Short Essay On Internet Addiction

In this essay we are going to talk about the Internet. We live in an age where internet has the basic necessity of life. It has been like this since couple of years now but after the pandemic, internet has been a necessity even for kids now. We are literally connected to internet to make further connections. We are connected to the internet almost three sixty-five days of the year. here is an essay on internet where we discuss the pros and cons of it.

Short Essay On Internet Addiction

Our present lives are confined to electronic gadgets these days. Our life literally revolves around that. We would not be even to live for a single day without internet. It has become an integral part of everyone’s life. Since the pandemic has hit our life, it has completely changed our lives in an unthinkable and unimaginable way. We had never even dreamt of life like this. It has made us all realize the importance and the capabilities of internet.

It was already a very important part of our lives but the pandemic has made it even more important. That too, globally. The educational bases of the country are working online as of now which still feels like a dream. Literally, students are getting promoted and graduated online. Our ancestors would have never even dreamt of something like this. Internet has become the part of the life of a 3-year-old toddler as well. And it has become a part of 60-year-old grandfather as well.

Essay On Internet

Internet is nothing but a global system which connects the computers of the whole world by using IP addresses. It sounds easy but it is a very complex system. It is very difficult to even mark the area the internet could cover or we can just say, it is covering. But millions of people still stay connected from different regions of the world on an everyday basis. People generally do not understand the real definition of internet or how the internet works but still, no one fails to use it. Internet has become more user-friendly and interactive these days and hence, it is tough for people to even question or differentiate as internet has become the part and an important part of a mam’s life.

Everything under the sky is available on internet. It has made life undoubtedly easy and we have become so much habituated with its usage that we do not even remember the days when we did not have internet. Specially, the kids of this generation who have seen internet since their birth cannot even imagine the days without internet. Sadly, we have a lot more dependent over internet and we fail to distinguish between its pros and cons but every coin has four sides, so does internet. Pros and cons always co-exist and there is nothing which does not have its pros and cons.

Pros Of Internet

Internet has become a medium of communication. It has become a new language of communication. It connects people in an unthinkable extent. It lets us meet people virtually. It let us communicate with new people around the world which was almost unimaginable some decades ago. Even if we give a thought about now, we will realize the capabilities of internet. Its wonderful how we can communicate people living in different countries sitting in our bedrooms. We can literally hangout with people without even going out of the room. Internet has given us different types of platforms like emails, chatrooms etc.

Another blessing of internet is it being used as a source of information. Can we imagine completing research work without internet? People used to do it completely without internet some years ago. It has become a virtual treasure of information. We can get any kind of information in internet. Any kind is truly any kind. You name it and you will get it. We now have search engines because of Internet. This is a blessing in disguise. We almost use search engines every day. That is actually a fact to wonder about. This has extended up to next level now as schools, colleges and universities are working online now. and that was only possible because of internet. If covid-19 had hit us some years ago when internet was not there, some of us might had committed suicide.

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Cons Of Internet

And as always, everything has a dark and ugly side too. So does internet.  One has to be information. Internet is a great place to share information but the information has to be one of a kind. Not every news is relevant. Internet has become the best place to share fake news. But these kinds of news sometimes spread hate and anguish with them. They have the power of calling out a riot. Some information which finds in the internet are truly misleading. Internet has created so many cyber crimes and it has been really dangerous to use it.

Essay On Internet  In English

Internet has been both, a curse and a blessing to student’s life. In one hand, a student can achieve a lot because of internet. On the other hand, a student can literally destroy their life with the help of internet. It has got ample number of distractions to offer. And such kind of temptations are tough to ignore in this age. We cannot refrain our kids from using internet but we need to keep them aware about the dark side of internet as well.

We can come to a conclusion now that internet has both advantages and disadvantages. One has to be wise enough to choose between the two routes but clearly, it is a fact that internet has really changed our lives and somewhere we are thankful for such an invention. It has made life much easier and it literally has made life possible in the current situation of pandemic. It is just that we need to minimise the negative usage of internet and use it properly in the right direction.

This was an essay on internet. Thank you.

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