Short Essay On Right To Education

In this essay we are going to talk about the Right To Education. Education is the basic pillar of all the careers we make in our life. Without education, a human being is not fully grown in all aspects of life. And we must take education in many forms. Furthermore, each one has the right to Education. Nobody can make us be uneducated people or even force us to not study further. Education is the most precious treasure you have and the good part about it is you don’t have to worry about losing it. It gives you the wings to fly anywhere without spending money. Education can take you to the places in your career and it will only have the successful development growth as a person or even in your career.

Short Essay On Right To Education

The right to education is the most basic right of every human being on Earth. Irrespective of gender, education should be provided to each human being. Most of the time it is the girls who suffer and lack the right to education. Especially in rural areas, girls are forced to get married rather than provide them with an education. Young girls always suffer there to get the basic right to education. People think that girls are not meant to study. And they don’t have a future in making their career or making their own identity.

For the last so many years girls have been oppressed in several things. And education is one in which girls are oppressed from their childhood. They are always told that they should learn only how to cook or to take care of the household chores. Plus they don’t have to study or take education as it has no use in their life. Girls are taught to be just a good daughter, a good wife or a good daughter in law. As they don’t hold their own identity. They are always linked with some male in their life and they are told that they don’t have their own identity in this World.

Essay On Right To Education

Education is a vital source to make individuals grow and develop. They can become more responsible and perfect as the citizens of the country while seeking education. It kind of develops the interest in the national issues and develops as you are exposed to awareness regarding the topic through education. And if we don’t educate the citizens of our country we will not be interested in national affairs and it will be more like people just following instructions and rules blindly. People participating in national and state affairs makes the country more democratic and develops to greater heights in the world. Plus they can make their choice or decision on the ongoing event or decisions about the country. Furthermore, a democratic country should provide the citizen with the right to get an education and if we as a society fail to do so then we will have failed democracy.

If people are not educated then they will not live as they have desired. Education makes society promising and grows in the right direction and makes everyone feel equal without keeping anyone excluded. Education is the strength from which people can make their life go beyond height and change it in the manner they wish to. It brings about people unanimously and tells them to not discriminate between anybody and treat everyone around them equally.

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Importance of Education:

Education is the source of knowledge of everything present in the World. They lend good insights into all the niches, creatures, or anything located in the World. Education makes you a probable person wherein you can differentiate between right and wrong plus make your decision with the proper step forward. You can also bring about tremendous ambitions in your life with proper facts and data. Education strengthens a person in every aspect of their life. It makes you go in the right direction and have an outlook towards your own self decisions.

Education reflects our voice in so many matters whether personal or social. It makes you understand the situation or actions in more detail plus makes you aware of the wrong person. As a society, education has a humongous impact on shaping the future of the country. It plays an important role in predicting the bright future of the young generation of the country. Education is the tool that you will need in every phase of life.

Education has brought so many positive changes in society and finally, the whole world is accepting that education is vital in any human being to be a better version of society and even as a person. Many schools and institutes are now opening up for children who are poor and can’t afford the fee. They are charging a reasonable fee to educate people rather than run a business through school. Also, many underprivileged children are being provided education free of cost by the government of the country.

Furthermore, it has promoted so many children to get an education. Education all makes a great change in the discrimination part as everyone from different caste, colour or religion studies in the school together without the discrimination of one being superior or inferior to each other. It is the beauty of education and it makes people realise, especially children, that they all are the same and equal.

Essay On Right To Education


We should take education seriously and make sure that everybody around us is given the right education at the right time. All the people coming together to promote education in society will have a lot of impact in making people educated. This will ensure the bright future and development of our country if everyone is educated then they will have better outlooks plus opinion to the affairs of the country. They will have a fresh new approach towards the old issue or disputes.

Education is the empowering light of guidance in our life which is important and mandatory.  All citizens irrespective of gender should have the right to educate themselves and make a career through it. We must look after the education system in the rural areas where there is a lack of resources for getting an education. Plus ensure that this place gets the sources to make the children of these areas educated.

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