Short Essay On Online Education

In this essay we are going to talk about the Online Education. Online education is the process in which learning takes place through the internet. Here the study material like books, notes, and other resources can be uploaded in electronic forms such as in pdf forms and students can access these materials on their devices such as mobiles, laptops, tablets etc.

Short Essay On Online Education

Online lectures, seminars, and live classes can also be attended by students from any corner of the world and now several online education institutions have come which offers online degrees, certificate and various skills.

Here we are going to learn a lot about online education, its advantage, disadvantages, effect on the economy, the online education boom in India and its future. So let’s start this interesting topic.

Origin of Online Education

We all know the development of computers and the internet has been a turning point in the history of mankind. Never before in human history, people have been so connected as they are now. During the late 1980s, the first Internet service provider (ISP) companies were formed and with this foundation stone of online education were also laid.

Essay On Online Education

On 4th September 1998, Google was formed. The information which was spreading all over the internet could now be stored in one destination and Google changed the history of the world.

People could upload the knowledge they have on the internet from where anyone can access and benefit from the information.
Many organisations also hired people to publish information on Google. It soon became an ocean of infinite knowledge which was now unstoppable.

Many companies started posting blogs, research papers, videos, images, lectures and many more things on the Internet and this was the starting phase of online education which was soon going to become a booming industry in a few years.

People liked it and soon Google conquered the world. At present we have Websites which give free courses, we have website which provides paid courses any skill, any lecture by any teacher and any college can be accessed by all the students from across the world just with a click, provided they have a device which supports internet and a good internet connection.

This was a brief introduction and history of origin about Online education.

Advantages of online education

Accessibility:-  We all know that if the citizens of a nation are educated then it will prosper. Educated citizens are skilled and give a proper contribution to nation-building and its economy. Therefore education is the basic need in a person’s life, similarly as food, shelter and medical facilities are important.

Online education has numerous benefits. Only 20 years have passed since the introduction of the internet but the impact of online education on us is great. 

The first and the most important advantage of online education is that it is accessible and thereby time-saving. 
Students from any corner of the world can get quality education from good colleges, youtube channels, blogs, sites and can be benefitted from it. 

Let’s say a student lives in a very remote area where there is no proper school. His parents are illiterate and cannot afford to send him to the city to city. They can afford to give him a mobile phone, then just think about the various benefit he will get from accessing the best education from the best institutions. Therefore online education is accessible and saves time because the students do not have to travel a large distance to reach school and colleges. 

Affordable:- Online education is very affordable when compared with traditional ways of learning and teaching. 

We can learn many courses at very fewer prices when compared to coaching, schools and colleges and the quality is also best.  There is also not an inundation that the fees have to be paid and free courses are also offered. Along with it the cost of books is also not counted as the students receive PDFs and e-notes. The money spent on travelling is also saved. Any student can learn whatever he wants by comfortably sitting in his room. 

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Feedback:- In online learning parents along with students can also see what their children are studying and whether or not they are receiving the best information for which they have paid. If parents or students are not satisfied they can freely report or give their feedback and the company takes quick action. 

This is not possible in schools and colleges as students fear strict teachers and are unable to speak openly. This is one of the main reasons why many people are now preferring distance learning. 

Safe:- We all know that it is quite unsafe for small children to go to school daily especially when school is far from town and when the pandemic is surrounding all the nations. Online learning allows studying in their respective friendly environment and is in their comfort zones. 

If both the parents are working and don’t have time to pick and drop their children then online learning is the best option. 

It’s also the best option for girls who don’t have to go far from the house and can study efficiently at home. 

Part-time job:- Now, the youngsters do not sit idle and wait for their graduation to finish, clear exams and get a job. Now youngsters as well teenagers do some kind of work to earn and get some experience.  Many college going students do freelancing and they have to give it daily time. Therefore for such types of students, online education is the best. 

Disadvantages of Online Education

Everything has some advantages as well as disadvantages, we have seen many advantages of online education. Now let’s see some disadvantages of online education.

Face to face interaction:- Online education lacks face to face interaction between teachers and students.

Due to no face-to-face interaction between students and teacher the teacher cannot guide the student properly and cannot solve his problem personally due to which the student can lack motivation.

Online education companies are trying to solve this problem by providing live lectures to students including live classes in which students can ask the teacher questions directly and can be guided properly. 

Communication skills:- One of the best qualities which the student gets by studying traditionally is that he becomes social, he develops communication skills, which helps him in future and increases his confidence. 

Communication skills help the student later in life because many of the companies hire friendly people who have good communication skills and can handle the client properly. 

Unavailability of the Internet:- Not having proper internet connections and devices are the major problems which are being faced by online education and students who try to learn online because sometimes the network and the internet is not good enough to access quality education from various International Organisation.

Proper Guide:- Many of the students who try to learn online lack the proper guidance which was possible in the traditional method of learning.

When students face the problem they cannot ask the teacher directly in an online lecture because he’s not familiar with the students and with the teacher. So this is the main hurdle that online platforms offer.

Essay On Online Education In English

Online Education In India

Now let’s talk about online education in India. 

India saw a boom in online education after the launch of Jio which was the company that offered free internet facilities at a good speed. People were exposed to the internet and became familiar with the benefit of this technology.

Previously, there were only very few companies that uploaded their lecture online, but after the launch of jio India saw a massive increase in the platforms that offered online teaching and online training. The students liked it very much and started learning online. 

Companies like Byjus, Akaash who offered online education for students preparing for medical and engineering entrance exams were making huge profits after the launch of Joining. 

In the pandemic:-

The main role played by Online education was during the pandemic when schools,  colleges, coaching centres were shut down due to Lockdown and students couldn’t go out to study.  Online education became the only option for students to study and it also offered a safe environment to teachers students and saved numerous lives. 

There are a few flaws in online education. But with time they will be removed and online education will increase more rapidly in every corner of the world.

Students have received many benefits from online education and they have started giving less importance to traditional ways of teaching.

With increasing time online education will be the only option that will benefit all the students around the world. We all know the importance of education and that it cannot be compromised therefore to provide students with quality education even in the remotest places of the world and to benefit making,  online education is playing a major role. 

The revolution has begun and it will soon transform and replace the traditional way of learning and paper books will soon become history. It will benefit the environment as well and we will leave this earth a better place for our future generations. 

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