Short Essay On Sports

In this essay we are going to talk about the Sports. Sports are considered very important in our life and play a major role in our makes us fit, healthy and active. Some even make a career out of sports. Not only it promotes physical fitness but mental fitness too. It makes us have a more positive mindset with a positive lifestyle too. It has multiple roles in everyone’s life. It makes people more alert, improves personality, positive mentality, positive outlook of life and many more.

Short Essay On Sports

Sports don’t get affected by any age group. It can be taken up by anyone at any age and at any point of time in life. From children to elders anyone can participate in sports. In school, students take sports as co-curricular or extra-curricular activities. Sports are considered as equal as education. They help in students’ overall development. And students should be equally invested in sports and culture as they are in studies. Sports sharpen the mind and make bodies faster.

Sports is a very broad topic in itself. It can serve as a therapy to some people. It can be helpful in different aspects of life and can help in making our surroundings better. Students who play sports or engage in physical activities have better self esteem. Education is also improved by sports. It enhances knowledge of people.

Sports can be anything. It doesn’t have to be a competition every time. Engaging in any physical activity is considered as playing sports but it has to be regular. One can go on a jog, do regular exercise, join fitness centres or play any game. Physiological functions of the body organs are improved by sports. The overall functionality of the body is improved.

Importance Of Sports

There are never ending advantages to sports. Healthy competitions in sports help students in getting more involved thus having better physical fitness. Then they help students in having a stable mental health. Sports are not considered distractions if played properly. They help in doing the work more efficiently and effectively. It also promotes good health as it prevents diseases or any other body interruptions. In addition to all the other benefits sports also increase immunity and peoples stamina.

Sports also have an effect on the life expectancy of people. It has been studied that people who play sports add more potential years to life. Sports are not considered compulsory as we grow up. Parents think that sports will distract their children from studying so they deny them participation in any sport. But some decide to pursue a career in sports.

Sports help in building several characteristics and personality traits in an individual. People who play sports are found more enthusiastic and have more confidence compared to who does not involve any sports activities. Many traits of personality which are important in life are improved by playing sports. Leadership quality, team work, and being competitive in a healthy manner are some of the examples. It also makes us more selfless and helps us deal with failure. It changes a person’s total personality. Sports encourage people to work more hard in order to achieve their goals. Many more good qualities are added to the person like more disciplined, more active, energetic. It improves our mental, physical and emotional state.

Essay On Sports

Sports play a major role in having a better personality. For some it works as a life philosophy. Maintaining a positive attitude during sports has become a trend and lifestyle. Some youngsters use sports to look more cool, approachable, fit and full of energy. Having some adventure and tension free life is also one of the reasons to be involved in sports. Sports games are gaining more popularity day by day. Now competitions are played internationally too. Inter and intra city competitions are also played to promote sports more.

With the increase in popularity of sports there is also an increase in unhealthy lifestyles. World is going digital which makes people sit on their screens more. We do not consider the importance of having some physical activity in our lives. Many people are engaged in online games more than real games. The lack of physical activities come with many cons like obesity, heart problems and many more diseases. Our bodies become more weak and fragile as we spend most of our time online. Minimum of 30 mins of physical activity is needed in order to stay fit.

For maintaining healthy bones, muscles, joints, controlled weight, and normal blood pressure, sports games are a must in our lives. Children who engage themselves in sports are less likely to get involved in drugs, alcohol, cigarettes as compared to kids who don’t play sports.

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Types Of Sports

There are different kinds of sports available. One can engage in any type of sports until it doesn’t involve staring at a screen. The two main categories of sports are- INDOOR SPORTS & OUTDOOR SPORTS.

Indoor Sports

Having one and some activity in life doesn’t mean you have to go outside. There are many sports that can be played inside. We can look after our body and mind at home too. These sports not only make you feel good physically but mentally also.

Here are some sports games which can be played indoors-


You  can easily find a carrom board lying in our house.  If not, it is a good time to invest in one. You need a minimum of two players to play this game. It improves your cognitive and focus skills.

Backyard Football

You don’t need a big ground to play some football. You can use your background for that. It will increase your physical activity and will help you in being fit. Daily practising will increase your scoring or goalkeeping skills.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is considered as a very fun indoor game, essentially you need a tennis table for this but if you don’t have one or are not in the mood to invest in one you can easily turn your table into it. You will just need a roll net that attaches to your table. If you don’t have any partner you can play with the wall by tapping the ball on it.

Treadmill Workout

It is an entertaining and easy activity if you want to keep your body moving. Nowadays there are many options like walking, running, incline and elevations on the treadmill. You can workout according to what helps you the most.


Nowadays one of the most famous sports that you can practice indoors is archery. You can use your backyard or a long hall. There are many types of archery that you can find to practice.


In our day to day exhausting life you need something to calm the mind. You can do yoga anywhere relaxing. It doesn’t need any such equipment. Yoga has most of the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body.


Chess is played worldwide. It is one of the games that makes your mind very strong. It helps you to be more mentally stable, teaches you patience and also instills sportsmanship in one. It can be a really interesting game to play.

One can play any sport indoors. It takes the spirit of doing something that moves your body and also has an effect on your mind.

Essay On Sports In English

Outdoor Sports

Sports have gained more popularity in the last few years. Sports games have been the centre of attraction in a lot of culture and public gatherings. Many outdoor games have been part of our lives from many ages ago. Some of the outdoor sports games are.

Track Sports

Track sports were recently introduced in India and gained a lot of popularity. It encourages both men and women to participate. There is a very good scope in track sports if one want to pursue a career.


Hockey is one of the most popular games and is the national sport of India.  In the beginning India was leading in hockey but as the sports sector is increasing day by day many other countries have also started playing hockey.


Volleyball is one of the sports that is played all over the world. It has more popularity in the winter season. It can be played as a hobby in schools or one can also play volleyball professionally.


Kabaddi originated in India and it has gained more popularity over the last few years. Kids play kabaddi in parks and grounds around their home and also in schools. It is one of the sports in which India is dominating.


Badminton is played both professionally and locally in India. You just need a partner to play badminton. It can be a great sport to engage in physical activity.


It was more popular in the US, but nowadays it is played locally in India too. Many schools have coaches for basketball and you can see many students playing this sport.


In India cricket is the most popular sport. You can see kids playing cricket in roads, parks or even at their homes. Many people pursue a career in cricket and some play it as a hobby. The love for cricket in India is never ending.

There are many sports you can play but just remember to play them in a decent manner. Sports plays a major role in our life and it is important to have some physical movement in life which not only helps in keeping the body but the mind also.

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