Short Essay On Healthy Food

In this essay we are going to talk about the Healthy food. Food is something that pretty much everyone is fond of. Food comes in a wide variety emerging from various parts of the world. Each country has its own set of food varieties with different tastes ranging from the most extreme extent of spicy foods to the most extreme extent of sweet foods. Given the wide variety of ranges of food from across the globe, the choices of foods preferred varies. It may be from person to person, or it may be a set of individuals or even an entire population emerging from a particular place. The reasons to this are numerous, more or less dependent on people’s personal opinions or out of their habituation. Let us take an example to understand this better.

Short Essay On Healthy food

Now, there will be a set of people who have specific choices of food. It may be out of their personal choice as a result of liking the taste or it may be due to their habituation as part of that which is native to their country. For instance, if you had presented a plate of sushi and a plate of salad in front of a Japanese person, he/she will definitely prefer sushi over salad because of two reasons. One is that he/she is habituated to sushi since it is native to Japan and two, they may be fond of it! Under the same scenario, if it was for a person who wasn’t Japanese it could be quite easy to infer that there is a 50% chance of the non-Japanese person choosing either the sushi or the salad.

If by chance the sushi is chosen, the reason is quite simple; he/she is fond of the food and hence the preference to sushi. So, basically, this is the methodology of how the choice of food works amongst people. Now coming to the classification of foods, they are classified into fast foods, snacks, appetizers, desserts, breads, main course etc. In these categories, although the foods may be different in looks and taste, or even entirely from a different cuisine, the one common thing that is there in these varieties is the health factor. It would not be right to say that all foods are bad for health and at the same time, it would not be right to say that all foods are absolutely healthy to eat.

Essay on Healthy food

So, what exactly makes an ideally healthy food? Well, the answer to this is really very simple. Balancing all the foods we eat. Every kind of food has its own dominance of nutrients, and our body requires all the nutrients to retain good health. So, if the food we eat is balanced, ensuring that all the nutrients are consumed in decent amounts, then that makes it a healthy diet. In fact, there is nothing like an ideal healthy diet that exists in the first place. The terminology is how well we are able to balance it, because of too much of anything is never healthy, it was, it is, and it will always be harmful.

There are a lot of reasons to why we should eat a healthy diet, with one of the main reasons being as simple as leading a healthy lifestyle! Other reasons that follow are all connected to the health factor such as prevention of obesity, heart problems, diabetes, food problems, to keep the body in good shape and the list goes on and on. Today, we live in a world where things have advanced to a very huge extent and people prefer things which are instantaneous, irrespective of if it is unhealthy or healthy. For instance, fruits and vegetables sold in farms are far different from those sold in supermarkets.

Although their looks and colors project no forms of differences, their nutritive contents differentiate them on high levels. There is a huge difference between something that is consumed with entirely natural contents and that which is infused with man-made chemicals which may have drastic effects on our body as well as our body functioning. These days, technology has evolved to such an extent where fruits are obtained from trees before they even reach their average height! Wondering how this is possible? Well, these are what we call hybridized foods, i.e., those which are grown under the influence of man-made chemicals. Sugar extracted from sugar cane is not naturally white, it is being made white by artificial means.

It is easy to identify the difference between a hybrid and an organic fruit or vegetable by just looking at the size, since the hybrid ones are comparatively larger in size to the organic ones. Use of fertilizers in plants are making things even worse with regards to health, since they all contain a lot of harmful chemicals that can affect the overall functioning of the body both physically as well as internally. So, in the midst of all these risky aspects, what can we do on our ends to protect ourselves from being harmed? The first thing we can do for a start is to initiate growing our own fruits and vegetables.

Of course, yes not all fruits and vegetables can be grown in our open spaces but at least the ones that can fit in our homes, kitchens, patios or even the terrace gardens can be grown so that they are free from fertilizers and all other dangerous chemicals. Another thing we can do in order to retain the health factor of our foods is to stick to a balanced diet. Obviously, we cannot consume all the nutrients in one go like during breakfast, lunch or dinner but we can try to maximize on that so that at least a reasonable amount goes into our body and our health is retained. So having looked at how foods can be healthy as well as unhealthy, let us no look into the importance of eating healthy.

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No worries about weight

Today, one of the most popular complaints that we hear on health websites and forums is weight loss issues. A lot of people complain and often end up in stressed conditions worrying about their weight. The reasons could be numerous and not necessarily due to over consumption of food or due to eating a lot of junk foods. Sometimes, obesity can even be a result of post-pregnancy conditions, certain surgeries, hormonal changes inside the body, or even particular kinds of medications.

Essay On Healthy food In English

So, it is not only due to overeating. Other reasons could be due to laziness, depression and sometimes even anxiety. So basically, it is a mixture of both physical as well as mental factors that contribute to unwanted weight gain. So, to be in perfect weight, considering the person’s height, age, and the body mass index (abbreviated as BMI), eating a healthy diet is one of the factors which serves as a solution to this issue. There are some people who do not eat anything at all and often end up going underweight and becoming weak to an extent that they cannot even stand for a few minutes. So, it should always be ensured the food consumed is in right amounts so that the right measure of weight is maintained throughout.

Healthy heart

Did you know that the food we eat has a direct impact on our hearts? The reason why people with heart problems are increasing today is due to the food that is consumed and that includes all the hybridized foods as well in addition to the junk foods and fast foods. When there are reduced activities, the amount of food consumed should also be reduced accordingly in order to strike the balance. When this does not happen, the fats that are deposited in our bodies keep increasing and eventually lead to a condition that is known as high cholesterol levels.

When cholesterol levels are high in the body, a lot of heart problems arise such as heart blocks, heart arrhythmias (irregular beating of the heart), blood pressure, rise in cholesterol levels in the blood, irregular balance of blood sugar, resulting in diabetes and a lot more. Sometimes, the issue can be so intense and so fatal that heart attacks might occur and the person who has got that attack might even have to undergo an immediate surgery or even a heart transplant in some extreme cases to resume the normal life. Yes, fats and oils are essential to our body, but to much of it can bring about a lot of problems and complications.

Improved memory

Have you ever experienced a scenario where you tend to fall asleep or even feel drowsy and lazy after a heavy meal? Well, this is when our memory begins to eventually fade away. Sometimes, it happens to be that the food is so tasty, and we might end up eating more than the limit that our bodies can take. This leads to inactivity, drowsiness, and a kind of an internal numb feeling, due to which we easily fall asleep. To overcome this issue, self-control is very important and has to be initiated.

When we eat within the limit, we feel light and not lazy or tired. Our bodies must be freshened, and it should feel active for the mind to be active. When the mind is active our memory power is also active and working well. So even if the food is too good to resist, consume it in limited amounts.

Good energy levels

When we eat light, we feel light, and we are able to acquire the energy to continue carrying on with our work. However, when we are full to the rim, even walking a few steps becomes a difficult task for us. So, when we eat light, we feel light and active too due to which we are energized!

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