Short Essay On Mahatma Gandhi

In this essay we are going to talk about the Mahatma Gandhi. The great people who came to the earth for the purpose of revealing the path of human welfare throughout their life, are always worshipped. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is one of the characters like them. He initiated the people of India in a new way of life. He is popularly known as ‘Bapu’, father of the nation.

Short Essay On Mahatma Gandhi

Each and every person from child to old is well aware about the name Mahatma Gandhi. And not only in India but also he is well known as a great human being all over the world. The respect that our country and the whole world had given to him and the respect that is still showing to him has been often given to anyone before and will be given in the future. His incredible self-power is the life force of the whole country to wake up. Mahatma Gandhi holds an important place in Indian politics. And not only the Indian, but also the other countries of the world also follow the way that he had shown to all.

Birth and Childhood Life of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi belonging from Gujarat took birth on 2 October in the year of 1869. He belongs to a well known merchant family. He is famous as the name of Mahatma Gandhi while his original name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The father of Mahatma Gandhi is known as Kaba Gandhi and his mother is known as Putlibi. His father was a very prestigious person and his mother was a very religious person. Gandhiji’s mother spent her whole life in religious activities.

She never in his life did he focus on worldly things.From an early age, Gandhiji was brought up in an environment of peace and religion. He was a vegetarian. Like her mother, she was a believer in a way of life such as non-violence, vows, fasting, etc., by which the mind could be kept pure. Mahatma Gandhi was very apprehensive shy in his childhood life. His education started in a native school. At the age of ten, he completed his higher education in an English school in Rajkot. He began and passed the entrance examination at the age of seventeen and got admitted in Shyamal Das college of Bhavan Nagar. He did not get the opportunity for higher education for a long time as he got married very early at that time as per the culture of that time.

Essay On Mahatma Gandhi

Career of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi worked as a lawyer in Mumbai and then in Rajkot. Then he went to South Africa in the month of April in 1893, with a complex case of law. Before reaching South Africa he faced a lot of humility in a train. He was forced to travel in third class in spite of having the first class ticket. And he was also tortured in that train due to his black complexion and being an Indian person.There were no such rules and laws of right to give votes by Indians in South Africa. After seeing the humiliation and torture of Indians in South Africa, he felt very bad and formed an organization known as “Natal Indian Congress” by uniting the Indians present there. Then with his leadership various movements were started to establish their rights. He tolerated tortures with the Indians and encouraged them a lot.

He used to spend his life as a very ordinary people’s. In the year of 1906 there was a law approved by the Transvaal Government for the registration of Indians. Gandhiji did not appreciate the law at all. He said to all the Indian people to refuse the law. Even he said they would be ready to stand against any of the physical tortures for refusing the law. Some of the warriors also got injured very badly.

This movement was continued till seven years and at that they tolerated tremendous tortures by the British government. And after seven years finally he reached his goal and the government was ready to make an agreement with them at that time. From that movement he got the courage and stepped up slowly in his way of establishing integrity. After that Mahatma Gandhi came back to India in the year of 1915 and got familiar with Indian politics and Indian people.

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Movements for Independence of India

The main aim of Gandhiji throughout his life was to establish the truth. The main resource of all his energy to perform such type of great works was his deep sense of humor, duty and piety. Mahatma Gandhi was always against violence. He used to believe one can not decrease the bad effect of violence with another violence. He always supported integrity and followed the way of integrity from his childhood life. In the movements of independence of India Mahatma Gandhi played a vital and influence role that influenced other people to join with him and follow his way shown by him.

He used to believe that freedom can not gained by changing political parties. He believed that political freedom is related to social and economical freedom. That is the reason he was always against the inequality of social and economical freedom from the early stage of his life. He was the guide of a new socialism in the earth of India. He is the only one who showed the path of emergence of a new socioeconomic structure of India by decentralization and establishment of large cottage industries which ultimately led to a huge increment of the Economic status of India.

Champaran and Kheda Movement

Gandhiji got his first success through the champaran and Kheda movement in the year of 1918. At that time there was a system of zamindars in the villages. The servants of zamindars used to oppress the villagers without any reason. Even more so in the extremely hard financial condition they had to pay the money otherwise they would be tortured. And they used to make the village dirty and unhealthy. Mahatma Gandhi observed that and took steps and he established an ashram there and got the faith of the villagers. Due to working against the zamindars he got arrested also but all villagers united and gave support to him and managed to remove the system of rent.

Formation of Indian National Congress

In the incident of Jalliwanabad in Punjab, the British government used to kill innocent people ruthlessly. By that incident people got outraged and under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi formed the Indian national congress in December in the year of 1921. He formed new rules keeping in mind the goal and insisted people to follow the swaraj constitution. In that, he told people to refuse all the products coming from foreign countries and advised them to use the products made in India. And people from different castes and categories took part in that movement and made that successful. Gandhiji also involved women in that movement and told all corporate members to resign from their job under the British government. For the movement of national congress, Mahatma Gandhi was arrested in the year of 1922.

Essay On Mahatma Gandhi In English

Swaraj Salt Satyagraha Under The Guidance of Gandhiji

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, the great hero and Jwaharlal Neheru also followed the way of integrity under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi. And the day of Indian National Congress was celebrated as the Independence Day of India according to Gandhiji. At that time people had to pay taxes for consumption of salt. Gandhiji protested that system and arranged a parade programme in 1930. He walked around four hundred kilometers to reach Dandi from Allahabad to remove the tax over salt consumption. Thousands of Indian people contributed to that programme with Mahatma Gandhi and made it successful.

For that movement thousands of people were arrested by the British government because of going against them. Instead of all the obstacles, Mahatma Gandhi continued the programme and finally he was called to London for an agreement. The agreement was held between Mahatma Gandhi and from the British government there was Lord Arwin. In 1932 under the leadership of B. R Ambedkar there were a new constitution formed for the lower categories people. Mahatma Gandhi did not support the constitution at any cost. He protested against the constitution and went for a strike and did not take any food or water for the period of seven days. And he was again arrested. In 1933 somebody attempted to kill Mahatma Gandhi but it was a failure.

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Mahatma Gandhi was attending a rally in the road of Delhi near Birla Bhavan and he was shooted by gun at that night on 30 January in the year of 1948. Nathuram Godse was the killer of Mahatma Gandhi. According to the Indian law Nathuram Godse and his parents were arrested and we’re given the punishment of hanging in the year of 1949. Though the great warrior was killed but he is eternal and still present in the mind of all the Indian people. Because Mahatma Gandhi is one of the warriors for whom in the present generations got freedom or independence. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is not present there but the work he started is still progressing in its own way.

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