What Are The Secrets Of Toppers?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are the secrets of Toppers? Being a “Topper” is always a dream position of each student in their life but actually unaware about the strategies and efforts they put to reach to that position. They always keep some secret strategies that they never try to reveal with anyone. And all students will be amazed on their result and eager to know about the secrets and strategies followed by topper. Here I’m revealing that secret strategies to become a “Topper”.

What are the secrets of Toppers?

Here I’m revealing top 10 secret strategies followed by topper to be successful throughout their academics as well as personal life. These secret strategies will make you a topper and help you to drive towards your dream position in your life. Let’s explain the importance of each secret strategies followed by topper,

1. Setting a Goal

Setting a Goal

Toppers are very sure about what they want to achieve in their life that is “Goal”. The goal will direct them to work towards their dream and always study smarter and score better than anyone. The goal leads them in right way and helps to prevent procrastination and stay productive all the day. The importance of setting goal should be realistic and practically possible then only it should reflect on your results. This goal is important than any other factor because without goal you can’t study well. Keep this in mind that you should set your goal first and try to do hard work or smart work towards that to stay productive and become a topper.

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2. Planning is everything

Planning is everything

Planning is very basic and important strategy followed by toppers. “A preplanned work is Half done”. Toppers always used to plan their day and make ‘To do list’ to make their day in a productive way and avoid confusions. Planning helps in time management and the toppers always decide the portions that have to cover and the hours should spend on particular subject. They always pre -plan their day a night before and make sure to complete their to do list and they never procrastinate and stay positive all the day.

3. Productive Daily Routine

Productive Daily Routine

Toppers always follow a particular Daily Routine to stay productive. The used to sleep and wake up at a defined time and they never snooze. The followed routine should always be planned so realistically and make it happen on daily bases. These routines help to focus on their self and make a smart way to work towards their goal. By constant work towards their goal, it will always help them to be successful in their life. And this routine should contain all the basic essentials in daily life and to cover all the needs they want.

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4. Create a Study Space

Create a Study Space

Toppers always create a perfect environment for their study space. The messed-up table will create a negative impact on you and will starts procrastinate your thoughts. So, always make a clam environment to study and clean your gadgets used for study purpose and the table used for studies should be neat and tiny. A clean and clam environment can change you into a positive vibe and also can use motivational quotes, pictures which inspires you around your study space this will helps you to focus more on your goals and stay productive towards your goal.

5. Consistency


Consistency is very important quality for a topper. Only through consistent studies and productive lifestyle they can become as a topper. To become as a topper continuous study based on timetable and daily practice on their topics and productive routine should have a constant flow and that flow will occur only through consistency in their daily life. They never try to procrastinate on their targets and always aware about the importance of each minute in their life and consistently try to work and study in smart way. So, consistency play an important role in their productive life.

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6. Revision


Toppers never forget the thing they have studied for their exam it is all because they never forget to go through the topics they have covered. Revision is very important strategy to fix your memory thoroughly into the topics and help to get a clear vision about the topic during exams. Many students lack this quality and lastminute preparation will make them to forget all things they have covered for the exam. Always make sure to revise what you studied on weekly or monthly and do a final revision before the approach of your exam.

7. Keep Practicing

Keep Practicing

Toppers always practice on the topics they have covered. All toppers definitely practice previous year question papers. They always try to practice more question papers to learn from their mistakes and this practice will make them perfect. This practice give them more ideas about different types of question that may ask from different topics that they have revised. And through continuous solving of question paper they will get a clear idea about the upcoming exams and they will be always confident to approach exam at any moment.

8. Find your weakness

Find your weakness

Toppers are always aware about their weak subjects and always fix a particular time to practice more to score better on that. And always try to find coaching for getting clear vision about their weak subjects and always try to find more sources to make them perfect on their weak subjects. Only those who find their weakness and work smart to clear that subject only will become a topper. And they always keep self-discipline through their entire life and find weakness in their personality and always keep a healthier and productive lifestyle to sort their weakness.

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9. Stay away from Dehydration

Stay away from Dehydration

If you want to be a topper always stay hydrated through drinking fresh water. This will really help to boost your brain and always stay focused on what you are going to do for the entire day. Drinking water helps to remove toxins from your body and keep you energetic throughout the day. It’s scientifically proven that water helps to prevent dehydration and improves your physical performance. And this helps to prevent stress during your studies and boost your brain performance. And through continuous study may cause headache due to dehydration here water plays very important role and completely cure the headaches during continuous studies.

10. Good sleep And Healthy food

Good sleep And Healthy food

Toppers will definitely follow a clear sleeping routine. Because proper amount of sleep is very important factor to stay focused on their studies. This will improve the concentration they have and automatically help to improve their academic performance. Lack of sleep will cause lots of problems and it may cause severe health issues. And this may cause poor mental health to students and this will lack of attention on daily classes and poor academic performance. And poor sleep may cause severe heart diseases and stroke. Through continuous study without sleep may keep them fatigue. So, these are the major benefits of having water and stay away from dehydration then only a topper can lead a productive lifestyle and stay more focused.

And healthy food habit is another important factor in the life of a topper. Healthy food always keep them energetic and more focused towards their goal. Only through having regular food habits including all the proteins that actually needed for our body will make them healthy. Health is very important factor in every life and without taking proper food they can’t focus to their goal and stay healthy to reach what they actually want. This will include lots of nutrient content included food with vegetables, fruits and nuts is very Important part of their diet.

Toppers always stay away from junk foods and packed food items. Unhealthy and junky food habits may upset their stomach and may cause diseases. This may lead to lose their precious time in their studies. They always try to have herbs and vegetables and they make sure it is home made. And they always try to avoid street foods and food that produce fat in their body. And sugar is also a factor to be avoided. If they didn’t avoid those food items it may cause fatigue and muscle cramps in their body. So, healthy food is very important part of their life and toppers always try to follow a good healthy life style.

These are the top 10 secret strategies followed by every topper in their life. Their strategies will always keep them focused towards their goal. Their study methods may vary from everyone and its not possible to follow their study methods easily and it may doesn’t work to all students. Because every student may have a unique way to study and that will be better to follow that method. But these Top 10 factors and strategies can be followed by any student to become a topper. Always stay focused on your goal and follow these amazing strategies to achieve your goal.

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