How Do Toppers Study?

In this article we are going to talk about the How Do Toppers Study? Every student during their exam time will imagine about the study pattern of toppers, but when they enquire about their study pattern to toppers, they will not reveal it. They know that if everyone starts to follow their strategies and tips then they will also score like them so, always they try to hide these factors. These are the major factor which always make them topper and score better than anyone in the class. And they will maintain these after the exam also, that is why they are always smart in class. Here I will reveal all these strategies used by toppers to score better than you think, if you try these strategies in your life, you can also become a topper.

How Do Toppers Study?

Let us explain each strategy and tips in a detailed way.                                                       

1. Study everyday

The first and important factor toppers do in their study pattern is study on daily basis. This is a major factor every other student forgot to do, and this is why they become different from toppers. They start their studies only during exam times, and due to heavy syllabus and confusion many important topics got skip during that time and they lose their marks.

But toppers always follow a study pattern and they study on daily basis and finish every subject they studied during class, if they did not get enough time to study the whole subjects, they try to read all that portions before attending next class for the next day. And they will try to compensate these subjects during weekends and they will be updated with their studies.

For this, they do not have any kind of tension during exam times for the completion of syllabus and they revise and remember each topic that previously studied that will be enough for them. And for this reason, they will not skip any topic and revise perfectly before their exam and will score better than anyone. So, study on daily basis is the first and important strategy followed by toppers.

2. Previous revision before class

This is the second strategy many students are unaware about. Topper will read and revise the topic before taking that in class this is an amazing way to study and remember the topic within the time it has been taken. They have already read this topic so they will get to know about this and when teacher explain this in detailed way this will strongly set into their mind and they will study during the moment when teacher explain it. This hack is a life changing hack definitely try once and you can also get the benefit of this hack like topper. And also, they will revise the topic that has been end during last class for getting a continuation in their study. So, this is another important tip have to try before entering or attending class and to study like a topper.

How Do Toppers Study?

3. Prepare their own notes

Like other students, toppers will never ask for notes to anyone in the class, because they prepare their own notes for their study purpose. They will take short notes while taking class, and they will revise and focus more on text books than any other books and notes and they will prepare their own notes for better understanding of the syllabus and topics. These short notes will be the best thing for them to revise each topic and they will mark important points within the notes and there will no confusions and messed up during the exams. So, prepare your own notes by revising text books and notes and study like a topper. This is another important strategy followed by toppers.

4. Never ignore any subject

This is another important thing many students are unaware about to score better in their studies. Many of them will skip languages and subject which they understand a bit. And they will think that, it will enough to read and score marks but, this is a wrong assumption. Because, toppers will treat every subject in the same and will focus more on tough subjects but they will never ignore any subjects. If it is language paper also you should have to focus and give importance to chapters and should refer the questions that may ask in exams. So, never ignore any subject and should treat every subject and language with its importance. And this is another major strategy followed by toppers.

5. Practicing regularly

This is an important tip followed by toppers especially for subjects like mathematics and physics, or any subject with problems. They will try to complete the syllabus wise study and start practicing continuously for the subject and this practice will give them confidence and idea to complete each problem in a defined way. And more practice in this subject will make them easy to attend any type of paper at home. So, this is another important tip you should try if you want to score like topper.

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6. Revision

This is very important tip that every topper strategy before exam. They always try to complete the study of all topics as much as possible and revise at least two to three times before exam. Many students will try to study and complete the portions before their exam and when they approach exams, they will forget what they studied and will get into trouble during exam. This is the problem only arise due to the lack of revision. You may study hardly but our memory will not be active during exams and by studying everything this will get into confusion. If have taken a proper revision then you do not need to worry about anything because, it will definitely get memorized during exam. Do complete your portions early and revise twice or thrice before entering into exam hall. So, this is another important tip followed by topper.

7. Practice previous year papers

The most important tip many of them skip during exams is practicing question papers. This is not only to give you an idea about exam, this will also boost your confidence towards exam and you do not have the confusions and anxiety during exams. Try to practice more question papers and questions which is available in text books and guides, definitely this will give a great idea about all the upcoming exams and will help you make perfect analysis about your status in your studies.

This will prevent many mistakes that may also can happen in your exam. Because, while you practice you can identify the weak areas and focus and practice more on that and also will get to know the mistakes and will be perfect with all that portions. Another benefit of practicing previous year questions is, there is a chance for the repeating the same questions in your exam and this will be more beneficial for your exam. So, try to practice more previous year question papers and score like toppers.

8. Good sleep

Toppers always maintain a good sleep for healthy life and memory. Many students lack this quality and will study during the exam nights without sleep and will forget everything when entering into exam hall and will feel sleepy during exam time. Good sleep is very important for fresh mind and sharp memory. Otherwise you will feel fatigue and tired during class time and exam time. So, every topper will try to sleep at least of six to eight hours every day for a fresh mind and healthy life. So, this is another important tip followed by toppers to score better.

How Do Toppers Study In English

9. Healthy food habit

Without a healthy food habit, you cannot study like topper, always try to avoid junk foods from your life. Because without a healthy food habit the chances of causing diseases will be more and you may lose many classes due to this issue. Consume more fresh foods prepared in home include more vegetables and fruits, and nuts like almond and dry fruits for better memory and healthy body. Fresh and good food keep your mind fresh and you will be able to study better than before. Eat chocolates and coffee during exam times to boost your memory. So, this is another important tip followed by toppers.

10. Staying productive

They never procrastinate in their life and will complete their studies by staying productive. This productivity will lead them a better life than any other student. And like other students they will not think that there is so many times left there, let us do it later and all. They will do thing up to date and try to complete every thing at the right time without any procrastination they will complete every task. And they maintain time management in their life for their success. So, this is the last and important strategy followed by toppers.

These are the top ten ways that toppers study and maintain in their life for success.

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