Short Essay On Grandparents

In this essay we are going to talk about the grandparents. The word grandparents is very precious to children. Parents love and take care of their children very much and grandparents are parents of our parents. They are the base of a family. How a tree grows branches by facing various natural obstacles like that our grandparents bind our whole family and grow by facing different problems in life. Grandparents are the gift of God to the children. Everybody does not have grandparents in their lives. And some children have their grandparents but not in their homes. The bond between grandparents and their grandchildren is very beautiful.

Short Essay On Grandparents

Our childhood life is incomplete without our grandmother and grandfather. They not only love us but also they give us knowledge. Grandparents are the oldest and most experienced ones in our family. They help you to learn all the important things to survive in your life. A child who has a grandfather or grandmother beside him/her then he/she feels free every time. If his/her parents scold him/her there is his/her grandfather or grandmother to handle the situation and give support to the child. Grandparents also give mental support to a child. Children can share their thoughts, feelings easily in front of their grandparents. Only a child without having a grandfather or grandfather or both of them knows the importance of grandparents in life.

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With the increasing age people ignore them and separate them. The system of a nuclear family without grandfather and grandmother is wrong according to me. It is totally undesirable for our society. We should not support that system where a family can bear a pet’s responsibility but does not take their own parent’s responsibility. People show the cause that they get many friends as there are many old aged people present in the old age home. But no one can be happy without their families. Children are bonded in a small world where there is only his/her father and mother and sister or brother are present in that world. And they get deprived from the love and care of their grandparents. So, in this article we will discuss the importance of grandparents in our family as well as our lives.

Essay On Grandparents

Importance of Grandparents

The company of grandparents is not very long so children should understand the importance of them in their lives at times. Otherwise they will never get the chance to recover that space. Not only grandparents, we people usually do not give importance to our loved one when they stay close to us but whenever they do not stay in our lives we feel their absence in life. There are many points to describe the importance of grandparents in our lives, some of them are as follows

  1. Chance to learn about the ancestors : Your parents can give information about your grandparents and more than about their grandparents. But your grandparents know all the background of your family. They tell their grandchild about their ancestors, cultures and norms. They help their grandchildren to learn about the way in which their family developed. It is very interesting for a child to be aware of the historical background of his/her family. They should know what type of clothes, foods, household things their ancestors used to use. Then only he/she can maintain the rules and cultures of their house that have been followed by their previous generations.
  2. Understanding between grandparents and grandchildren : Sometimes it can be seen that parents fail to understand what is needed by their child. But their grandfather or grandmother can feel that or understand that. Not only a child but also an adult can share their feelings in front of them. Evenmore, grandparents make their parents understand whatever their child is saying. Children who fear their parents used to tell something to their parents through their grandparents or grandmother.
  3. Spending time with grandparents : A child whose father and mother both are servicemen, he/she only knows what loneliness is. All day he/she has to stay alone. But if there is his/her one of the grandparents is there, at least the child can spend time together. They take care of their grandchildren and give company in the absence of his/her parents. And the bond between them gets stronger.
  4. Mental and Financial support : If you feel sad or pressurized your grandparents will be there always to pull you up. Not only they support you but they support your family emotionally or financially. Whenever your parents get stuck in any work due to money, your grandparents help them with all their resources.
  5. Provide knowledge and skills : Grandfathers always try to make their grandchildren ready for facing any problems in their lives. While grandmother provides their grandchildren with basic knowledge of household things. Grandparents read different story books and provide information to their grandchildren in a way of story which is very interesting to them.
  6. Bonding between grandparents and grandchildren : The bonding between a child with their grandparents is very sweet. Children demand for chocolates, biscuits from their grandparents only. Their grandparents also feel very happy whenever they spend time with their grandchildren. They play with them even after being old.

Grandparents always take care of their grandchildren and protect them from every problem. But in some cases it is a curse. When parents punish their child, their grandparents stop them from doing that. As a result the child becomes faulty gradually as he/she knows that there are his/her grandparents to save from his/her parent’s punishment. For example, one of my cousins was very intelligent, polite and humble in his childhood life, but now he is very desperate and does not listen to anybody. This is because whenever his mother tried to scold him or punish him his grandmother stopped her and scolded her mother. As a child should be loved like that he/she should be punished for his/her fault eventually otherwise it will affect his/future.

Effect of Nuclear family

Nowadays people are separating their houses and going for nuclear families. Where there will be only husbands, wife and their children. There is no place for grandfather and grandmother. Children do not get the chance to stay with their grandparents. It is also hilarious for our grandparents. At old age people get very emotional and mentally attached with their family members. They behave like a child. If you send them to an old age home at that moment they get very hurt. They become very weak physically and mentally. People consider them as a burden which is very unpleasant. The absence of grandparents affects a child’s life most. Sometimes it can be seen that a child is wrapping up mentally and physically himself/herself gradually.

The reason for that is the child was habituated with his/her grandparents and when he/she was sent to an old age home, the child is missing them very badly. It is true that a child loves to stay with another child or their grandparents. For example, one of my friend’s grandmother was sent to an old age home and after that incident he became quiet and usually did not talk with others without any reason. Children get a very short time period to meet with their grandfather and grandmother. They are like relatives to them.

As a result children nowadays do not get any opportunity to understand the importance of grandparents to their lives. There are also some families who do not send their parents to old age homes but they separate them from their families where their food, clothes etc everything are separated.  Moreover, in some houses it can be seen that old women are still cooking food now which is totally undesirable. They do not want more, they just want a little happiness in their lives.

Essay On Grandparents In English


The company of grandparents to their grandchildren is very short and their bonding is adorable. We should never interfere in their relationship. Every child has the right to spend time with his/her grandparents. At the very early stage of life the connection between a child and their grandparents looks more attractive. Because both of them are free from the stress of life. With the increasing age a child is separated from their grandparents for the sake of study.

Parents think that is not the time to play with them and talk with them. They give their children a bag of dreams which they have to fulfill only. They also show the path of future scopes and opportunities to get established in life. And children also follow their parents to be established. Their grandparents also want their child to be stable in life. They want their grandchildren to become good human beings.

We put many burdens on our child from a very early stage and do not give them any chance to concentrate on other things. As a result the sweet relationship between them fades with the passing time. A child who always wanted to eat with grandfather and sleep with grandparents, after becoming an adult he/she blamed them as unhygienic. They do not even want to eat with them at the same table. However, grandparents are also our parents.

If they were not there you would not be enjoying your childhood life beautifully. We all should respect our grandparents and give them lots of love. Because no one will stay on earth forever. They worked hard throughout their whole life to make their children a good human being. In return they should be taken care of and given a chance to spend more time with grandchildren to enjoy their life at the last stage of their lives. .

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