What Should I Do Immediately After A Breakup?

In this essay we are going to talk about the What should I do immediately after a breakup? Breaking up with someone surely hurts. It brings a lot of grief and anger along with it. You feel completely devasted. Think about getting together again. But if you think on the bright side, it is making you emotionally strong. Focusing on mental health, treating yourself with kindness and compassion can allow you to come out of grief. It will certainly take time. It may take few weeks or months but what lies ahead of you is worth it.

What Should I Do Immediately After A Breakup?

Breakups can be heartbreaking. They drain you emotionally. You start questioning your own decisions that whether what you did was appropriate or not. When you miss your ex it is very obvious, you start feeling lonely and shattered. Breakup is difficult for everyone.

So while you want to scream on your ex, you need to feel that this may be the best thing that happened to you. Feeling lonely after a breakig up is normal but don’t end up doing things that would delay the healing process.

Things To Do After A Breakup

I would like to share few tips which will allow you to move forward because, “you’re stronger than what you expact”:-

  • Talk to your friends- Express your feelings in front of your friends or with whom you feel comfortable. People who love you are the best group to be around after a breakup because all you need is support. You will really feel better. Whatever may happen these friends will always be always with you. But if you are unable to get out of this then it is very important to consult a Therapist. They could help you out in the best way possible.
  • Focus on selfcare- Go for a walk, go to places where you can feel better, take a break from work and do what you enjoy the most. It may vary for each and everyone like someone would like to go to a beach or for a hiking, go out for a lunch and try something new. Pamper yourself, go for a haircut or a massage and then you would really feel better.
  • Express what you feel- Cry if you feel like crying. It is better to let them pour. We all feel sad and stressed. It is very painful for everyone. If you don’t express what you feel then it will start accumulating and it’s not at all good. It will make you weak and you would never be able to move forward and explore new things kept for you.
  • Avoid social media- Avoid using social platform as much as possible because you may feel more sad and painful after looking pictures of your ex with someone else. If possible, delete social platform like Instagram, facebook, snapchat, whatsapp and many more such like these sites temporarily because if you have these apps on your phone then you would like to check those messages and photos again. Taking some time away from social media can be helpful after a breakup.
  • Give time for your hobbies- You must be passionate about few things such dancing, swimming, painting, cooking, singing, it is different for different people. It will divert your mind from unwanted thoughts which keeps on striking when you are alone. You would surely start feeling great ones you start following your hobbies. It will heel you internally and will feel calm. 
  • Keep Distance- You may like to talk to your ex at least ones but it is very important to keep a distance from your ex. Avoid messages or phone calls from you ex, don’t meet him soon after you break up. Don’t forget that it was a mutual decision to break up. So, give time and you will notice that things will start falling on its place soon. It will allow you to heel better.
  • Stand by your decision- You may start feeling like you were wrong about breaking up because you start feeling lonely but don’t revalute your decision. You were absolutely correct. It was a tough decision but you know the reason behind this decision. Think that, everything happens for good. Be strong you can handle it by your own. You will feel better.
  • Never compare you relationship with others- Don’t compare your relationship with others relationship. Everyone experience different. All have their own ups and downs. It will hurt you if you start comparing your relationship with someone else because you may see them together more then you and your ex but you may not no what is actually going between them. Therefore, it is better to avoid comparing your experiences with someone else.
  • Express your gratitude- Be thankful for whatever you may have today it may your family, friends or something else. Thanking your friends you are always with you to support you, love you is very helpful. You will feel better when you express gratitude. You may thank your mother, siblings, mentors for those special moments spend together. You may seem to be a small thing but when you do so you will feel entirely different and you will surely like to do it again.
  • Plan a trip- Plan a solo trip or a trip with your friends or family. After a traumatic event like breaking up as it is very painful for everyone, travelling will surely allow you to explore new things and you will feel grateful again for your existence. Travelling is something we all would love to spend our money on. When you go to a new place you would be able to express different things which were not possible when you were at your home stuck with old thoughts of your ex. and was unable to move forward in your life.
What Should I Do Immediately After A Breakup In English?

These were few tips I wanted to share so that you could feel better. Going through a Break up is very stressful and painful simultaneously. You may go through several ups and downs but remember you will be better ones you overcome such situation in your life. It brings courage to do so and so you are strong and you can fight emotional battles like this easily if you want. Most importantly, don’t think you are alone, ones you start feeling lonely, you would feel completely shattered it may become tough to stand up again and move forward in your life. There are many people like you who have been through such situation and so you can also do. It doesn’t mean you will have to compare yourself with other but learning something from others never makes you small.

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At last, I would suggest that don’t forget to binge watch your favorite shows ( specially F.R.I.E.D.S, Hindsight, House of the cards, Girls, Shameless, Once upon a time, Please like me, Veep, Vampire diaries and many more) and movies( La La Land, Call me by your name, Legally blonde, Midsommer, Marriage story). Doing something will surely make you feel better offcourse if you are accompanied with a bowl of popcorns and a group of your buddies you makes you feel better. Try new dishes, new activities and splurge on yourself. You deserve better, don’t thing that this was your last relationship and you sont deserve someone else in your life because these kind of negative thoughts keep surrounding our mind ones you break up with someone whom you loved the most ones.

Take care, You deserve a lot more better in your life.

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