How To Start A Conversation On A Phone Call With Friends?

In this article we are going to talk about the How to start a conversation on a phone call with friends? Remember how back in the days we used to go to our friend’s places to ask them if they were free to play? Seems like an ice age ago. Now we text our friends instead of ringing their doorbell to tell them we are at their doorstep and they should escort us from there.

When we as kids got our recent phones and used to be on call all the time. To then have facebook accounts where we didn’t even have to go to anyone’s house we used to straight up text them to ask if they wanted to hang out. Not just for kids but soon the entire generation, every child and adult alike, took to social media fortrivial day to day conversations.

While we could connect with our relatives and friends on the other side of the world and have a real time conversation, we all go lay. We no more went to play physically and playtime was instead on phones or play station where we used to play with our friends or even strangers without travelling in the comfort of our homes.

How to start a conversation on a phone call with friends?

Texting has become the new normal. The world is a virtual world now. The covid 19 pandemic took the concept of the virtual world to whole new levels. From wedding ceremonies to baby showers, everything had been virtual. We used to face a problem using technology but the situation has flipped now. We need to get comfortable with talking to people in person again.  It can get a little apprehension provoking to be socializing again. As embarrassing as it sounds, we all have faced the apprehension of getting into a telephonic conversation with someone we even know already.  Talking on call typically is a challenge nowadays. Let’s simplify it!

1. Know why you are calling

Know why you are calling

Before even setting up for a conversation, ask yourself what is the intended purpose of the phone call? What do you aim to accomplish or acquire from the phone call? It does not mean to do a complete SWOT analysis analyzing every aspect of the call. That is certainly obnoxious and definitely not worth the time and effort. But I have an intention to call. The call might be for a purpose as simple as checking up on your friend who has been sick or maybe asking a friend for help regarding a topic where the friend could be of any help. You do not want to be talking aimlessly until it is a really really best friend or a budding romantic interest. Knowing your intentions is the prerequisite at this stage.

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2. Get rid of background noises

Get rid of background noises

Background loud noise can really cause someone’s mental peace to go haywire. While some people do not care much about background noises as it doesn’t affect them, some other people are very sensitive to loud and sudden irregular sounds. Besides, when you are with someone even on a call that is digitally, it does not look sophisticated to have a noisy background during a serious call. If it is your best friend or someone extremely close and they do not mind then it is okay.

Maybe your friend is in a bad mood or going through a bad time and needs some genuine advice or guidance or wants to simply spout about something that is bothering them it is essential to respect their mental needs and get rid of any noise occurring in your vicinity to be able t truly listen to your friend and help them out. Being considerate goes a long way. Also, just because you have known a person well enough over a span of time does not mean you can discount the basic courtesy in your interactions with them. 

3. Text before calling

Text before calling

It is always courteous to ask someone through a short and simple text message if it is a good time to be talking to them. Especially if it is an unusual hour, they might not be available. Asking prior to calling will help both of you. Maybe they are spending time with their family or are occupied with something else at the moment and it won’t be the best time to be talking to them. You can ask them if they are available at a particular time. Since being an adult is hard and we all grow up having responsibilities, it is important to value other people’s time as much as you value your own time.

4. Make sure you have good signal

Make sure you have good

You are walking to a best friend or catching up with a long lost friend after a very long time. You feel butterflies dancing in your belly and you are beyond excited to be talking to this friend of yours. You guys start talking and it is as if you two (or more if in case it is a group call) could go on talking forever. The extremely devastating thing that could happen in that moment is for one of you to lose connection.  Always make sure that the signal in your phone is good to save yourself from this dreadful moment. By checking the condition of the signal prior to the phone call, you can check if normal call is not providing a good signal. You could choose a whatsapp call or another call to be able to have a strong connection resulting in a smooth conversation.

5. Give a missed call before taking

Give a missed call before taking

There are instances when messaging mediums can start acting up and be non functional for a certain amount of time.  In this case if  you are not able to drop a  text message prior to calling your friend up,  always make sure to give out a missed  call so that they know you are willing to speak. They might not be available or it may not be the best hour to be conversing. Perhaps it is late at night and you are not sure if they are asleep or awake. You can do this trick where you give them a missed call. That way even if they have kept the phone away they would be able to go pick it up and see it is you and then you can proceed with the conversation later.

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6. Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself

Friends and best friends usually have each other’s numbers saved on their phone and if not chances are that most likely they remember your contact number by heart. This is baecque friends remember each other’s number as it is one of the go to numbers they call every now and then. However, this is not the case all the time. There might be times when you are contacting a long lost friend from high school or college or maybe you have not spoken to this friend in long. Always make it a point to introduce yourself so that it becomes easy for you both to start getting to talk.

7. Carry out small talk

Carry out small talk

Be it a friendly conversation or a formal one, never underestimate the power of small talk. As much as it sounds dry and banal, it is essential to build a ground on which the entire conversation will take place. It does not necessarily create barriers by being shallow in nature; it can build a ground and set a frame of conversation. However, if carried for too long would be dreadfully boring and meaningless. But to have a sense of bonding or comfort do a small talk to break the ice before getting to the point. It is considered courteous and it would sound inconsiderate if you call someone up and get straight to the point.

8. Write down important questions

Write down important questions

When you call a friend whose company you genuinely enjoy, it is very easy to go out and talk about  every single thing no matter  how bizarre or concrete it is.. You can be on call for hours with your friend and talk about every possible thing unnati it is late in the night or you suddenly remember a chore or errand you had to attend and have to eventually cut off the call. All this long conversation later realized that you missed out asking the most important thing. ie the  thing you initially called for. Therefore, have a rough idea of what you want to talk about by writing it down so that you do not forget to ask even if you are feeling like losing track as the paper would serve as a reminder.

9. Greet them

Greet them

Imagine how disregarded you would feel if someone, no matter your friend or unknown, would call you up and not even ask who you are doing and straight up  call to ask what they want. Light? Always be considerate and ask them how they are doing. It gives out warmth that helps nurturing and building valuable connections. A courteous and polite greeting for a long way in making both the people involved feel at ease. 

10. Get to the point

Get to the point

If in case they are short on time or you are short on time do not drag the small talk on and on and get to the point. Make sure you are putting your point across effectively and are articulate and to the point in doing so. It supports effective and fruitful conversation.

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