How To Become Strong When Someone Hurts You Emotionally?

In this essay we are going to talk about the How To Become Strong When Someone Hurts You Emotionally ? Everybody goes through some phase in their life, that mentally and emotionally hurt them. It could be a person that caused the pain, or it could an incident that you were a witness to. Regardless of such, everybody needs help in one way or the other. Some received help from family, or friends, or through other means.

Some were ignorant of their suffering and decided they didn’t help, and they may feel fine for a short while but in the long run, it becomes evident that they need help and when that happens, sometimes it becomes too late to save them. They end up using and going to drastic measures to ‘heal’ themselves and when it doesn’t seem to work, some end up taking their own lives. Suicide doesn’t affect just the victim but also the person’s friends and family, and when that happens, the cycle goes on to continue.

How To Become Strong When Someone Hurts You Emotionally?

Here are some ways to avoid losing oneself and instead heal, surely and slowly and pick oneself up emotionally.

Being Aware Of Your Emotions

To fully heal, one needs to be aware of what hurts them and what triggers those hurtful emotions that threaten to bring them down. It can be stressful and even more emotionally draining to try to become strong and heal when we don’t know the root cause of our emotional instability. So first, take a deep breath, calm yourself and try to list out what ticks off your emotions and what doesn’t. And only then, can one build themselves up and stronger.

How To Become Strong When Someone Hurts You Emotionally ?

Being Gentle With Oneself

It isn’t unusual to see someone struggle to become better, and stronger emotionally. However, there are times when one can get impatient and try to practice all methods all at once. Which is not advisable, as it usually makes one even more agitated and more troubled. This is mostly because trying too hard may not work in cases like this, and hence it would be better to take things slow and try one thing at a time as what may work for someone may not work for another.

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 Not to pressure anyone into it, but exercising has a lot of benefits. Very often, we hear people say that they use exercise as a means to escape the clutches of overthinking. This is likely because one gets distracted by the workout and the routine they have to follow during and does not have the time to think or worry about other things. However, there is a downside to this, which is to say that some may use it as an alternative for everything which affects some neglected and crucial parts of their life.

Bringing New Elements On The Table

Sometimes exploring our strengths and trying new things can be more emotionally and mentally strengthening than it might seem. One can also end up figuring out what works for them and what doesn’t, and in doing so can avoid any disasters they may face because of it. Trying new things can rejuvenate one’s life, in which they discover more to themselves as well and aren’t stuck in one spot forever.

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Surrounding Oneself With Positive Energy

Family and friends who bring positive energy is crucial necessity to one’s life.  In the same sense, people who bring negative energy and strike you down every chance they have can emotionally drain you, and make you feel helpless and weak. In that case, it is better to cut off these people and surround yourself with positive energy instead.

Don’t Linger In the Past

People who linger in the past, and cannot move on will always find it hard to become stronger. When one can learn to forgive and move on, and work on themselves without making things unnecessarily harder for anyone, they’ve already gone through the first step of emotionally healing.

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Confide In Someone You Trust

You could either get a therapist, or you could confide in some one you trust in. Sometimes, talking about our problems and just letting it out can lift off some of the burden we feel on our shoulders. It also becomes easier to come to terms and accept whatever happened and apologize or forgive whoever we hurt or got hurt by.


When one gets hurt, they tend to shut off everything or everyone. They tend to cut off even who and what they used to be. When that happens, it becomes hard for one to maintain whatever identity they had. The pain may change someone, and those who try hard to become stronger may change for the better. But for that to happen, one needs to be aware of who they used to be and what kind of person they used to before the pain and when they decided to change. It makes one aware of how much has changed and how far they managed to come.

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Avoid Blame

Maybe some one hurt you really badly, and it mentally and emotionally scarred you. And you may want to point fingers and blame it on that person. And maybe it might make you feel more at ease for the moment. But no, it won’t. Because constantly blaming and playing the victim will only make you stuck in the past and won’t allow you to move on. It’ll only serve to make one, more bitter about the situation and never truly heal and emotionally stable. Instead, it is better to learn and try to forgive, even though it may feel hard. Because in the long run, it’ll be more beneficial to oneself, and hopefully for the other as well.

How To Become Strong When Someone Hurts You Emotionally In English?

Get Out And Enjoy Life

Staying in and doing everything and anything indoors may sound good, but at the same the outside world has a lot to offer. Getting out with friends, or having picnics or even enjoying the rain can be fun. Learning to stay in the present and enjoying life with the people that bring positivity in your life, with people that you care about, has proved to very uplifting.

Don’t worry needlessly about what may or may not happen in the future. A lot of things may happen. Some things may work in your favour while some may not. But one thing is certain that we can handle how the present situation goes, and because of that, we should always try to make the best of it, for us and for others.

These are some of the methods one can practice to become stronger when they are hurt emotionally. Emotions play a crucial role in our life, and it should always be brought into attention who may be suffering and how to help those in need, no matter how insignificant it may seem to other.

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