Short Essay On Noise Pollution

In this essay we are going to talk about the Noise Pollution. Any form or type of audio or sound that is annoying and irritating I any form is noise. We are living in the world of constant disturbance, unaware of what peace surrounding mean. Man has created so many machineries and transportation acting as major source of noise pollution. Over the year there is increase in unnecessary sounds caused by transportation from honking to starting whistles. Apart from that we all are aware of loud noises caused by construction work that is all happening around for some or the other reason.

The constant bumming of machineries and loading and unloading of heavy concrete just makes everyone so sick that people some times gets hooked to it. So all this noises around are causing pollution and health issues around. Noise pollution also include the loud songs and bands that we play. That’s good for a little while after that no one can stand it too. Most importantly the people at home find it most irritating and annoying. Think of an infant who doesn’t understand anything and has to bear the pain.

Short Essay on Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is not only annoying but is also causing psychological and mental harm to many people apart from disease related to hearing. Being exposed to loud noise for prolonged period of time can lead to constant headache and in worst case scenario partial deafness. Constant noise can be major cause of disturbance and distraction which may result in lack of concentration and poor work output among individuals. Noise pollution can destroy health by making you sleep deprived and insomniac.  Imagine listening to extremely loud sounds of construction site or train or an airplane station all day long.

Your ear and brain gets so tired of hearing it all time that you use up all the ounce of strength in you to tolerate it. So the people who has to face this everyday and all day long becomes short tempered and gets irritated easily at slightest discomfort. Noise pollution destroys the humans psychological potential of relax and stay calm. You mentally can not find peace and hear that sound inside your head even if you don’t hear it actually. Having a routine with lack of sleep and exposed to loud sound all day can kill the person’s normal lifestyle as he can’t find comfort in comfortable environment. Normal seems odd to that person because he is so used to it and it has become the part of his life.

Essay On Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is unhealthy but it is not always caused by unnecessarily, sometimes those work that are taking place are important for development and change. But too much exposure without keeping a regular checks can be hazardous to people working there. There are steps and measures taken by the governments to keep the check and limit in noise cause by industries and machineries. But it seems a few people are aware of it or it is rarely implemented in most of the places. The reason people find it difficult to implement or follow is because they are mostly not aware or there is no alternative for it. So they cannot stop their livelihood because of something they don’t have a solution or answer for, so they continue that way.  It may be harmful but at least is the required is done.

We all go on vacation to differ places of our choice and comfort. The only that this common no matter where we all choose to go is that we go to find peace and relax ourselves.  We all need time away from this trauma cause by the noise pollution.

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In cities, towns and even in developing rural areas noise pollution is something that people generally not talk about or even consider as hazard. They often are so stuck by the brighter side of the problem that they tend to ignore their current conditions and even their comforts related to it. For them it is annoying and irritating but normal. It is because of lack of awareness among the people sometimes. Sometimes people fail to understand or are just not ready to taking things seriously because they don’t wish to get involved in unwanted procedures or actions.

Essay On Noise Pollution

There are places like park, ponds, walking tacks and a lot more build up in cities and various places for people to rejuvenate and relax their mind. Everything is so great including the hygiene, the design and also the security but the sad part is even after trying so hard to have space for peace we fail to have it. There is constant sound of vehicles and honking, even those stray dog wars can be a vibe kill. We have surrounded ourselves with so much of toxic noises that we don’t know anymore that if it is normal or not or even how dangerous it is for us.

Taking walk down the memory lane you will know that so many sounds were not there and most ever existed back in days. Old people including our grandparents know and understand better than us how changing times and development are also killing people more than benefitting them. Kids born in this generation thinks it is part of their life because they are hearing from the time they were born. You may even consider that our bodies may have adapted to this even like every other change but is still dangerous and deadly. The problem that it causes can last life long and most of the times are in curable. A completed normal and healthy person can become sick and weak.

Noise pollution is not normal. You need to take steps and measure to protect yourself and people around you from it. You can simply start by not hearing loud music even on headphones. Even you love it to play it on speakers and enjoy remember it can become a reason for a person’s headache. Even you can get partial deaf and may not be able to hear low volume sounds. Try to avoid honking while driving and keep the check on cars and bikes motor functions too. Even small step can help to bring necessary change.

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