Short Essay On Time Management

In this essay we are going to talk about the Time Management. TIME – a big word indeed. This particular word has a lot of importance in each and every individual’s life, whether he is a poor human being or a rich human being. If we don’t respect the time in our hands, then we are creating troubles in our own life.

Short Essay on Time Management

Humans who respect time do wonders in their life. On the contrary, the ones who don’t value the time they have, end up creating miseries in their own life. Making use of your time in a productive manner has numerous benefits. Below are the benefits of utilizing your time in a rightful manner:


Time management is crucial if you want success in life. If you don’t have time management skills, then it would be difficult for you to multi-task. It is said that a person who follows a routine, is sorted in his/her own life. He/she knows his/her vision in life and therefore they take the correct steps to achieve it. If you manage your time in a proper manner then you will surely progress in life. No one can come in between your success if you learn the art of time management.


We all know that when the deadline of any particular work is nearing and if we haven’t completed the work, then it leads to build up of stress within us. We get frustrated. Sometimes our mind goes blank. But if you divide your time properly and keep your priorities straight there would be no stress as you will complete your work well before the deadline. Therefore to avoid unnecessary stress make a proper plan to complete your work on time. There are certain people who can give their best under pressure conditions. But some on the other hand are not able to deliver in pressure situations. Whatever bracket you fall under, it’s better to manage your time effectively and do your work properly.

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The quality of your work is of utmost importance. If you complete your work in hurry, then the output you yield won’t be of a good quality. We all know that quality in work matters more than quantity.


If you deliver good quality work in the organization, then your reputation drastically increases. You will get appreciation from your boss and this gesture is something which is going to give you lot of happiness. More people will start recognizing you because of your good work. Who doesn’t want appreciation and recognition? Obviously everyone wants it. And it is only possible through proper time management.

Essay On Time Management


As we bath daily, in the same way we require motivation daily. If you plan and divide your work accordingly, then you will complete your task properly in a given period of time. But if your work is still pending and you have a limited time, then it’s human tendency to feel demotivated. Instead if you plan and complete your work accordingly, then your chances of getting demotivated are less and you will complete the given task with an optimistic attitude.

Increased opportunities

When you complete the given task in an excellent manner, then your chances of getting promotion at work increases significantly. And such positive things will motivate you to work more hard and give your best shot. Your opportunities of getting a high payment will increase.

Faster rate

When you plan your tasks properly, you complete them at a faster pace. The task allotted to you also gets completed in an effective way. In this manner you complete your work at a good pace.


If you want to achieve your vision, keep your priorities straight. Then accordingly you can make a proper time-table of your routine. When you fix a routine for yourself, follow it with complete discipline. When you priortize the right things, you automatically will develop a sense which will improve your time management skills.


If your work gets completed on time without any stress, then your confidence level is bound to increase. You will start believing in your abilities more and will increase your level of work. Confidence will build up slowly and gradually as you complete one work after another.


We often tend to procrastinate our work. Laziness kicks in quite easily when some task is allotted to us. And in the end we get frustrated because of our own procrastination. Instead if you divide your task into small tasks and allocate time for each one, then you will complete the task easily as you will get proper time to think and execute.

Time Management Tips

Now let’s look at some useful tips to implement this skill of time management in your life:

  1. First be clear in your mind about what you want in life. You should have a clear vision. Having clarity about your desires will help you to make an effective plan for yourself.
  2. Observation is the key while managing your time. See how much time you are able to work with full attention. Monitor your attention span and make a note of it. This will help you to allocate proper time for different work. Also monitor yourself while wasting time, so that you know what to avoid when working upon your tasks.
  3. Don’t just plan on a temporary basis. Daily routine is a must. It’s important to inculcate the quality of discipline while doing time management. If you are well disciplined, then there would be no problems. You will easily achieve your task. Develop this habit of following your own routine on a permanent basis. It will help you in a great way.
  4. Just say a complete no to distractions. For example- while working on a project keep your phone aside and concentrate on the work in hand. Avoid doom scrolling on Instagram and Facebook while working.
  5. Keep a calm mind. Don’t clutter your mind with unnecessary thoughts. Stay in the present moment and just think about the project you are working on. Don’t let your mind waver. Give your hundred percent focus.
  6. It is of utmost importance to take small breaks in between. This will help you to unwind. Fix a break time for yourself.  Don’t exceed beyond that time.
  7. Consuming the right food is also important. Do not eat junk food in between breaks. Eat nutritious food. If you eat unhealthy food, it may affect your mind and you might get into a saturated state of mind which in turn will affect your work. Therefore, make sure you eat right.
  8. If you are working in a proper office set up, then your email inbox is crucial. Delete all the unnecessary mails. Your important emails should not get spammed. Make sure you keep your inbox clean. Do not forget to check your e-mails on a regular basis.
  9. Obviously when you start this new journey of implementing time management in your life, you will surely strive for perfection. Nobody will get it right at first go. Don’t get demotivated in between. Slowly and steadily you will achieve perfection for sure. Learn from your previous mistakes instead of fretting over them
  10. Take a day off. On that particular day, spend some time with your family and friends. Have some fun. In case if you don’t live with your family, read books, go for a walk and spend some time in nature and other things that give you joy. It’s important to refresh a bit in between your hectic schedule.
  11. Before starting your work in the morning, don’t forget to speak positive affirmations to yourself. For example- ‘I am going to have a good day today’, ‘Today is a brand new day to work hard for my dreams’ and many such statements. This will surely give you an optimistic attitude.
  12. There are times when people forget their deadlines. It’s better to make a note of them and stick it on your personal office board or at a place you look at frequently.
  13. Use apps that will help you in time management. Search for them on Playstore and make use of them to the fullest.
  14. As we all are aware about the fact that life is unpredictable. You never know what’s coming up next. Therefore, keep your daily routine flexible. Don’t panic in such moments. Manage accordingly.
  15. If you are working on a particular project, obviously a deadline has been given to you which you have to meet. First, set a deadline for yourself. You will never complete a given task if you don’t decide a fixed time limit for your own self. Then you will surely complete your work on time.
  16.  It is very important to know and understand yourself if you successfully want to manage your time. See your habits and then plan accordingly.

So now you must have got a clear idea about what is time management. Understand it properly and then start implementing it in your life. If your execution is right, then you will do wonders in your field of interest. This art of time management will surely give you success.

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