Short Essay On Failure

In this essay we are going to talk about the Failure. Failure is a life changing step in everyone’s life. Failure can never be avoided. Failure is a very common word but in this a person’s ups and downs are hidden. Today standing in the 21st century our society takes failure is a very negative way. Failure does not mean that a person is dragged down at the bottom but it gives opportunity and chances to all individuals. Till today, I have seen that many people who have gone through failure are today successful people. So though the terms failure and success comes together we can say that failure’s another name is success.

Short Essay On Failure

Failure is taken as such a negative word that it can have a very bad effect on any individual’s life. When any human being faces failure they want to give up and quit but rather than giving up and being upset they should try their best and work more hard to again stand up on their feet and move towards success.

 In my life I know a person who is my cousin and had faced a very dangerous and deadly failure. And I have seen it in front of my eyes and it has quivered and shook-up my life.

My cousin has always been a topper and not just us but also our neighbours we’re proud of her. She was used as an example by many parents. She completed her school life and got good marks and became a topper again in the H.S. exam. She wanted to achieve the goal of becoming a doctor. But after that only the dark days started swallowing her because even after getting good marks she could not get into a good medical college. That time not only family members but also other people from our neighbourhood started talking and gossiping about her. And many people as soon as they saw her they made jokes on her and called her failure.

Essay On Failure

And suddenly, directly and indirectly the word failure got attached to her life. And my uncle and aunt both slowly started saying a lot of things to her. And even in any occasion or get together uncle and aunt did not took her. Even if any person came, uncle and aunt instructed my cousin to not come out of her room. She was stopped to come over at our house even if I went to visit her they did not let me see her and gave a lot of excuses.

To me all these became very weird and I had a doubt because she did not attended any occasion, functions, get together and was also not available when I went to see her at her house. I started asking my parents but told me that I should not get involved in this and I was strictly prohibited from going to her house.

But our bonding was very strong, we used share everything and was my best friend. She used to solve all my problems be it education related or life related. She used to guide me all the time. Her absence was very painful and something is wrong. One day suddenly I heard that my cousin attempted suicide and was hospitalized. We all went to see her in the hospital. That time she told me that she was not able to take this failure in her life. It was like a curse in her life. That time I realised that a failure can turn topsy-turvy any individual’s life. That day I told her to take this failure as her strength and try to stand up on her feet again.

To make the most out of this failure, learn from the mistakes she made and again turn her life into a good direction. She wanted to become a doctor and save everyone’s life and today, though she is not a surgeon she decided to become a psychologist because she believed that the mistake she was about to make by taking her own life, nobody else should make the same mistake and thus, she can help to save a lot of people’s life who has faced failure. Because it is not that we can save a person only physically but also can save them when we help them to be mentally and emotionally strong, to get through hard and difficult times and most importantly to face failure and not to fear the word failure.

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I believe that every individual should accept failure and use it as a strength to make a good turn in life and should never take any wrong decision just because they faced failure. Only those people who have faced failure, took it as their strength and became very successful in their life today. There are many famous personalities today whom we all know as very successful people and are having a great and happy life. Even they have gone through a lot of failure to come where they are today like Shah Rukh Khan, Arijit Singh, Colonel Sanders whom we all know and we all love his brand KFC and before becoming a billionaire at the age of 88 has gone through many failures, a fashion model Gisele Bündchen who before becoming a super model faced a lot of failure, etc.

My cousin’s incident taught a lot of lessons. When I started thinking about my career I used to fear failure a lot but my cousin’s incident taught me to face every obstacle and every failure. It helped me in developing my personality.

Failure has two sides. One side is when people take failure negatively and detach themselves from everyone else and tries to stay alone all by themselves. And another side is when people do not take failure as failure, as a negative sense but becomes stubborn and promise themselves and everyone else that they will take the failure as a challenge and keep trying and trying and one day become successful in their life and proves that they are not worthless and not any way less than other. The people who have faced failure we should not neglect them rather we should encourage them only then maybe they won’t become a lot successful but at least won’t get lost in the darkness of life and will be able to live a happy and comfortable life.

Not only our society but also parents should become open-minded and if any child not just in life but also in their educational life faces failure then the parents should motivate their kids so that they do not take the failure as a fear but accept it as a challenge and the parents should cultivate this practice within their kids from an early stage.

One more thing that the parents should do is they should not compare their child with anyone else because if they do not get compared and do not receive any taunt from their parents then they will not have the fear of failure as they won’t have the thought of disappointing their parents. They will take the failure as a method to learn from their mistakes, an opportunity and a second chance which not everyone gets in their life where they can try again and prove themselves.

There are many people who after facing failure the taunts they get they use this taunt to achieve their dreams and goals. They keep reminding what other people has told them, talked about them, what taunts they have received from their relatives, peers, neighbours and society which will motivate them more to keep working hard and they will have a hunger to do something in life and to prove themselves and helps to push them towards success. And everyone rather than giving answer to all those people who continuously keep taunting them they should give them the correct, suitable and on point answer through their actions.

There are also many benefits of failure which are listed below:

  1. Failure helps to make us stronger

Failure does not make us weak but rather helps to make us both mentally and emotionally stronger.

Essay On Failure In English

Failure makes us humble and helps us to stay grounded

When we get success without facing any obstacle or hardships or failure we might become arrogant and egoistic but if they go through failure they will know the worth of success, effort and hard work. This will help them to stay humble and grounded.

Failure teaches us a lot of lessons.

When we face failure we learn a lot of lessons in our life. We learn to become more confident, we get to know a lot about our mistakes and rectify them. Failure helps to guide us in our life.

Everyone faces failure at least once be it any stage of their life. Some becomes very upset and wants to give up and some wants to face it no matter what as they don’t take failure as they don’t want to take failure as an excuse or reason to give up in their life and face a big loss rather they will take it as a reason to make profit in life and live a comfortable and proud life. So, failure should not be seen as something bad but should be seen in a positive light and as an opportunity, good break and chance.

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