Short Essay On Communication

In this essay we are going to talk about the Communication. Any form of writing, verbally speaking, signs or action or any method to convey one’s thoughts, emotions and ideas is known as communication. Communication is the only through which anyone can talk and express everything to others. From human being to animals everyone has a language and method of talking. Because of evolution and establishment of various civilizations we have seen emergence of in forms of communications.

Short Essay On Communication

We all know how human beings evolved from shouting out actions to carving those actions on cave with stones then to painting them with naturally created paints or stains. After ages human learnt the art of writing and speaking. As human being on different places across the planet earth were evolving in their own pace, time and surroundings they created their own languages of comfort and suit to communicated with one another. We all know there are so many languages spoken across the world. Each country has its own languages and rules. Man being the smartest creature found words and writings.

Essay On Communication

Communication is vital aspect of once existence and living. If not through words people communicate through signs and writings. We all know about sign languages and brails used by mute and blind people to communicate and learn. See no man on earth can survive without speaking about needs and wants. And we have noticed over the time how people well skilled in communication are ahead in various aspects of life.  Through communication people can manipulate, brain wash or change your ideologies through words. We all know how having good communication helps us to have good personality and confidence.

Even at work place we tend to admire people who have good communication skill and can stand up for themselves and others without offending or hurting anyone.  Everyone knows how to talk and speak up but not everyone know how to communicate effectively. Here few steps below that might help you to boost your communication skills. Improving communication skills is not only needed to have a good impression on others but also to have self-confidence and power speaker.

Be a good listener, don’t rush to reply

Being a good listen is a sign of being good in communication. Person talking with you wants you to listen and respond after considering their thoughts and emotions. So be a good listener. One of the basic thing you can do is to take a pause. Not a long pause that will make situations awkward. You can take a pause of maximum pause of 5 seconds. So when you take the pause person thinks you are listening carefully and you are considering the facts before replying them back.

Mind your posture and hand action. Body language matters.

So we all have came across some or the other facts about body languages and what they indicate. So it is important to know nice body postures. For example you can consider never cover your face with hands or yawning while taking. Try to stand upright or straight. Be approachable and keep the eye contact.

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Think before you speak out loud

So the things that you want to speak before speaking them out loud think twice maybe reframe sentences in head. Sometimes you think something in your head doesn’t sound appropriate out loud. There are certain words or maybe ideas sometime that some people won’t like or may get offended so before speaking up think again.

Smile and have a positive attitude

More than anything you need to have positive attitude and a happy personality. You need to have smile that makes you look more friendly and approachable. You feel better and confident when more people approach you to speak. 

Practice is the key

Try talking looking at the mirror. Practice walking and how you will approach people. Practice your voice modulation and accent to improve the speaking fluency of the language. You can also write things sown that will help you to remember things. Try speaking those difficult words. You can also try learning new words. That will help to improve your vocabulary and skills.

Essay On Communication In English

Manage emotions while speaking

Never get too emotional while speaking something or listening some’s sad story. Try to have a neutral or emphatic tone. Don’t sound rude. Try to tone low. Speak less but speak relevant.  When you speak less and important stuff or when needed only people value your words.

These are just few methods that may help you to make better conversations. You can score yourself and try to improve in areas where you think you need to get better.

Communication is the basic human need. You know how difficult it is to understand baby and old people sometimes because they can’t communicate well. We face difficulties sometimes when you try to tell what is in our head. That is the time we realize how hard it is to communicate sometimes. We spend learning and developing skills that are important for work and career and forget about this key skill that will not only help us to achieve get heights and but also boost confidence in life. Communication is key to powerful and influential personality too. Great politicians and leaders inspire people through their worlds. They know how to connect to people’s emotions and minds and heart. People can inspire people through their words.  

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