Short Essay On My Best Teacher

In this essay we are going to talk about My Best Teacher. I think every teacher is the best in their way. Each of them has taught me some relevant things in life. I have had some good teachers. From a young age, my schools weren’t constant. I used to juggle with schools here and there and couldn’t fully know about my teachers. Despite the chaos, I have found some amazing teachers. They taught me so much and made me correct my mistakes. And today I’m me because of all of them who transformed into the person I am.

The first one is my chemistry teacher. He was the most charming person that I ever came across in my life. He made me fall in love with chemistry. He taught me how knowledge is more important than grades. He helped me in learning chemistry. He was friendly-natured and always encouraging.

Short Essay On My best teacher

He encouraged me to participate in extracurricular activities and told me that studies are not only your life. You have a life beyond studies. The best part was he told me that wherever I go in life, make sure that you do something, you love, as he did. He loved teaching and he is enjoying it. The inspiration he inscribed in me is unexplainable.

Essay On My Best Teacher

The second best teacher is my maths teacher. She was a pure soul and beautiful inside out. I think so far she was the best maths teacher I ever came across. A person who has beauty with brains. Such great knowledge she has. I had great learning from her. She made math easier for me because all my life I taught math as the hardest subject but then she made me realize that math is easier than any other subject.

She made me gain interest in math and she helped me with problems. She always encouraged me to take part in math competitions. She is gold at heart and the sweetest. She taught me how life is outside school and prepared me mentally to battle with the outside world. She taught me to be strong in tough situations. She was as helpful as my mom.

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The third best teacher is my English teacher. I used to hate her in the start because she was this face where every one of us would fear when she enters the class. I wasn’t that great in English back then and the scolding from her was never-ending. She would be blunt to me about my writing and marks. That made me want to study harder. She mentioned every mistake, even the smallest somewhere deep down, I had the potential to do better than before and just situations had to get that out of me.

I received appreciation from her. I was indeed the happiest person. I don’t think I would have improved myself if she wouldn’t have pointed out my mistakes. She explained and made me correct my mistakes. That one incident changed everything in me. I had gathered up the zeal to be better than yesterday and she taught me indirectly through her words and actions to be better than ever before. Some incidents can affect your life.

The fourth and the most important teacher is my mom for sure. She is the best of all. I don’t know who will ever tell things as vividly as she would. She would understand every problem and I don’t know how but she always has the solutions to the toughest problems or situations. She taught me values, ethics, customs, courage, and so on.

My mom is a warrior in her life. She faced the toughest of the situations, and I think that’s the reason she is valiant and resilient, and kinder as a person. She inculcated kindness, compassion, empathy, audacity, and so on. Everything that I will ever need in life, she is the real game-changer for me.

Essay On My Best Teacher In English

Last but not the least, I’m my own best teacher in life. Teachers do leave impressions and teachings which are valuable in life. Moms teach us how to deal and battle with the world and how to stand out in the chaos of rushing back to life. But I feel the situations, mistakes, experiences that I go through are what teach me how to develop as a person.

I will be the sole reason for good change in me and the teachings that I received through my own experiences in life. Life has taught me enormous things. The situations and phrases taught me and I chose to learn and rise from them stronger as ever. I will surely be my own best teacher for life.

There are many more teachings to come which I’m sure will unwind the best version out of me.

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