Short Essay On My Dream In Life

In this essay we are going to talk about the My Dream In Life. Dreams are very important on everyone’s life. Every human being has some goals and want to achieve something. Since, childhood we are made to have certain aims or goals which we have to achieve. And being a kid, we cling to a profusion of ambitions and aspirations. As time passes by very few people’s dreams remains solid and intact as they don’t give up and work hard for it. So, it is very important to have a dream in our life which will motivate us to achieve and fulfill them.

Short Essay On My Dream In Life

Dreams are integral and without them we will not have any motivation or will power to move forward in our life. Some kids have dreams to become engineer, doctor, dancers, pianist, musician, teacher, lawyer, etc. To achieve these dreams they have to work very hard, be attentive, give time to these practices that are required and also have to overcome many obstacles in the future and to overcome these obstacles, the dreams will motivate them to face everything and be able to achieve their goals and dreams.

We are glutted with how important it is to have a successful career. Whenever we visit the family gathering, or meet with some elders, relatives, etc. we get the questions regarding our future plan, aim, career or dreams. Hence, the focus on our dreams and career increases and becomes more crucial and our central focus. Though career is an element of any establishment which is professional, career has also importance to foster dreams, relationships and health.

Essay On My Dream In Life

To make our dreams into reality the first step that we need is determination. And it will help us in many different ways. If we have determination then it will help us to plan how and what we need to do for our journey towards our goals and also to set up the strategy or procedure. And it will also help to stable our pace when we are working towards our dream so that we do not make any mistakes.

No matter how big my dream is, by setting short goals and planning it will always help to achieve our dreams more in a safe and better way. This is important because if we take careless decisions we will not get close to our dreams but will deviate from our path. Some our dreams need certain procedures which are required to be followed and some nurture, time and care and without that we cannot achieve our dream.

Every human being has different dreams, some has dream to become a musician, some to become an actor, some has dream to travel world wide, some wants to achieve big things in life, some want to have big houses, etc. Dreaming about the things that we want to fulfil will help us to be focused and determined and be motivated.

My dream in life is to become a fashion model. Since, childhood I loved watching fashion shows and wanted to be a fashion model. I used to wear my mother’s heels and practised walking, showed my mother and asked her if I was walking like the models or not. If she said it is not like them then I kept practicing. I enjoyed walking and practicing. When I was a kid I did not had idea that it was called modelling but I still had a dream of becoming a fashion model. After I grew up a little more I came to know what it is called. Whenever anyone asked me what I aim is or what I want to become after growing up I used to tell them that my dream is to become a fashion model.

Even my mother used to tell everyone when asked that I want to become a fashion model. That is my big dream. I enjoy a lot and become very happy when I want practice walking and learning the best ways to take pictures, my angles, poses and everything. Sometimes I lose track of time while practicing. I also watch videos on YouTube where fashion models teach and takes classes or gives tips and tricks, share their valuable advices and I keep watching one after another and try my best to implement them.

A lot of people have a notion or believe that modelling is not at all good, there is a lot of negativity, and not a respectable career, etc. I want to change their believe and notions. In every field there is good and bad things, advantages and disadvantages. It’s not that if someone wants to become teacher then he or she will be able to fulfill that but to try is also a huge thing. So who will get chance in which field that we cannot say from beforehand but we have to work very hard to achieve our dreams.

If we give up thinking that it is not good or we will not make it then we will never get to know whether we could have make it or not. If we stay on the right path, be honest, give our best then we will be able to fulfill our dreams without any problem. My plans to make my dream into reality is very clear.

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First, I have to list down all the agencies where I want to apply and which will want and represent people like me. Then I have prepare some digitals which are so important while applying to any agency, a portfolio in a Google drive so that I can share the link with the agencies and if updated then send them the new pictures, have some comp cards which is required specially when going to a open call and have a model video which is again very important. Anytime, any agency can ask for a model video where we just have to say our name, our height and show our profiles. If we say we don’t know what a model video is or cannot provide them with a model video when asked we might get rejected. So I need to prepare these things before applying.

The dream that I have in my life is easier than said but I will keep trying and improve myself so that I can fulfil this dream of mine one day. I have to be mentally and emotionally strong to be in this field as there will be a lot of rejections. Even the highest paid models of today were once rejected. If we get rejected then it does not mean that we are not meant for modelling it just means that we are not the one’s they are looking for that time. If we keep trying then one day we will also get our chance and be able to shine. People might think that this career is very easy but it is one of the toughest field like any other professions such as doctors, painters, engineers, lawyers, etc.

It is difficult to maintain our spot in this field. As everyday, a new face is emerging, new talents are coming up but if we keep practicing and trying we will able to make it till the end. It might take time but I have to try. The important thing that is required to pursue and fulfil our dreams is to have the passion. Without that the desire to pursue our dream will become dull and one day will fade away.

Essay On My Dream In Life   In English

We also need to appreciate ourselves whenever we would be able to achieve even a little bit of our dreams or take the first step towards our dreams. At the beginning only we do not need to achieve milestones but we set some small targets to fulfill our dreams. For me, the small targets will be having greats digitals, portfolios having variety of images, different comp cards and to apply to agencies. Even if one target gets fulfilled properly I will be very happy and it will surely motivate and encourage me to keep moving forward towards my dream in life. And I will surely reward myself be it by a chocolate, a cake, or even a cup of coffee.

We can say that dreams are no small, no big. It has got no limits. Everyone has the right to have a dream in their life. Though not all dreams comes true still we can try and work hard towards them. If we truly aspire to become something, have the will power to make our dreams turn into reality it will come true no matter what and how many obstacles come in our way. Even if people laugh at us for our dreams, try to drag us down, make us believe that we cannot achieve it but we need to dream big, be strong and keep moving forward towards our dreams in our life. One day we will succeed and those people will only clap and cheer for us. I will keep no stones unturned to turn the dream of my life into reality.

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