Short Essay On Importance Of Education

In this essay we are going to talk about the Importance of Education. Education is the root of all the morals and ethics plus the manners we learn in our life. It is the primary sole of all the learnings and teachings in our life. Though, we think that education is just about learning some answers and giving exams. However, there is so much more beyond just an exam and we need to focus and cultivate our attention to making education more important in our life.

The best gift or effort to a child from their parents is education. It is the most expensive possession which a human being holds for the whole life and gets the fruit from it whenever they can without losing anything.

Here in this article, we have provided some of the aspects to focus on the Importance of education.

Short Essay on Importance of Education

There is a set pattern in our society that when a child reaches a certain age they are enrolled in a school to get an education. Education is the first thing that a child learns in their childhood days. It’s the base for all the education of their life. Every parent or guardian must make an effort and provide the child with the basic education in their childhood days itself. It will make more and more children educated and they will learn the power of importance of education.

Furthermore, A child without education has no goals and dedication towards their career. Plus they are unaware of so many lessons which are learnt through education only. If the education is not provided to the child then some precious parts are left unbroken in their personality. Also, a child starts learning the basic manners or the basic greetings from the school itself which means by education system only. The importance of education is realized when we gain the amount of love and respect towards us due to the gesture and personality we carry within ourselves.

Essay on Importance of Education

Just like a tree needs some seeds or saplings to grow in a big and large tree. It’s the same in the life of a human being. They need the education to be a successful person in the future. Otherwise, they have to suffer for every other problem as knowledge comes with education and everything lies and works with knowledge only. We need to build our primary roots stronger to be the most powerful secondary person in our World. So, to achieve all this we have to get the education at the right time with proper teachings.

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Importance of Education for Girls

While we all know how much girls all over the world have suffered due to lack of education and they have been positioned far back in their lives just because they were not able to have the education just like the boys of the society get the education. Girl education is always looked down upon mostly in the village area. They don’t feel like educating their daughter and making their future bright.

Education is relevant for all but especially for girls education is the core of their future as they are mostly churned down with traditions and cultures. When a girl is educated one can have the whole family get educated. She has the power to bring the revolution in anything she learns through education.

Educated girls know their worth and they fight back against injustice happening to them. They are also capable of raising their voice when anything wrong happens to them or anyone tries to manipulate them in the wrong direction. People often misunderstood the capability a woman holds and they prefer making them married rather than educated. They will spend so much on their marriage but refuse to spend on the education expenses of girls. Girls are born to shine and with having education in their hands they have the power to bring change and be a change in society. So, a girl’s education holds the most superior place in their life. It can bring the absolute contrast change in their future ahead.

Importance of Education in rural areas

There is always a scarcity of resources for so many things in the rural areas. Plus there is the least number of schools or colleges for the education of the young generation of the rural areas. Education is not much promoted in these areas. And people lack the basic knowledge of so many things due to poor resources of education available in their area. There is the least amount of staff or teachers or professors to teach the students and give them the proper education system.

Eventually, they lack all in the whole process of the education system which makes most of the rural areas uneducated.

They even lack knowledge of the rights and laws which are beneficial in their daily life due to not seeking the right education in school or college. Education is extremely important to make people aware of their surrounding laws, rights, policy or even to make important citizenship cards or papers. 

It makes a lot of difference when they are not educated and they land up in a space where education is needed to do the work be it professional or personal work. 

Also, when they travel to some other places from their rural area and hang out with some new different people, they feel insecure and awkward to sit with the educated people. They start to compare themselves with them and feel low about themselves. Education not only educates you with some knowledge but it also brings up the whole confidence and self-esteem to another level. This makes the person more confident about themselves especially when they are in between people.

Rural people have this thing of feeling inferior with urban people or city people. It can be due to the lifestyle contrasts they have but most of the time it is the education that makes them feel that way.

Importance of education in building a career

An educated person is better at decision making plus they have all the skills that need light when making a career choice for your future. Education makes your future bright and ensures you a secured future ahead in your life. Education provides insights into some powerful traits such as knowledge, confidence, clearance of ideas plus guidance for making any decision.

Education has all the aspects required for building a successful career with a bright future ahead. It gives you the guarantee that you will have the most bright future along with a stable income also. One can build their career through so many means with the help of education. It gives the power that is needed when you are aiming to have a successful career. Education has every necessary tool to make your career shine among all.

Importance of Education to build an excellent personality

Education teaches the values, ethics, morals plus all the etiquettes to shape a personality that can make a difference in society. Education gives you a lot even when you are not seeking it. It makes your personality so confident that you can stand anywhere around the world without feeling inferior to stand in between any kind of person or group of people. 

Personality has an impact on our surroundings most of the time. However, when we surround ourselves with a negative environment or indulge ourselves in doing irrelevant work we are destroying our personality. And when we start to study and surround ourselves with some educated or knowledgable people we have a very nice impression on our personality. Which eventually strikes a difference in society even without our knowledge. Furthermore, education makes us Sophisticated which is considered one of the greatest traits to have in a personality.  

Essay on Importance of EducationEssay on Importance of Education In English


Education can bring unacceptable changes in your life which you don’t even expect. One can notice the difference between an educated person and an uneducated person. It’s quite visible changes in ideas, thoughts or even at making the decision. Education makes you aware of your society better and puts a sense of responsibility to be kind to your social responsibilities. It makes you more responsible as a person and you tend to make decisions with the right choices.

Education makes a place of identity in society for you. It enhances your personality in numerous ways and prevents you from so many wrong decisions. Education is the ray of sunshine in shaping a human into a great successful person in all aspects. We have some great examples of leaders who have derived attention to the importance of education from our ancestors‘ years. And till now education has not loosened its importance in the society.

We hope we covered the whole idea of the importance of education in our life. And with this piece of essay, we are hoping to bring out some change with people’s mindset to educate their child especially the girl child. We can have the brightest nations only when our youth is fully educated and they can make our nation proud with their new top-level achievements.

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