Short Essay On My Best Friend

In this essay we are going to talk about the My Bestfriend. We all have that one person in our life with whom we can talk endlessly, no matter how awful our condition is. Your best friend will have your back. You meet a lot of people in your life, you term them as your friend but not all of them have accessibility to you and not all of them can be termed as your best friend. Some are close to you whereas some are not but you still keep a minimal contact with them because there were days when they were your good friends which are absolutely fine.

However, not everybody deserves to be your best friend. So who deserves that place in your heart? Someone who will accept you the way you are, someone who will push your limits up and make you a better person every day and someone who will never give up on you. Fights are an important part of a relationship, even after fighting for many times if they don’t give up on you and give you their best is someone who should be termed as your best friend.

Short Essay On My Best Friend

Why do we need someone who can listen to our endless talks? At the end of the day we all are humans with feelings. Someone people enter into our lives as a blessing and some teach us lessons. Some of them stay with us for long time and so they are known as our best friends. There is something about a best friend which cannot be faked. You meet people. You get to know about them and there comes a phase when you start to match your energy levels with them. This is the phase where you all become close to each other.

We all have our own stories, not everyone knows about it, we start narrating our stories to our best friends and get more closure. We talk about life and what and all we are going through. Your best friend is the one who will constantly support you no matter what decision you opt for. They are never going to give up on you and always check upon you, there comes a time when we all get busy with our careers. We do not get the same amount of time which we used to get in past to spend more times with our best friends, we may not get time to talk to each other every day but we ensure that we both are doing good.

Short Essay On My Best friend

There are plenty of things which we may pursue in our lives such as health, money and skills. We may achieve whatever we want to but there are certain things in our lives which are very rare to find, not everyone is blessed with a good friend. The world is filled with people where people cannot digest others success. If you have that one friend who is genuinely happy for what you are today is indeed a blessing.

This relationship is very pure between two people living apart from each other. With whom are you going to brag your things saying today I got this job? Today I bought this home for me? Whom are you going to share your difficult times with? It is impossible for human with feelings to spend their entire life alone is disguise. We all need someone who is loyal enough to us and the intimacy and trust exists in both of them. Ones friendship is not at all related to irrespective of our gender, age, personality or anything. Friendship can be built between a woman and woman, man and man or woman and man.

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To be able to find someone who can match our energy is blessing indeed. Friendship is a most precious asset of one’s life. Life is full of ups and downs; we lose a lot of people in our life. They say nothing hurts more than breakup but losing your friend definitely hurts more than a breakup. One must have gone through hell while losing them, there are also certain phases in life where we meet these fake ones. We give our best to them but all they do is taking you for granted.

It is very important to cut these people off from your life to lead a peaceful life and balanced mental health. Relationships are not that easy, we all develop feelings at certain stage and make emotional attachments with people. But at one certain phase when you get to know that people are taking you for granted then you must surely drop them off because they are not the one whom you are looking for. Even if you are blessed with one friend today you should be genuinely happy, always prefer quality over quantity.

The real ones never get greedy over you, they instead push your limits to the core and make you a better person everyday and they never fail to give you their best support. They have a sense of understanding and are also aware about things which make you happy or about the things which make you sad, they will never make you feel insecure because they are trustworthy, they will claim you to love yourself. They will always let you know that you are enough and perfect in all possible ways. They will never intentionally hurt you or mock you in anyways which you are not comfortable with.

Some people tend to find their best friends at their early age, there are people who are still friends with the people who they met decades ago. There are some people who make two to three friends and keep them cherishing for the rest of their lives. And also in the good way of our friends, we get inspiration to work hard in life. Good people always motivate each other to uplift their life.

There comes a phase in our life we are at our lowest, a phase where our mental health gets worse day by day, we get anxiety attacks and get de-motivated and make wrong decisions. But then comes your best friend, they are going to give their best to make your mental health improve, they will suggest you to take good decisions, they will put a smile on your fame and one fine day you will be happy again.

Short Essay On My Best friend in English

If you have anyone as such mentioned in this essay then indeed you are very blessed. People are hard to find and twice the harder to forget and leave, preserve these people for the rest of your life. Never let small talks or misunderstanding part away you from them. Communication is a key and a lack of communication can kill a dope relationship. Prioritize them instead of prioritizing your ego because that was someone who walked into your life when everyone left. So never let that one best friend gets drowned.

Think wisely before giving up on them because even they could have gave upon you when you were at your lowest but did they? No. you never know when will be the last time you will see them. Life is unpredictable. Cherish your moments with them and tell them how much you adore them. In conclusion, your best friend is an adorable and never let that human go alone.

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