Short Essay On Travelling As A Hobby

In this essay we are going to talk about the Travelling. Travelling can be passion to so many people but travelling can never be abhorrence to anyone. But not every one of us is privileged enough to get a chance to travel and discover the divinity that lies in travelling. Everything has changed after Covid-19 pandemic anyway. Even the full time travellers were confined to their residence for months. Even the common people had a massive change in their lives. Many people are still afraid to step out of their houses even now. Nevertheless, we needed these safety measures for the pandemic but we have lost the zeal of travelling.   This article is an attempt to make you get a sight of goodness of travelling.

Short Essay On Travelling As a Hobby

Life without travelling is life without entertainment and amusement. A monotonous life is not worth living.  Travelling brings colours to our colourless life. Nature of humans is curious. This curiosity has urged people to travel for adventure and one not. Travelling is when a person moves from one place to another, be it cities or countries.  Travelling is becoming more and more popular every year. One of the reasons behind this is the advanced transportation system that humans have achieved now.  One can easily travel from one place to another place in comparatively less time and in a feasible manner.  There are even personalities who have travelled the entire world.

Essay On Travelling

Benefits Of Travelling

There are countless benefits of travelling. Everyone has their own reason for travelling. Some people travel for break in life .  at times, our daily life becomes very dull and we need a breathing space. Life becomes a cycle of having meals, sleeping and working. We keep craving for new adventures in life. We get bored of doing the same things in the same way again and again every day.  Travelling opens new doors of amusement in life.

Travelling helps in improving social and communication skills. You cannot travel without communicating with anyone. Hence, travelling means communication. Communications with random strangers. It can be a true exercise to the people dealing with social anxiety. People end up learning new languages for travelling.

Travelling helps in maintaining peace of mind. Travelling forces us to take a break from our normal life and explore. Travelling makes us appreciate beauties of what not. It fills us with positive energy. People suffering from mental illness such as depression often choose the path of exploring and travelling to cure themselves.

Memories are the best thing about travelling, we create unforgettable and endless memories. There is always so much to learn from new experiences. All these help us improve and evolve our personalities.

Travelling gets you real life education. People say that if you cannot read books, then start travelling for knowledge. What you learn from travelling different places cannot be taught in any school, college or university. You learn about different cultures, different societies, different types of people, different languages. Atleast, if you are not able to travel abroad. You must travel your country to know your country in a better way. You must kmow about the traditions and cultures of your country.

Types Of Travel

Everything has verities and so does travel. Everyone has their own meaning and definition for travelling. No travels are good or bad. These are just different types.

Adventure travel- Adventure travelling involves physical challenges and mental challenges. Mostly, such kind of travelling happens in remote areas. Humans like thrills. Even, some people consider adventure sports during tours as adventure. Such adventure sports are sky diving, scuba diving, paragliding, parasailing, mountaineering etc. adventure tourism involves in risks. Some people even involve extreme tourism into this where they travel through dangerous places risking their lives.

Backpacking- backpacking is basically a low-cost travelling done by staying in comparatively cheap lodges and carrying their possessions in a backpack. This kind of travelling requires expenses only in extreme necessities.  It is generally preferred by young people. Backpackers generally use public transportations. Sometimes, they even hitchhike. There are some people who even work in different places or countries or work during the journeys to fund their travels. This kind of journey might look very inexpensive and unattractive but it is quite fun. And one gets to know and learn a lot of stuffs.

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Business trip- A business trip is a type of travel where it is undertaken for business or work purposes. The motive of this kind of travel is totally different from other travels. Other travels are generally to free up mind and it is for leisure or for vacation. There are some occupations where business trips are the commonest things. Such occupations are salesperson, executives, project managers etc.

Even there are some career which requires constant travels such as cabin crew services, merchant navy jobs etc.

ROAD TRIPS- such kind of travelling are predominantly done using land transportation only. Some people even go for caravan trips too. They are fun and affordable and you can travel the way you want to.  

These were some of the types of travels. There are even more types.

Difference Between Travel And Tourism

Travellers generally travel for a longer period of time than tourists. Tourism is only for the purpose of leisure where as travel can be for any purpose such as business, education, leisure etc. tourism is generally luxurious than travelling. Travel is a generic term where as tourism is a commercial term.

Sustainable travel

We all know about how the environment is deteriorating day by day. We are facings issues of global warming and climate changes.  Travelling is somewhere or the other is the reason for this loss. But if we do not take care of our environment and our mother nature. Soon we will have no places to go. Because of travelling, the places which once used to have cleanest air have contaminated air now, travellers have even changed the season of travelling. It does not snow when it should snow. Beautiful lakes have become dirty and stagnant water body.  Risks of earthquakes and floods are increasing day by day. Excessive tourism is putting pressure on natural resources of every place. There is alarming amount of water shortage. Some remote places even do not have proper waste disposal system which is leading to massive amount of pollution. Large parts of jungles and forests are being chopped to make new buildings and other constructions for tourists.

These things are alarming but that does not mean that we will stop travelling. We need to change the way we travel. We need to shift to more eco friendly and sustainable way of travelling. Sustainable travelling is basically a way of travelling where you travel without harming the cultural and natural environments

Now the question arises, how do we travel in a sustainable way?

  • We need to consider the most sustainable way to reach the place of destinations.
  • We should shift to flights as much as possible
  • We should choose economy class
  • We should use the most sustainable mode of transportations even after reaching the destination
  • We should start staying in locally owned accommodation.
  • We should start checking the green certifications in hostels and hotels.
  • We should avoid large resorts
  • We should start going for camping
  • We should start eating in local cafes and local restaurants
  • We should start trying local cuisine
  • We should start shopping for local markets.
Essay On Travelling In English

Tourism In India

Tourism is very important sector of Indian economy. It is one of the fastest growing and one of the largest growing sectors. It falls under the category of tertiary activity. It generates millions of employments’ which has remarkably affected the GDP of the country. The sector has been growing year by year. India’s medical tourism is one of biggest contributor in the GDP. Although the pandemic has largely affected this sector. We need to improve and promote tourism more in India. India has got everything to offer to the tourist starting from spectacular landscapes to breathtakingly beautiful monuments. The government as well as the citizens needs to understand this glory and start promoting tourism of India all over the world. At least people of different states should try to visit the other states of the country. The country itself is vibrant and has cultural heritage everywhere.

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This essay could have been longer. Travelling is such a vast topic that one can write books and books on it. And world itself is such a vast place that no matter how much you are travelling, you won’t be able to complete the entire the world. All in all, it is no less than a favour to be able to travel. Those who do not get a chance to travel, fail a lot of things to learn and experience in life. One must travel to take back from the normal boring dull and monotonous life and live a much exciting life for a couple of days to create magical unforgettable warm memories and lessons for life, but one must not forget to save this planet and try out a sustainable way of travelling.

This was an essay on travelling. I hope it helps you understand travels at a glance. Thank you.

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