Short Essay On Women Empowerment in India

In this essay we are going to talk about the Women Empowerment. We are living in twenty first century and women empowerment is still on stake to be achieved in the society. Women empowerment is a simple concept to learn. It just stand a women getting all her rights and opportunities as a man. We are moving so quickly with time and technological development that accepting a new advancement in technology is has become so much easier than accepting the human evolution with time. The old school textbook thinking of the society has made us believe that women are incapable of taking actions or making important decisions in various aspects of life. We are creating new laws trying to make world a better place to exist. All the efforts and action will go in vain if we fail to accept equality regardless of gender, color or caste.

Short Essay On Women Empowerment in India

It all begin in the ancient time when men tried to suppress women to show case there strength and power. Feminine nature being soft they accepted the pain and decided to support instead of fighting back for themselves. So they were confined to doing chores and looking after male members. But in hard time they stood all against the odd showed their power and capabilities to the world. Hitting really hard on the face of people who were not ready to accept it.

As the time passed women in the society started to realize their value and the potential that they have in them. We have heard about a lot powerful and courageous women who fought back the behavioral torture and turmoil they faced just for being a women. Finally seeing a ray of hope a lot hands joined making it a revolution where women stood for other women. That is where saw that rise in the class called “feminist”. A women fighting for equality which is actually her birth right because she is a human.

Essay On Women Empowerment

A society of human is not meant to be patriarchy or feminist. But we as human even after being the smartest creature on planet created those divisions. Women are capable of doing thing far beyond the limit of imagination of patriarchy. They have proven to stand stronger than man in many fields. Women empowerment is not just about rights and opportunities but is also about respect and moral integral values that one should have and give to fellow being.

You may support women empowerment simply by being supportive and righteous to the decisions that women in your life take. It is not necessary to fight war to get something big. You can start with yourself. Change starts with you. You never know how many people you can inspire to be better at this. Taking stand for women and her rights will not make you wrong.

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We all know about the concept of glass ceiling. It is simple stopping women to achieve great heights by creating unusual barriers. Women has to go through a lot of hardship to get something man gets easily. We all know men get paid more as compare to the women doing same task. Also men has better changes of getting job even if a women has better profile because person employing thinks he can work longer hours and if need he can stay late. Such stigmas sounds pathetic but they still exist in our society. We say human beings have changes and are doing far better in many areas in past few years, yet we tend to neglect this important topic. We are still being what people were fifty or sixty years back. I’m not saying that everyone is facing same problem or every other man is like that.

Absolutely not, but many people more than you have thought of are still living with the thoughts of patriarchy. They see rise of women as thread to their career regardless of what they are capable of. Women are better in performing tasks in many work place scenarios because of their feminine nature. They have more sympathy and understanding as compare to men. Apart from that women have better management skills and are good in multi-tasking.  Since they were also asked to take responsibilities of young ones and look after elders and house at the same time.

It is difficult to change what people thinks or believe but possible. Educating young boys about it can bring a revolutionary change in future. We as human always want to have better and safe environment for next generation then why not equal. By now we are aware that teaching boys to cook and clean not a great thing it’s normal and necessary for them to know it. Similar why can’t people accept girls learning body building and not liking to do chores is also normal. It is not about gender anymore. It is about people’s choice. What they chose for themselves should be acceptable to the society without an eyebrow raise.  Acceptance is new cool kick.

Ask a women or just your mother how many times she has sacrificed her own wishes or happiness for other. I’m sure you will either get no answer because she did not have the count or she will defiantly tell you about decision she took for good of others changed her life forever. My point here is simple women from the start the doing everything for everyone else killing her own joys most of the times. In return they don’t even expect anything because society failed to give them back what is rightfully owned by them and that is “equality and respect”.

I’m just trying to say women’s throughout the ages in history had been through a lot of sufferings in silence most of the time. So now is the time to be there for them. Be the one supporting women empowerment and don’t worry it doesn’t make you a feminist but will surely make you more of a better human. Let us not let any other female to suffer the mental turmoil of not being able to do anything because of the gender even after she being far better and capable then other human around.

Essay On Women Empowerment In English

Mahatma Gandhi once said “be the change you want to see”. Keeping that in mind be what you want to be regardless of what society says. Be your own warrior. Fighting for what you deserve is not a wrong thing but being quiet and letting yourself down is. Today you stand up for yourself and social media will do their job of getting you support. You should always know one thing that you are not alone so never be afraid to stand up against inequality or partiality. Maybe you courage is something that everyone else need to raise themselves.

You are a women that is your superpower. Never let anyone else to suppress in the name of masculinity because feminine has the powers of being goddess and ruling. Be own hero. If not get inspired from one like Priyanka Chopra Jonas or Kamala Harris and many more like them ruling the world like the real queen. One is for sure real queen don’t need a knight to save them in disastrous times, they just need swords to fight their won battle.

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