Short Essay On My Father

In this essay we are going to talk about the My Father. Without the word father, our life is incomplete. There would be no existence of the word parents with father. Like a mother, a father is equally important for a child. Fathers always present them as a rough and tough person to all. All the responsibilities of the whole house depend upon the head of the family that is our fathers.

Short Essay On My Father

Mother makes the structures of a family but father supplies all the resources needed to make the structure perfectly. Father teaches us the morals of our lives. He binds our family with his love just like a tree holds the soil with its roots.  I call my father a genius. There is a twist in the bonding of my father and mine. My father never expresses his love, concern in front of us. He always tells us to do our jobs without expecting the outcome. His appearance gives relief to us just like in a very hot noon we get cold air at that moment.

The bonding of father and son or father and daughter varies from person to person. There are some children who fears of his/her fathers and there are some children who consider their fathers as their friends. But they show themselves strictly to make their children a good human being. We should follow the way that they show us. He is the first teacher of our lives who helps us to understand the norms and discipline in our lives and also guides us to get a standard life.

Essay On My Father

My father’s journey of life

My father is a real hero of my life who can do anything in any condition to make us happy. He struggled a lot in his life. He was born on 22 June in the year of 1975. He belongs to a middle class family having two more brothers. My father was the youngest son of his parents. So, it was difficult to get all the attention of his parents towards him. There was no one to make him understand the morals of life and show him the right path to get a well settled future.

That is why he always puts all his effort into giving us a comfortable life. He was a hard worker and hungry to learn. A little failure could not let him down and finally he got established in his. My father is a very brave person. He likes to take risks. In any kind of critical situation, he has the capacity to handle that situation. I got tensed many times but whenever he saw the bad situations he stayed quiet and managed to find out from that situation. Though my father did not get much financial support from his family, he worked hard and gave us a good lifestyle. He never depends on others, only does his own work in his own way.

He was a great sportsman from his childhood. He played football for his state and got many trophies and prizes. He always encourages me in sports. Evenmore, on sports day in our school he used to be by my side and used to prepare me every year. There was a strict rule that the night before the sports day I could not eat rice otherwise I would not perform well. My father used to wake up early in the morning and call all of our cousins together and tell us to go for morning walks and physical exercises. I was not  very good in sports but for my father only I got a chance to improve myself and got many prizes in different sports.

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Not only in sports, but also in the other field my father proved his skills. The way that he thinks I have not seen no one to think like him. My father always shares about his life to encourage us. He was in a training where he faced a very big problem with food. The foods given were tasteless but he did not give up and completed that training there having that food. Whenever I say that I do not like any food my father tells me about his story and insists that I eat that food.

He taught me that whatever the situation comes in your life, handle it with a smile and never give up on any bad situation. Each and every person has some fault in his/her. Like that my father was a very angry person in a certain time but he is now a quiet and restrained person. Even I get surprised by seeing his change and take inspiration from him.

The Things I have learnt From My Father

My father is very intelligent and skillful. But he never expresses his quality and never shows any ego for that. We have never seen him show an attitude to any person. He is the only one who taught me how to be polite to any person. He does not believe in violence. And always told us to become soft and quiet. But he never tolerated or appreciated any wrong work.

For example, one day being very tired he came back home and asked me where his shirt was though it was in front of him, I got angry and rudely told him could you not see it was just in front of you. He did not like my way of talking and scolded me for that and told me that is not the way to talk with your parents, be a little polite when he was very tired at that time. Though he is very strict and disciplined in his working zone, but he never behaves strictly to us.

Every person has his/her ideal person in his/her life. Like that my father is the ideal person in my life. I always wanted to be like him. He is an all-rounder. There is no work he can not do. He teaches us that every work is the same and there is no division between any work that is for girls and that work is for boys.

Sometimes he also cooks for us to give rest my mother and also encourages me to do that. These characteristics of my father I like the most. My father was strictly against the corporal punishment to a child. You can scroll or make them afraid but you never can hit a child. Once my aunt hit his son very badly, my father got very angry and protested against that. After that incident nobody in my house give corporal punishment to any child. He never differentiate between a girl and boy. He taught me how to drive and bike-ride with his own hands. Me and my family never saw my father tense and behave rudely to others. Whenever he gets stressed, he just closes his eyes and thinks in his mind how to get out of a critical problem.

Bond With My Father

One can not see or understand the bond between me and my father from outside. He never makes me feel very special or gives compliments to me. He just supports me and encourages me in any work. I understand when he calls me ‘bapi’, he is either very happy or proud of me. He never asks me how my study is going or tries to interfere in my study throughout the year after getting my marksheet in my hand, he just asks me if I am satisfied with my marks or not. He never asks me how many marks I have got. And if I ever get bad marks in any subject he tells me that no matter how much marks you get, it only matters how much effort you put into your study.

At the end of the He just says if I need something just say to him and he will arrange whatever he has to face for that. Most of my friends used to go to the examination centre or bring mark sheets with their mom but I always go with father. I get energy by seeing him before examination time. My father is a very busy person. I usually do not get much time to spend with him. But whenever I go out with him he tells me about the famous places of India and different roads and different future opportunities.

I got a lot of information from him. We had a very sweet time with each other. When I was child I used to sleep over his chest and eat on his plate. Now I have grown up and he has also become busier and things have changed, but the sweet bonding between us remains the same as it was.

Essay On My Father In English


Father and mother are both sides of a single coin. Without any of them our life is valueless. Only a single mother knows how difficult it is to raise a baby alone. Father is the roof of a house. God made them such a way that they are capable of protecting us at any cost. Previously I discussed that father is the root of a tree. If we do not give water to a plant its root will be dry due to lack of water and as a result the whole tree will die one day. Here water means the love and care we show to our father. He is a man who also needs care and love from his family, otherwise he alone can not hold the family for longer. Therefore, to everyone their father is the best father in the world.

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