Short Essay On Hobbies

In this Essay we are going to talk about the Hobbies. Everyone has a hobby. In some cases, it doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to just one hobby, because there may be multiple hobbies of an individual. It could be anything, from an activity, a task, or as simple as even being alone! Since all of us are uniquely different, we all have different choices of our hobbies.

Short Essay On Hobbies

Be it anything, hobbies are those which are carried out on a consistent basis. Of course, we all have our timetables for the day cut out for us irrespective of who we are and what we do, but the question that we should or rather we must ponder at least once; are we busy throughout the 24 hours of the day? To answer this question, let us divide our day into three, with each third consisting of 8 hours. The first third would be for our work or any sort of important things that we are supposed to complete for the day, and the last half will be dedicated to our sleep because 8 hours of sleep is crucial for all.

What about the second third of our day? Have you ever pondered how you spend the second third of your day? Let us analyze this with an example; for instance, you are a working person, you are away from home, and you spend 8 hours of your day at your workplace. After work you have a family to look after when you get back home. You cook, spend some time with your parents or spouse and kids, once all that is done, you have a few hours left in hand before going to bed. So, what do you do at that time? Have you ever thought of it? Have you ever wondered why you don’t find the time for your hobbies? The answer to this is quite simple, dedicating more than the required time to all your daily tasks. Of course, it is an understandable fact that we often tend to spend more than the required time on things which we like doing.

In fact, we seldom get a feeling that time flies off too fast when we are engaged into something. So, when can we ever find time for our hobbies?! It is indeed an undeniable fact that we often feel like we are not able to find the time for any of our hobbies. So, the reason is simple and straightforward- time. Time is the key factor here. If it is managed well, then there is time for everything that we wish to do, however, if it is not shared equally amongst tasks, then we hardly find time.

It is always good practice to manage time, plan a schedule for the day ahead in the form of a checklist probably and execute them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything big; at least not at the stage where you are just giving a kickstart to organizing your time but start with something even if it is not much. Hence, for this reason, we need to have hobbies. There are a lot of advantages of having hobbies, even if it is just one! The benefits and the effects that it can have on an individual are truly promising! So, let us get a deeper understanding of the effects and benefits of having a hobby.

Essay On Hobbies

A Break from Routine

We all have a daily routine to follow. Each of us have different things in our timetable that we carry out as a regular routine. At some point, things get boring. Our lives become boring, and we feel that we need a break. The intensities on how badly we are in need of a break might vary under various circumstances, but the need is the same for everyone. Let us understand this better with the aid of an exemplar scenario.

Supposedly, you start your day early in the morning from waking up, making a cup of coffee to looking into the requirements for the rest of your family members, from ensuring that they had their breakfast to taking your kids to school. You leave for your work thereafter and spend nearly 8 hours at your workplace. Once you have wound up, calling it a day, then you are headed back home, and again over there, you have your role cut out for you already. You need to cook, spend some time with your kids, look after your parents or in laws or even your spouse and after all that is done, the time to wind down arrives.

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You are already off to bed but before you fall asleep, you are already sitting and preplanning ahead for the next day, and as the next day comes, the same thing! This keeps going on and on and becomes part of your daily routine. As time goes, you might feel bored of your life at some point. You automatically start to crave for a break.

You fee like you need to break the routine and go a little off the schedule. When you take a break, it brings along numerous benefits; your mind feels relaxed and refreshed, your stress is all gone, you get more space to think better- in other words, thinking skills are improved to a good extent, and your overall efficiency is increased, both in personal as well as in professional aspects! The logic here is simple, we all need a break no matter how easy going we may be, we are humans after all! Even a machine needs to be stopped occasionally to retain its efficiency else it will fail! So, when a machine needs a break, then we obviously need one too!

Essay On Hobbies In English

Enhancement of Skills

Through our hobbies, we are claiming a golden chance to enhance our skills. Our skills could be based on anything; it could be arts and crafts, cooking, baking, pottery, or even writing. The options are countless but what is important here is that we get to focus a little more on our skills and improve on them. For instance, let us say you are good at painting; when you make it a hobby, then you are giving yourself the chance to broaden up a little more with respect to your painting skills. You get to notice all the minor details which you execute, as per how you see yourself, you are able to do a self-evaluation and determine where you stand.

Sometimes, it could be just as simple as making minor improvements, while sometimes it may have you start all over again from scratch, especially if you have not been painting for a long time. With practice comes perfection, so there is nothing wrong in starting over again and it is never too late to start over! It might lead to a lot of developments based on how you progress. You might want to put up an exhibition to showcase your works or you might want to even start a business with your paintings, and have buyers pay you a hefty amount!

Let us look into another example of baking. You began from scratch, with absolutely zero knowledge about baking and after some time, you find yourself that your expertise is increasing with practice. You may just wish to continue baking as just your hobby or you might want to start a bakery shop and make it a business. No matter what you wish to do but giving it a start is very important.

So having a hobby doesn’t just lead to self-enhancement but it can have an impact as deep as creating your own identity! Of course, you have a choice on how far you prefer to take it and it is completely okay if you wish to continue further and take it to a professional level, by making it your career or if you wish to limit it to just your personal surroundings and carry it out just for the fun of it! Either way, it is advantageous based on how you wish to go about with it. You never know what the future holds, so it is always a good idea to be open to everything that comes your way, whether it turns out to be successful or it doesn’t.


Did you know that you can discover a lot about yourself? Hobbies are one of the most effective pathways which are proven to help people discover themselves. Yes, it is true! You get to learn about talents and skills that you might have not even thought of in your dreams! It may just start with a small spark of fire that gets lighted up in you to just go explore and have fun and eventually, you find yourself to be an expert in the same! This is the effect that interests can have on you when you make it a hobby. Since we live in an era where we must expect the unexpected, the aspect of discovering new things from within yourselves also applies here. As a result, you automatically lead a healthy lifestyle since you eventually start feeling good about yourselves and things automatically start to fall in place.

Hence, therefore one should have hobbies as part of their lives. There is nothing wrong in taking some time off for yourselves and doing things for yourselves, because each of us deserves to be happy!

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