Short Essay On Technology

In this essay we are going to talk about the Technology. Technology is something that comprises of a cluster of skills and methods to carry out a certain task. It has existed ever since the evolution of man and has drastically evolved to another level today. Let’s travel back to the ‘Early Man’ period; at that time, we know from historical evidence that the technology was not the same as it is today. In fact, man didn’t even have proper clothing like we have today.

Similarly, the proper cooked food that we eat today was not there at that time too! So, when we compare the historical life of man to the modern life that we lead today, it is obvious that there are numerous changes, ranging from the clothes we were, to the food we eat, to all the other things that we use today. So, if you ask yourselves ‘How did all this change come about?’ then the answer to this is due to the evolution of technology.

Short Essay On Technology

During the ancient times, man had clothing derived from either plant or animal sources, there were no proper appliances to cook their food, sometimes the food was just consumed raw. There was no transportation. However, on the contrary, today’s life that is being led by each of us has everything and technology is still evolving as the days progress. So, what exactly happened in the due course of all these million years? Well, evolution took place but not just in terms of living things but also in terms of technology, right from the discovery of fire to the discovery of tires and airplanes, everything is clear evidence showcasing how technology evolved at each stage and how it developed into a lot newer things as the years passed by.

Essay On Technology

Despite all these advancements, technology, which never seems to grow downwards, also brings about its own drawbacks that have not really had a good impact on nature as well as on the overall lifestyle of we humans. Yes, there are a lot of changes that we are thankful for today, like social media platforms that allows us to stay connected with our loved ones from anywhere around the world, video calls, which enable us to have a face-to-face conversation, work-from-home strategies that has helped a lot of people who encounter travelling challenges to their workplace and a lot more! However, let’s just ask ourselves a few simple questions; Are we really making the right use of technology?

Is the evolution of technology really having a good impact on our lifestyles? If we try to be honest enough with ourselves at the least, then the answers to both the questions will be “NO!” The way we use technology and the impact it has on our overall lifestyles pretty much go hand in hand; after all we reap what we sow! Hence, it is an undeniable fact that a lot has happened, both negative and positive because of technology development. In fact, most people are prone to leading complicated lives just due to this mere technological factor. So, let’s take a look at the impacts that technology can have/ has had on our lifestyles.

Good Night?

Well herein, it is vital for you all to know that technology, especially the use of gadgets can have some serious consequences, out of which changes in our sleep is one of them. Yes, that’s right, our sleep cycles undergo a drastic change, and it has mostly yielded negative results, especially on students and office goers. People have become so addicted to technology today that they find it so hard to let go of their gadgets even in a condition where they are beyond tired. Mostly, the youngsters ranging from high schoolers to university students comprise of the maximum number of victims as they are the most effected. They are often seen spending hours off their sleep scrolling their social media feed, chatting with their friends, or even playing games till late night.

This effects their sleep to a great extent. One may ask how, but the answer is that these electronic gadgets emit a lot of radiation, which can directly disturb the production of sleep hormone called melatonin in the body, thereby effecting, or often shortening the sleep duration. As a result, it effects out day-to-day activities and most important of all, lowers our levels of concentration. Other additional effects include abnormal weight gain, stress and normal to severe migraine conditions. Therefore, use these gadgets when necessary and adhere to keeping a time limit on the usage of electronic gadgets to make a change and get the appropriate amount of sleep.

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“I Think I am running mad, because I am ALONE!!”

Ever had such kind of feelings? A feel of isolated, a sense of being lonely despite having people around you. Well, this is where over usage of technology can lead you to! UTTER LONLINESS! Of course, at the beginning, things might all look exciting and fun, and you might feel undisturbed, like you have full control over your life and no one else gets to interfere. But after a while, this so called fun and mighty feel fades off and loneliness eventually begins to occupy your life.

The frustration that comes out of this loneliness is a real horror! You feel like you don’t have anyone, you start feeling a sense of hatred towards yourself, you wouldn’t feel much comfortable with interacting with people since you hardly took any effort to do so and as time goes by, the consequences can be so severe that it can sometimes lead to suicidal thoughts and maybe even prompt a person to commit suicide for no reason at all! Some might say that we are ‘practical’ people and there’s no way emotions can get the better of them, but the truth is, we are all humans and one key thing that is common amongst all humans, irrespective of race, gender, religion, nationality, and caste, is emotions. At some point or the other, our emotions do tend to get the better of us no matter how strong we may be from the inside and it is that emotional factor that interferes with this loneliness and hence brings about all these unwanted stressful as well as frustrating consequences.

The “Live for Likes” Fever

In today’s era, most if not all of us have some or the other form of social media, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube or even WhatsApp. Although these platforms have brought about tremendous changes in communication, business as well as other self-productive aspects, there is this one crucial thing that people often fail to ponder over and end up falling into the trap of likes. Obviously, without a doubt, anyone would love it when they are appreciated or admired but the ‘Likes’ on social media have blindfolded people so much so that they often don’t get to see the reality of today’s world. Let’s take a simple example; a person posts his/her picture on social media and gets likes and comments for the same. Now the interpretation according to him/her is something like this; the person who likes and comments on their picture is considered the good person, but the person who doesn’t do so is considered the bad person. Now this may not necessarily be the case. A person liking your post on social media, be it a friend or a stranger, doesn’t necessarily have to be the good person.

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It is impossible to read people’s mind, especially in today’s world, where the ideal difference between fake and real things are almost invisible! At the same time, the person who doesn’t like your picture/ post doesn’t necessarily have to be the bad person. In other words, just like the saying never ever judge a book by its cover, never judge people based on how they follow you on social media. Another crucial thing to keep in mind is avoid judging yourself based on the likes you get on social media; it’s not them to tell you who you are, you should know yourself. So just because your picture or post doesn’t get enough likes or views doesn’t mean you are worth nothing. People who are wise enough will like you for the right reasons and for that to happen, you will have to believe in yourself in the first place!

Essay On Technology In English

Laziness and Other Health Factors

One reason to why most people find it difficult to fight their laziness is due to excessive use of technology. It’s sad reality of today, where physical activities are reduced, a lot of outdoor games are rarely played, and there are a lot of claims by people that they cannot finish their work on time, or the time is not enough although it’s a long day of 24 hours! Additionally, several research works, and studies have proven that one of the main reasons to increased cases of autism and anxiety is due to over usage of technology, and what is even worse is that most of the victims are young children. Young victims aside, the adults are also equally impacted with their health conditions. Science has proven that staying without doing any sort of physical activities or even staying seated in one position increases the chances of a person acquiring diabetes and other complications like obesity.

Other than these health issues, technology can also have other serious consequences such as damage your eyes and ears, back, and neck pain. The amount of radiation that is emitted from electronic gadgets and the amount of time we are exposed to that radiation is directly proportional to the amount damage done to our eyes. In other words, our eyes being sensitive organs are easily affected and damaged as a result. Hearing music with high volumes for longer hours can severely damage your eardrums, eventually resulting in deafness. Back and neck pain may occur simultaneously when we spend hours in front of our computers; the more the sprain, the more difficult and uncomfortable we feel, thereby having an increase in stress.

Technology has indeed made lives easy, but at the same time, beware of how long we use it for, because too much of anything is always harmful!

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