Short Essay On Importance Of Reading Books

In this essay we are going to talk about the Importance of Reading Books. We all have busy lives that are carved out uniquely for each of us. Especially, to survive in this hi-tech world, having a good rate of efficiency is essential, irrespective of what an individual does, professionally or non-professionally. Today, even kids who are still in their elementary years have busy schedules not just because of the homework and assignments that they are being asked to do, but also due to a lot of other factors like looking after themselves, taking some time off etc. In the due course of the busy schedules that people have, for a change, most of them opt for taking a break from their regular routine.

Short Essay On Importance of Reading Books

One way through which this is accomplished is with the aid of hobbies. Hobbies vary from one person to another and at the same time, not everyone has a hobby to implement. Yes, of course it is important to have breaks, but hobbies are not the only options to choose from when it comes to taking a break. We live in a world where our lives, both professionally as well as personally are prone to drastic levels of stress. Stress is something that is unhealthy both, to the mind as well as the body. In fact, they go hand in hand with each other; when the mind is tired, the body can’t stay active and also when the mind is disturbed, our body does not feel comfortable.

Essay On Importance of Reading Books

So, if not a standard hobby to be maintained just for the sake of doing so, the minimum one could do is try a particular activity or a task and based on the kind of impact that it has on the mind, it is relatively easier to identify or figure out which one suits the individual best. A simple example to understand this can be a task that is as simple as just spending some time alone and being yourself for a while. Sometimes, a jog in the park might also help or even going to a religious place to offer prayers and getting carried away into the devotional atmosphere there can bring about a great diversion to the mind from all the stress in the routine.

One of the most common initiatives that people prefer taking despite the numerous choices is to read. Reading is another way to divert our minds and bring about a peaceful feeling which our minds could indulge into. There are various reasons to why people choose to read. Some read it for the fun of it, some have it as their standard hobby and some just do it to literally divert from the stress and frustration that they are going through. So, the reasons are plenty in number, but the overall outcome is directly converged to gaining pleasure.

Yes, it is obvious that one will consistently keep doing something if they gain pleasure out of it. Apart from the tasks that has to be done out of obligation irrespective of if willing or not willing to do so, time passers like reading books are implemented only out of the individual’s interest and not as some form of compulsion.

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After all, we need diversion in the hope of getting some sort of pleasure as well as comfort. Let us understand this better with the aid of an example. For instance, you have a regular routine of going for an 8-hour job and get back home to look after the chores and everything else that is pending and then you wind up, calling it a day and you are off to sleep. Again, the next day, the same routine continues like a cycle and at a point you feel that you need a change. It may not be anything big but maybe you might need some time off like a break for an hour or two.

You take the chance to try and read something and unexpectedly, you enjoy it, and you realize that it’s giving you a sense of pleasure by relaxing your mind and relieving you of all the frustrations that you had carried on yourself for the day. So, the next day, you decide to do it again to feel relaxed and as time goes by, you automatically feel the need to take some time off just to sit and read and that becomes a part of your routine although you are taking a break! It is as simple as that. Basically, it is just a matter of interest. The more things interest us, be it a job or even a hobby like reading books, the more we get involved and the more we commit ourselves to it.

In fact, this is the reason some people love working overtime and get their tasks done without any form of frustration or stress- and the root cause being convergent to just one factor, which is interest. So, this is how reading can occupy a part of your routine and bring about the pleasure that you desperately need. Although this may not be of interest to many people, people who are of interest and engage themselves in reading books often return with promising and positive results. Having looked at how the interest for reading books can turn into a pleasure-giving activity, let us now have a detailed look at some of the most promising and positive benefits of reading books, in connection to its provision of pleasure.

Knowledge gained is at its peak!

Reading books, irrespective of their genres are one of the best sources of knowledge that one can extract from. Yes, of course, there are a lot of platforms over the internet that provide the electronic or virtual copy of the book but reading through the tangible paper is a pleasure hidden within itself that cannot be matched with any virtual versions. So, there are a lot of things that we can learn from reading books, and it not just broadens our knowledge, but it also broadens our minds and flexes it to an extent that even our thinking capacities improve, thereby promoting mind growth. After all, knowledge is the key ingredient that provides the food necessary for the mind. It does not mean that the knowledge gained needs to match with our field of study or work.

For instance, just because you are a software engineer does not mean that you cannot read thriller or comedy genres. The genres of the books that one prefers to read is something that is to be chosen out of interest and not under any sort of professional norms. So, irrespective of the genres, knowledge is indeed being gained in some way or the other related to some field. For example, reading a biographical book can bring about motivation and it can be a lesson learned for many. In fact, it can also be a great source of inspiration to many people! Yes, it may not look so realistic, but such genres of books have changed lives of many. If not entirely, at least to an extent there have been changes in people’s lives in some way or the other.

Improves Sleep Cycle

Strange but true! Reading books constitutes to one of the many healthy factors towards improvement in sleep cycle. In the era of advancements through technology, we are exposed to a lot of radiation that are emitted through our gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, iPads, laptops, television etc. Of course, we need time to relax and wind down due to which we use these gadgets as a source to relax. However, doing it prior to your bedtime is not a good idea since exposure to radiation from electronics has a great impact on our sleep. Studies have proven that the radiation emitted from gadgets postpones our sleep by an average of two hours. So, to avoid this reading books can be quite effective as well as a healthy practice towards improving the sleep cycle.

Essay On Importance of Reading Books In English

Concentrate and Focus!

Reading books has proven effective in exercising the brain. As a result, our concentration as well as our focus on our day-to-day activities improve from time to time. It is quite automatic; to understand what we are reading; we need to concentrate and once the story becomes interesting, we are automatically prompted towards concentrating more to understand what happens next. This form of practice gives effective exercise to the brain, which improves our concentration skills as well as our focus not just in our reading skills but also in all other activities.

An ideal alone-time companion

Reading is a free entertainment source, and it is an ideal companion when you are alone. Alone does not depict loneliness only but it also applies to scenarios where you just need to have some time alone, undisturbed by anyone and at that point, you do not wish to talk to anyone. There is absolutely nothing wrong in doing so because that time is something that is meant for yourself and it is during such kind of situations that books become an ideal companion to calm you down and relax your mind, freeing all the stress and frustration that’s filled in!

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