How To Impress An Unknown Girl?

In this essay we are going to talk about the How To Impress an Unknown Girl? Time flew by, years and days passed, a lot of technology and modernization evolved, but one key thing that hasn’t changed ever since the existence of man occurred is the desire to impress someone. Impressing someone is one thing that almost every human being has, and this is done for several reasons. Some do it to get a job, others do it earn fame and appreciation, others do it for the sake of their pride, while others have a motive of making their crush fall for them! In the midst of so many reasons, one of the most popular one is doing it out of love.

Despite all the evolution that has occurred in these years, centuries after centuries, the language of love has always proven itself to be uniquely inevitable and universal. People may have differences on racial, national or even religious aspects, but one thing that keeps them all together is the language of love. It is definitely an undeniable fact that being in love or even falling in love is a beautiful feeling, however, there’s a vital step that’s required in order to make this happen; and that is nothing but to impress.

It is definitely not as simple as it sounds, because it’s just not easy! The need to impress someone regardless of gender has nearly become an obsession these days, and out of all those scenarios, the most difficult of them all is impressing a stranger girl. Of course, it is definitely not something that is impossible, but at the same time, it is not one’s cup of tea either!

How To Impress an Unknown Girl?

There are a lot of factors that girls take into consideration, especially the ones belonging to today’s generation. In other words, to say, they don’t fall over very easily. Prior to impressing a stranger girl, there are a lot of considerations to pay heed to. Just having good looks or being a billionaire doesn’t solve the mysterious puzzle. Of course, having good looks and wealth count but it isn’t necessary that those who have these should be overconfident about acing it easily! At least not in the first go! Yes, there are quite several girls out there who judge people by their outward appearances and gold diggers who are only after one’s money.

But wise girls don’t follow this path. Given the case of having genuine reasons to be impressed has a lot more than what it may seem like. Basically, it depends; it depends a lot upon the mindset of the girl, the girl’s character, her level of maturity and of course her presence of mind. So let’s look at some of the factors that we need to pay attention to in order to impress a stranger girl.

1. Look into the emotional factors

Some girls are emotional, so they can be impressed through emotional factors. This can be explained using numerous examples; it may be a tiny gesture showing some care towards her, or maybe a little bit of effort put forth to come up with something nice, probably which she likes. For example, if she is having a bad time or feeling low, just sitting and listening to her sorrow talks is enough, unless she asks you for your opinion or suggestion. At the same time, if she is happy about something, let’s say, on account of an achievement, or even getting a promotion, then always cheer her up, encourage her to do more and never ever degrade her or even talk anything negative about her, even if it is with her own family. Girls feel more safe and secure when they realize that they have someone supportive by their side.

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2. Materialistic Factors

Others are impressed by temporary and materialistic things like wealth, good looks, style etc. Some are impressed by the size, others by height, the amount of wealth that they have, although these are factors that are to be considered to a certain extent, they don’t entirely play a part in impressing a girl. Despite being temporary, the reason why this factor shouldn’t be neglected is quite simple.

Let’s take it this way, when you work hard and you are rewarded with something tangible, then undoubtedly yes, that gives a sort of contentment. In fact, it gives a sense of motivation and therefore serves as an encouragement to go for more! So rewarding a girl with maybe a gift or a present on account of her achievement or even on her birthday does impress her! However, keep one important thing in mind; the gift doesn’t have to be so expensive or something that you cannot afford at all, a girl who is wise will be impressed even if it is something as simple as a chocolate! So this is sort of a hint to figure out if she is indeed wise or just a mere gold digger.

How To Impress An Unknown Girl?

3. Do you feel that you are compatible with her?

Girls who have a practical mindset would be impressed as a result of compatibility factors. They mostly look for the “vibe” if they feel it, then the first step is successfully cleared. Other factors include caring, respecting each other’s opinions despite disagreements, giving each other their space and having a mutual understanding. As time goes, when they realized that the compatibility test is positive, then they are impressed. In fact, it is the basis of such factors that yield good results that are long lasting and rewarding too.

4. Your Character Speaks!

Some are impressed simply by the character of the person, a person’s lifestyle or even mindset may impress a stranger girl, in a nutshell, the reasons are drastically numerous! For instance, we are in a huge conference that is being led by a famous personality and his/ her speech and what they share in the sessions always ends up leaving an impact on us in some way or the other. We feel a sudden sense of motivation, a new energetic vibe and we feel so active.

In a similar manner, girls can also be impressed by someone’s lifestyle, their character, experiences and of course their way of thinking. However, do not, rather never go for the idea of faking your lifestyle or your character just to impress her because girls are smart enough to sense all the fishy stuff in any kind of scenario. So never do the mistake of bringing out a false impression of yourself as the consequences will not be good. Even if it’s something simple, just be honest and transparent. It’s rather to be real and simple than to be fake.

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5. Be supportive

Girls love it when they feel supported. It gives them a feel of security and makes them feel valued. Even if she is wrong, it is not right to directly slam her on her face and point out her mistake, especially if she is sensitive. One way to solve this can be a simple hangout. You can probably take her out for a cup of coffee or something and slowly try to bring in the topic and most important of all, be as polite as possible! Tell her what you felt on your end, assure her that you are not degrading her and you have no intentions of bringing her down or hurting her feelings in any way. Address the issue with as much patience as possible.

Ask her to talk and patiently listen to what she has to say. Even if it can’t solve in the timespan of a day, it is completely okay to take it slow if you wish. Remember slow and steady always wins the race! So listen to her, analyze what she said and if you still feel that she is wrong, talk to her about it politely. Although she might not accept it easily, if she is sensible enough, then she will surely take an effort to make a difference!

How To Impress An Unknown Girl In English

6. Her Space Matters Too!

Most people, especially people in our society say that girls have more ability to “adjust” compared to boys. To an extent, yes, but again only to a limit. Of course, women and girls in our society are held responsible for a lot of things, be it family, work, and a lot more. Despite all her responsibilities she also deserves to take some time off for herself. She deserves to get her free space and her own time solely dedicated to herself.

Most important of all, do not question her or assign her with anything or ask her any sort of questions, just let her be herself for some time, after all she is also human! Learn to respect it when a girl asks for her space and for her time. Forcing it down or disapproving of it won’t do any good. In fact, it would only be distancing her away from you. Learn to respect her opinions. Difference of opinion undeniably does occur at some point or the other, but that doesn’t mean that she should be degraded or insulted or even judged just because her opinion doesn’t match with yours.

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7. Respect and Equality are Golden Hints

This is the most important factor to be looked into. Just because she is a girl, never ever judge her or underestimate her based on her abilities, or talents. No matter what field she is into, be it her career or her studies, always respect her and never say anything discouraging. Girls really like it when they are treated equally as boys, it gives them a feeling that they are also capable of doing anything than to just raise children and cook food at home. Secondly, never ever body shame a girl. It is something that can bring about a sense of hatred in her heart when someone does that. Learn to appreciate who she is and approach her for the right reasons.

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