How Do I Stop Loving Someone?

In this essay we are going to talk about the I stop loving someone. It’s one of the worst experiences you can have; the excruciating pain of not being loved back by the person you love is just unbearable. However, the good news is that you are not the only one who has experienced this awful feeling there are millions of people just like you who have had the same experience as you. These people have tried many methods and tricks to seek some comfort and peace for their broken hearts and many of them get successful in their quest.

Top 10 ways to stop loving someone

If you too are finding ways of letting go of someone who doesn’t love you, you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 ways to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back. So without any further ado let’s, jump right into it.

 Accepting the truth

The first step in moving on from a one-sided love relationship is to accept the truth, to accept that the person you love doesn’t love you back. This step can be extremely tough for many people because it is heartbreaking to acknowledge that you are not loved by the person you love, but you must not go into denial as it will lead to nothing but more misery and pain, instead, you should just accept the truth bravely with a smiling face, as painful it sounds it can be a liberating experience. A wise person once said “happiness is acceptance”  this phrase has a really deep meaning because when you accept the truth you liberate yourself from any false hopes and avoid and future possible heartbreak. So it is very crucial to accept the truth in order to move on.

Denying the false

The next step is to deny what’s false. Very often after suffering a rejection or heartbreak people  start making an absolutely stupid assumption that they are not worth being loved or the person they love is out of their league, this kind of assumptions are nothing but their own delusions. A rejection should never make you doubt your worth as there are several reasons a person might reject you including their insecurities so instead of doubting your self-worth and wasting your time you should focus on moving on and letting go of that person. 

Getting over

It is very hard to stop thinking about someone you love all of a sudden, someone about whom you used to dream, someone who used to occupy your thoughts every minute of the day, someone with whom you wanted to spend your whole life. But however hard this step may seem it is a necessary one, you cannot move on without getting over someone.

To do this you have to make some tough decisions like deleting every data related to that person, unfollowing them from every social media, and getting rid of every possession you have which reminds you of them. These tough choices may be very hard for you to make at the moment but these choices are very important to make and will prove to be very fruitful in your journey of getting over the person you love.

How do I stop loving someone?

Doing things you love

Now that you are free of all other distractions that might remind you of that person it is now time for you to focus on yourself and do something to make yourself feel better. For this you may do any activity that makes you feel better. It can be anything from dancing, singing, reading, painting, camping, or fishing, the only condition is that it must be something you enjoy doing. Doing these activities will distract you from the pain you are going through and provide you with enough time to heal. So it is very important to do things you enjoy to give the time enough time to heal you.

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Physical exercise and workout

Everyone is well aware of the therapeutic effects of exercising. In addition to the therapeutic effects of exercise, it also makes you physically strong and active which in turn also has a positive effect on your self-esteem. Being physically fit also helps you stay busy and makes you feel good about yourself. 


Mental and physiological health is as important as physical health if not more and taking care of your mental and physiological health at the time of heartbreak is also absolutely necessary because one needs to be mentally strong to get over someone and handle such emotional turmoil. Heartbreak might have a negative psychological effect on you that is why it is very necessary to take proper care of your mental health for this you need to stop over thinking, be optimistic and meditation can be of great help too it helps you calm you thoughts and makes your life peaceful. 

How do I stop loving someone In English

 Focusing on people who love you

Very often in the pursuit of love we tend to ignore the love we already have. The best time to realize this might be during heartbreak. We are often so busy chasing someone we love we completely ignore the people who actually love us back and this is a big mistake. People who love us in return deserve our focus and attention more than someone who doesn’t love us realizing this and pursuing this thought will also help you move and find happiness without the person you love, when you acknowledge the love of people who are already in your life it helps you appreciate how beautiful and full of love your life is even without the person you were chasing.

 Working on your passion

Since you need to keep yourself busy and focus on other things to forget about the person you love, you can utilize this time to do something productive, and which will be helpful for you even later. You can focus all your energy and time on something productive, like improving your skill, working on your passion, learning good communicational skills and other similar activities which would help you advance in your career and eventually lead to a more successful and happy life


You might have heard about the cliché phrase “you cannot be loved by someone else until you love yourself”. The interesting fact about this cliché phrase is that it is true. Nobody loves a masochist person to be loved you first need to love yourself. Loving yourself will also help you move on and ease your pain, when you start taking care of yourself you will naturally start caring less about people who don’t care about you.

Giving love another shot

The next thing you need to do to stop loving someone is to find someone else to love someone you can love more and someone who loves you back. Even if you feel that you are not yet ready to try again you should still try to make new friends and socialize this will help you get over the negative thoughts and also maybe in the process you might find someone you like and who knows that maybe your soul mate.

All the best with your journey we hope that you soon get over the person who doesn’t love you back and find someone who loves you back.

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