Short Essay On Best Friends

In this essay we are going to talk about the Best Friend. We all have our individual lives comprising our work, life, family, friends, and a lot of other stuff. We have our regular routines that we follow and our commitments to adhere to. In fact, with advancements in technology, we have become so confined to our inner worlds that interaction has become a very rare factor amongst us.

Short Essay on Best Friends

We hardly have time for any sort of interactions with our friends or family due to our engagement with technology. In fact, technology has put us into so much isolation that we find it so difficult these days to take some time off and interact with some real humans. Yes, of course, finding a joint family today is something that is very rare because of a lot of reasons, like intolerance, ego, selfishness, isolation etc. In fact, even lifetime relationships do not tend to last for long as they used to few decades back! The root cause of all these is just convergent to one main factor and that is lack of communication.

Yes, communication is a key player in all relationships, and it is one of the most effective and powerful tools that can heal even the worst of relationships in this world. However, the problem persists despite having effective, straightforward, open, and honest communications. The reasons that make this a problem when it is not a problem include ego, unnecessary judgements, and of course ineffective listening. So, when it comes to communication, there are a few aspects which a person is supposed to be aware of in favor to prevention of further complications irrespective of the relationship.

Essay on Best Friends

Firstly, one is supposed to get rid of his/her ego. Ego, although the word is small, it is a very dangerous element that can have a very large impact on relationships and can stoop to an extent where even the strongest ones cannot withstand its vibes. Secondly, always listen to the person who is talking to you. Make them feel that you are there to listen to them and make them feel comfortable. Do not interrupt in between when the person is talking. Earn their trust so that they do not feel low and depressed.

One very important thing that must be kept in mind is that whenever a person shares something with you, be it personal or anything else, it means that they trust you. So, never try to break that trust by judging them or making them feel uncomfortable by discouraging them or by constantly interrupting them or even by degrading them. Sometimes, the case could be such that all that the person is looking for is just someone to listen to and not an advice, suggestion, or solution! So, do not go ahead to advise them or even try to give them a solution unless they ask you for it.

It is obvious that we cannot expect all these at a hundred percent level. The reason is simply because everyone has different thoughts, mindsets, and perspectives, which are very difficult to change. So, whom can we possibly rely on to share our feelings, our thoughts, happiness, and sorrows? Well, there must be someone with whom we can possibly have that comfort in sharing everything, and the best part is that the so-called someone does exist! It is none other than a best friend.

A best friend is one with whom we can seek all the comforts that we need. Yes, it is agreeable to an extent that we can share things with our family too, but the one who listens without judging and gives that comfort in that we can be ourselves around them! Of course, not all friends are best friends since it takes someone who is very special to acquire that position in our lives.

They automatically occupy that special place in our lives as well as our hearts that no one else can do so. So, having seen what a best friend is all about, there are some reasons why some friendships last for a lifetime while some just disappear or just end on a bad note or tragedy. Despite having friendships break, the choice of retaining it and patching up giving it an overall new start depends upon the choices of two individuals who are involved in that friendship. There is not right or wrong decision, but the decision made should be such that there are no regrets later for having made that decision. So, let us have a look at what exactly are the factors or aspects that help in maintaining as well as retaining the quality of the friendship so that it lasts for the longest duration.

Respect each other’s opinions despite differences

People are different. Yes, of course, they might have some few things in common but that doesn’t mean that any two individuals can be the same just to prove their friendship to each other. There will be differences of opinions and sometimes, the differences may arise and make the situations so intense that arguments may arise which may even turn into serious fights. To avoid this, even if you do not agree with your friend’s opinion, the least you can do is respect it. In this way, you are not just respecting his/her opinions, but you are also ensuring that despite having differences, you still respect each other and the mere fact of having differences doesn’t affect or weaken your friendship in anyway.

You do not have to advise them or even judge them for being different. Staying silent and not making any comments is the best solution in a scenario like this. Another thing that can be implemented is to try to avoid going on the topic that caused the difference of opinion so that the thoughts do not bother you and your mind will also be diverted, thereby preventing fights and unnecessary arguments.

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Value each other’s spaces

One very crucial misconception that people have with regards to friendship is that they assume it to be like those shown in movies. Movie scenes which project friendship aspects indeed do have good messages to convey but that does not mean that we should imitate what is being shown in movies in real life. In movies, friends are shown spending time with each other and sometimes, they go to an extent where one friend sacrifices his/her life for the other. This is very impractical and only meant for entertainment purposes. It makes absolutely no sense in real life friendships. In real life, we have a lot of other things to look after and friendship is just one of those many aspects in life, and it does not define our life altogether.

This does not just apply to friendship but also to all other aspects of life such as family, work, hobbies etc. Of course, friends are supposed to be given the value and importance that they are supposed to be given but that doesn’t have to be accomplished by committing the 24/7-time span of your day. Real friends share a bond which retains its strength even if they don’t spend time with each other everyday or even have daily talks over the phone or chat. Of course, not spending time with friends at all would not be fair either but it does not have to be consistent. It is an overall basic understanding between two friends and those who have a good level of understanding successfully carry their friendship forward for longer years.

Essay on Best Friends In English

Give it your 100%

No matter what relationship you have with a person, be it a friend or a family member, you should give it your 100% and this should be done without expecting anything in return. Of course, yes, if you feel that it’s only you who is taking all the effort in the relationship or friendship, then that is definitely something that calls for a serious and open conversation between two people. Even after the conversation if things still seem to have not changed, then there is no point in being a part of that relationship. Obviously, things must be dealt in a different way when it comes to family relationships and life partners but that is not the case with friendship since it is not an exact commitment.

If you do not give in your 100% from your end, you will be a direct cause of ruining your friendship because the dark clouds of doubts will disturb your mind and will bring about unnecessary complications in your friendship. The question of whether your friend is giving his/her 100% is a secondary aspect that can be looked up at and dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Give them the sense of belonging

Make your best friend(s) feel comfortable. One way to accomplish this is to have respect for your friend, support them in everything and do not over interfere into their matters unless you are asked to do so. This will strengthen the trust between each other and bring about a good level of understanding.

Do not enforce

Never force anything in a relationship and never ever in a friendship! It is okay to feel bad at times when your best friend talks to others but do not let this become a possessive aspect as it will end up ruining the friendship and can also hurt two people to a great extent sometimes. You cannot expect your best friend to be with you all the time and it is completely normal. Just like the way you have other commitments to look after the same is with your friend. Never be controlling in a friendship because it can lead to consequences that can leave a scar on the heart that would last for the rest of the lifetime. So let your friends be free and be themselves. In a nutshell, treat people the way in which you wish to be treated!

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