Short Essay On Farmer

In this essay we are going to talk about the farmer. A farmer is the true server of the country. He is the reason for the country’s wealth. Without a farmer, there is no country that would cherish food. He brings food to our plates working his knees off and even skipping his meals. A farmer is the backbone of the country. He is selfless and always believes in hard work. A farmer engages and incorporates agriculture in his life until his last breath, he continues to practice farming. No matter the losses, he never gives up due to circumstances.

Short Essay On Farmer

He basically cultivates his own land or works on others’ lands for yield. They grow plants, raise animals and look after crops. Their whole crop yield depends on the weather which is indeed unpredictable. After all the hard work, nature is who decides their results. Farming involves a lot of labor. They have to work day and night with sleepless nights to protect crops.

But it is so hard to see them die because of crises. Their lands are being corrupted by the corporate world. No water is allowed to flow through their fields. Their fields are snatched from them. They are being exploited way more than we think. Aren’t we responsible for it?

Being a farmer in any country is tough. The amount of support they need is immeasurable. There are many scenes in many countries where children from farmer families are being subjected to not receiving opportunities in life. They are discriminated against and criticized and the ironic thing is they should be treated on top of the world and yet they gain nothing good in return.

How can we help them?

1. Protect and preserve the environment

Environment plays a crucial role in agriculture. We should protect our flora and fauna and maintain a balanced ecosystem for everything to be synchronized. Their practices are very well cherished.

2. Initiate programs

Initiate programs to help them with resources and in selecting better products for the production. To make them understand how it is better to use organic ways to cultivate crops and give techniques.

Essay On Farmer

3. Teach new techniques

Generally, they lack in implementing techniques and still follow old methods of cultivating the land. With this being, the soil is being depleted due to the long stay of the crop. In order to prevent soil fertility and to have a perennial year, they should be taught new techniques in farming and educated about it in vast horizons.

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4. Do not waste food

It feels so easy to just dump food in the trash can right? But what goes inside underserved is the hard work they put in to produce that one piece of food and simply dump it like that. Waste no food. Cook how much is required and preserve. Wasting food will simply cost your money and put their hard work in trash cans which seems pathetic.

Essay On Farmer in english

5. Food security

Many of them and their families are malnourished. They do not receive sufficient food that is needed for basic living. They barely eat anything all day. Food security needs to be improved by providing them with better groceries, supplements, and so on.

They are under-seen and left out from this society. They are treated the worst. We together should help them grow and make them accessible to all the facilities they require. It is our responsibility as they fill our stomachs without any selfishness of anyone treating them happy.

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