s what make the person who they are. But they help you to grow and be a better person.

3. Listen to their tantrums more sometimes

Listen to their tantrums more sometimes

Omg they can seriously listen to your fav childhood story 100 times a day without interrupting you sometimes, that’s only because they know it makes you feel happy. Sharing every tiniest detail of your day with them gives relief. Some times people need people to hear them out. They feel valued when you remember the small detail you told them long back. Letting someone vent out their emotions increases the strength of your bond. Sometimes you don’t even know you called them when you were feeling low. Being there for someone when they need you emotionally is the biggest strength one can have. The person feels safe with you and knows in hard time you are the shoulder they will be looking for. It’s not always about gossips and shit talk but you people take and share ideas and life opinions.

4. You are grateful to have them in your life and appreciate that

You are grateful to have them in your life and appreciate that

Who doesn’t like getting the spot light or getting surprises from close people. Acknowledging them with how grateful you feel having them in your life reserves a special spot in the heart. Letting them know how much they mean to you will strengthen the bond. Remembering every important days and dates of their life and being apart of their life’s important events. It doesn’t mean giving up your own life and just being there for them it means finding your happiness in their and they find their happiness in yours. The more you give the more you receive. 

5. You know its not perfect but you know how make it

You know its not perfect but you know how make it

Nothing in this world is perfect okay every one knows that. But we try everything to make things perfect in our way. Everyone has their own definition for perfection. So no matter how bad things get you always try to make things work it’s not because you can’t bare to lose them that’s only because you know how valuable they are to you. You have accepted all the flaws and you are willing to keep things good. That’s what makes your friendship stronger. Years of fights, memories, talks and everything you share with them.

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6. Distance can’t weaken your bond

Distance can’t weaken your bond

Your mutual hate can keep your talks and bitching going on even on after you are parted to peruse your dreams. Even being in different places you manage to be in touch not only that your new friends know they can never be your best friend because you have them. Even if you are not in touch for day you still know they are there for you. Your one call or message can change your entire mood. Going back home and seeing them is the first thing in your mind. Even your family treat them as a part of them.

7. You keep your words

 You keep your words

Action speaks louder than words. You keep your promises and do things accordingly. Even when you forget something you are the first one to apologies and you do everything to cover up for the mistake. You make them feel happy and special when they feel low. You pull their legs when they get too high on praises, you do that not because you are jealous but because you want them to be practical. You are the cover up for all their bunks and missing important events because you promised to protect them from being caught. No you are not spoiling them you are just keeping your words being there for them and creating fun memories.

8. You make personal plans according to each other’s schedule

You make personal plans according to each other’s schedule

Thinking to go out with other friend but your bestie has a college event and she needs you there, so you’ll ditch everyone and everything for them. You know how much time you need to spend doing anything so you can make time for them. They are your priority.

9. Positive aura

Positive aura

You feel yourself in right place. You can be your careless self around them. They motivate you and have a positive influence in your life.

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