How To Know If You Are Dating A Wrong Person?

In this essay we are going to talk about the How to Know If You Are Dating A Wrong Person? Feeling lonely despite being in a relationship? So, you are in a wrong way of life. A relationship is a very precious thing that brings love, peace and happiness to your life. It is like a butterfly, if you press it hard it will die and if you keep it comfortable it will be alive. You should be careful about your steps and choices otherwise you will get  disappointed. Sometimes people come into a relationship by their habits of spending time together and think they are in love.

If you are not happy or trying to be happy in your relationship then you are with the wrong person within the wrong relationship. Nowadays it is quite difficult to identify whether you are with the right person or the wrong person. So, here are some ways to specify if you are dating the wrong person.

Top 10 ways to know if you are dating a wrong person

There are different ways to understand whether your partner is suitable for you or not. Following are the top 10 ways for better understanding.

1. Hesitation to express your own thoughts

A relationship should be in such a way where both the partners can speak freely. There is no space for hesitation and fear in a relationship. Sometimes you waste your time by thinking whether you should tell this time or any other time or he/she would feel good or bad. Bigger issues can be solved by communication and expressing both of their points of view. While a simple problem can be a bigger one by pressing it in your mind. If you are not even able to talk with your partner freely how will you be able to handle your relationship for so long?

2. Respecting each other and their family, relatives

Giving respect to any person means showing your good manners. It is very important to respect each other otherwise it will create an uncomfortable situation in future when you will be present in public places. A good person always respects their own family and also other people. If your partner does not show interest or respect your family members and relatives then you are surely spending your life with the wrong person. Because a person who can not just respect you, what will he respect your love in future?

3. Does not accept his/her fault and Make an apology

Each and every person makes mistakes in their life. If your partner makes a mistake and realizes that and apologizes for that to you then you are in the right relationship with the right person. But if your partner makes mistakes but not realizing or even after realizing that does not apologize to you, then you should not be with the person for long. Otherwise you will feel bad each moment. It is the sign that your partner is full of ego, attitude which he/she never wants to change.

How To Know If You Are Dating A Wrong Person?

4. Poor, Unhealthy Long Distance Relationship

Making a relationship successful is very difficult work and long distance relationships are more difficult than that. You should be very careful in case of a long distance relationship to make it fruitful. Trust, patience, and timing are very crucial in a long distance relationship. In this case you are not able to see your partner and his/her activity. Here comes trust that keeps your relationship safe and strong. If your partner is not giving you time, try to find out if he is busy with other work or not. Try to make your partner understand that we all should take care and give time to our relationships like a little baby. Some people intentionally do not give time to their partners and make thousands of issues for that. Do not confuse that type of person with a really busy scheduled person and keep distance from that type of person.

5. Having more interest in your money that you

Love is not about looks, status and money. But whether your partner has more interest in your gifts or money, then surely you are with the wrong person who wants a luxurious life through you. Your partner should also take responsibility for you sometimes. Expensive gifts, surprise parties can not bring happiness to anyone. All that is needed is love, care, and the company of your partner in each thing of your life. If you are sacrificing alone and your partner has no news of that it is right to leave that type of person.

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6. Never Ending cycle of Break-ups and patch-ups

Some People think break-ups and patch-ups are normal things in a relationship. If there is no problem, break up, no pain there is no spice in that relationship. Happiness, sorrow, pain, joy is part of life which add spice to our boring life. It is quite true spice is needed in a relationship but how excessive spices spoil the good taste of a cooking, that is how excessive problems and break up ,patch up make a relationship bitter. That relationship becomes more tangled and hectic. It is difficult to come out from the cycle but you should come out as soon as possible.

7. Does not encourage to step up in your life

A good partner always lights up your good things, your ability and strength and encourages you to achieve your success in life. But if you feel your partner is conservative does not encourage you to do anything or else push you back a corner then you are with such a person who can never make you happy. These types of people never let you go to fulfil your dreams. Self confidence is a vital thing to do any work. If you do not get any enthusiasm from your partner in any crucial time of your life, you will lose your self confidence gradually. And you will be unable to achieve a small thing in your life.

How To Know If You Are Dating A Wrong Person In English

8. Physical attraction and needs

This is a very crucial and very important thing to be discussed. Here two things can happen from both of you and your partner. If your partner is demanding unusually or forcefully or making yourself uncomfortable then immediately you should get off. Another thing can happen, you are not feeling good or attracted to your partner but still you are with the person. Sometimes people feel these things but are afraid of expressing that and still carry forward with their relationship like that, if it creates an embarrassing situation between them. But physical attraction is also an important thing in a healthy relationship whether you consider that or not.

9. Does not take anything seriously

Handling every problem with patience and quietly is good but not every time. If you always consider your partner’s fault or any misunderstanding lightly every time, your partner would take the opportunity of it. Sometimes it can be seen that he/she does not bother or take anything seriously. You are telling something important or telling about some of your problems but your partner is not responding then it is the sign that your partner is a wrong choice. In the first period every relationship looks cheerful and interesting but as time passes it gets dull due to lack of care or spending time with the wrong person. You will feel lonely or bored with that person in future and the relationship will be getting hard to maintain.

10. Live in imagination more than real life

Some people like to live in their imaginations more than in their real life. These types of partners only can give you commitment but never can fulfill that. Thinking about your own future is perfect but only thinking about the future and your dreams can not fulfil your dreams. Most of the people say love is blind but it should not be cool to make you blind or your future black and white. They create a world of imagination around you where you and your partner will be present and everything will be fine as per you. But reality presents something else. So, if you are dating such a person then find someone else who works hard and lives in reality.

It is very painful to get out of a relationship. But the more time you will spend you will suffer more. All you need to do is to give yourself time and time will prepare yourself to get rid of that situation. It is very important to give importance to yourself and your dreams first. Do not change your lifestyle, way of talking, or way of thinking for your partner.

The described steps are very important, keep in mind and whenever you realize anything wrong consider that. So, no wrong person should be indulged in our lives. Knowing all the things, some people can not leave that person by thinking what will happen to them next. They think that it is okay to compromise and stay. Actually they are afraid to go forward alone but they don’t know one small step can make their lives more peaceful. Lastly, life gives everyone a second chance to utilize that and make that happen.

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