What Life Skills Should I Teach My Child?

In this article we are going to talk about the What Life Skills Should I Teach My Child? Children are the important asset of a family. They grow by imbibing the actions of people surrounding them and act accordingly like them. While growing up as a parent, you must be very much careful while dealing with your child. You may love them, pamper them a lot, but the most important thing to take care of is how you deal with your child or how you present yourself in front of them. Character of a child grows by watching the people in the house. They learn easier than the grown-ups. So the way you mold them in their childhood makes their character enriched.

Even the way you communicate with your partner, parents, other people around you, everything makes an impression in the minds of a child. They learn by observing others. You may have noticed that your child may behave more like the mother or the father or someone who is always close to the baby. This is because while growing up, these children look up to their elders to learn language, to talk like them etc. You might also have noticed that they mostly try to imitate their elders in talk or actions. They capture everything so easily and bring those into their character development. It is said a child’s character development enters its final stage mostly by the end of age six. And the later development is a slow process, but the most important stage of their development in character is during their younger stage of life.

What Life Skills Should I Teach My Child?

While taking care of a child, as a parent and an individual, there are a lot of duties that you have to perform for the well-being of the development of a child’s life into a better human being. If you are able to provide a happy and better atmosphere for the child’s growth, the baby ought to have better qualities in its life to perform. So the best thing to do is impart the best knowledge into the life of the baby. Therefore, to possess all the good qualities in life you have a duty to perform as a parent to the baby.

While the child grows, the main thing to give the baby a better environment is not by giving all the materialistic pleasures. Instead, love and care must be given to the child to have a happy growth in the life of a child. One must always be alert while around a child.

The baby receives all the smallest movement or action you do. Moreover, the reactive nature of a child depends upon the people surrounding them. So, you may have noticed that a child listens when two people talk and it behaves accordingly. As the baby thinks that to behave in such and such manner is how one should be and develops it’s thinking and reactive character in the same way.

So don’t blame the child for behaving the same way as you, because it’s how you behave that child will look into. Therefore, as a parent while your child is growing day by day, you must feed the baby with the best and good life skills to have in life at a very young age itself. You must grow yourself while dealing with a child itself. Here are some important life skills that you must teach your child while growing up, to make them an inspiring and successful, well to do individual for the future generation to have.

1. Confidence


One of the important qualities a child must possess is to have confidence. As a parent it is your duty to give enough support to your child, so that the child may evolve into a better human being in the future. Like said, most of the skills every individual acquires in life is through the stage of growing up, so at an earlier stage of the child’s development itself you must take care of these important aspects. Children learn from their elders. As a good parent, you must take enough care to know what your child is better at, what is the best skill that the child is good at, all these help you to support it from a younger stage itself. This would enable the child to sharpen the skill and become confident enough in whatever manner they have to go through.

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2. It’s ok to fail

It’s ok to fail

Every individual grows from its mistakes. Failure makes a person cool about taking on more and more challenges in life. So make sure that your child understands that failure is not something that gives an end to your life. Rather it makes each one of us stronger and confident to see life. You may have noticed that a child learns to walk after falling a thousand times. But did the child stop? No. So, while growing up too, you must make sure that the child must understand that not every time in life that you will have success. So fail better, and get up and work hard enough to come back with double the strength. This motto will for sure help the child to have a better future in life.

3. Respect


It is one of the important qualities that every child must be taught at a very young age. So teach your child how to respect elders. They learn it mostly from parents, so the way you behave upon others also makes your child’s attitude. Therefore, it’s your duty to make your child understand how much value respect could bring upon an individual in a society. Teaching your kid to respect women, elders and oldies is an important thing to give them.

4. Cooking


Be your child a boy or girl, it is necessary to learn the basic stuff related to cooking. Not all the time in life you won’t have someone to feed you, therefore from a young age itself make sure that you take your child with you to help while cooking and some other basic household necessity work to be done. Gender bias on this skill will be cleaned up, if you could teach your child all these basic skills during childhood itself. Moreover, while moving away from home all these skills would surely help when the child is grown up. Doing the dishes, laundry all these are some must have skills that you must teach your child.

5. Martial arts

Martial arts

In the present scenario where crime increases day by day, it is important to save ourselves from the harmful attack from people. To defend ourselves from such horrible situations, it is necessary for everyone to learn some martial art techniques that could help you from such incidents. Teach your kids martial arts at a very young age and tell them how it could help you from physical attacks.

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6. Good touch and bad touch

Good touch and bad touch

Day by day, attacks against children are increasing. Though it may not be a skill, for sure it is necessary for your child to know all these physical things at a very young age. Be it a boy or girl, everyone is prey to this kind of physical abuse mostly from family members, friends and strangers. Therefore, it is necessary to teach your child about these, so that they can realize when to react when they are in such a monstrous situation.

7. Honesty


Teach your children to speak the truth out whatever be the hell you are going through or have to face because of that. Being true to yourself and others is one of the important aspects every child must learn from the beginning stage of childhood. If a child is asked not to tell the truth, after sometime you may notice that the child has the tendency to hide the truth. This would surely affect the character formation of the child. Moreover, as a parent you must not entertain children by giving false stories or hopes. Because, if this goes along for a long time the child would be unable to recognize what is true or false. So, always ask your child to speak the truth.

8. Reading


As a child everyone would like to read stories or hear them. To enhance this skill, read some good stories to your child during leisure time. This would sharpen his memory and also improve listening skill too. Moreover, this would help the child to have a habit of reading. To give a wide perspective and to know different cultures around you and accept it, reading would help.

9. Helping mentality

 Helping mentality

Feeling empathy and sympathy towards one another is an important life skill to teach your child. For that, make your child to love everyone, share food or other stuff with one another irrespective of class, gender or race. Love comes from home, so as a parent don’t resist showing your affection toward your child. Having a tough heart doesn’t make you good. So shower your emotions and share it with your loved ones and make your child realize the value of it.

10. Self-love


Make your child understand the importance of self-love. Pay attention and make them feel important. This would help the child to have more confidence and realize themselves.

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