Top 10 Fun Class Activities

In this article we are going to talk about the Top 10 Fun Class Activities. The old lecture methods may sound boring now as they would be that interesting and productive. Also, especially when students are not in a good mood to study, are tired and restless at that time teaching through previous lecture methods would sound even more tough. Many students might feel sleepy after the lunch break, some might not have the willpower to study. And by teaching like this no concept would be clear to students and it would be more of waste of time and energy and will be really unproductive, as nothing would be clear to students at the end of the day.

What Are Some Fun Class Activities?

So, you must be searching for some tips and tricks to get good response from students. You might be thinking of adopting some new techniques that would make the class livelier and also that the students have the excitement to learn and curiosity to know the new things. This, is the right place where you would be able to get the help from. In this article you will find top 10 fun class activities that would develop the interest of the students in the subject and wherein the lectures won’t be tiring and boring to them.

1. Some good story times

Some good story times

Well, teaching is not a easy job, it is really hard to convey the idea and concept in the mind of the student when they are not in mood to study or are tired and sleepy. So, now what to do to make lectures fun and interesting would be on your mind right? Do you remember in childhood our parents or grandparents used to tell us story to put us to sleep? Who does not like to listen to the stories? Well you are also supposed to tell the students a story not to make them fall to sleep but to get their interest in the topic and concept.

You need to frame and plot the story to make it reach to the mind of the students. But this could surely build their interest in knowing the new things when you teach them in the form of a storyteller. You could easily convey some interesting facts as well through story telling.

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2. A good puzzle games

A good puzzle games

Examination sounds like horror movie to student and everyone seems to be afraid of giving exams. You might daily revision of previous topic before starting the new one, conduct exams and daily test but students might not like it and might not score well too. So, to build students interest and to test their knowledge what you could do is, you can organize some good puzzle games wherein it would help in doing multiple things at a time like helping you test the clarity and concept to the students and wherein they would learn while having fun in playing games. 

3. Try not to laugh game

Try not to laugh game

Are your students tired of long lectures? Are you thinking about how to have some fun in classroom? For your help here is the help from my side. Well, imagine you get to eat the one same food in every meal every day, would you enjoy it? In the starting you might like it for maybe 2-3 days but later you will also get bored of it. And that’s the same thing with students everyday if you just seriously keep on teaching lessons they would get bored after some point of time. And to overcome this thing what you can do is, play a try not to laugh game wherein you need to share some fun incident, fact, jokes and students are not supposed to laugh. This would be like a refreshment for them.

4. Memory recall

Memory recall

You might be planning to take revision test of students but that might be boring to them, right? Here I have an help for you, engage them in memory recall game. Through this game it would help you to take revision test as well as get the clarity about how well the students know the fundamental.

5. Crossword


This is very common, interesting and fun game. Students are also fond of this game. This game really helps in testing the knowledge and is also fun at the same time. This game is some what like a puzzle game needs to be framed well and is fun to play. Here you are asked the question wherein you need to answer them in the corresponding row or column. Here you can divide the students in the group and with the help of this they would even learn how to do team work.

6. Dictionary with Pictionary

 Dictionary with Pictionary

Are you thinking about knowing about student’s vocabulary? Or are you planning about making them learn some new words? So, what you can do is divide the students into small groups. You need to display some picture or pictures and the students are supposed to guess what message you want to convey or what you are talking about by observing the pictures. Also, what you can do is divide the students into small groups and then give them some outline or theme and wherein they need to draw whatever they can visualize first in their mind through your theme within 30-60 seconds. This activity would increase their visualizing knowledge and capacity and would help them learn new things.

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7. Educational Bingo

Educational Bingo

Do you remember yourself playing this game with your friends in the boring lectures? Well this game is ever green and so much fun. It is such a great and simple game to uplift one’s mood and help him/her to get motivated. Again, this game is played in groups or even whole class can play it together. You can ask students to create a grid and then you can ask the question about the topics taught by you and the answer needs to hidden in the bingo puzzle. You can make this for various subject, like for example for mathematics you can frame questions about some formulas, about some calculation.

For geography, you can frame questions like related to states for example in which state in Mumbai city located? For science subject you can give the definition and student need to guess the scientific term for the same. Sounds interesting and fun right? Well, this is really a good game to engage students in learning and to build their interest in the subject.

8. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Did you ever think about treasure hunt in educational purpose? I guess, you might have not thought about it. So, now let me help you out with this. It is like hunting about something that has deep meaning and knowledge. What you can do is ask students a question can What is Pythagoras Theorem or Formula? And students are supposed to search about it and discuss it with each other. You can ask them to State Newton’s Third law of motion and they shall study about it. This would be fun as it would enhance their researching skill and increase their knowledge and curiosity. This game would be more fun then directly teaching them about the theory and detail of the topic.

9. Charades


You might have definitely played this game at least once in your life. Now talking about it through educational aspect, what you can do is divide students in small group or even can let whole class participate together. Here, you need to ask student to come and assign him some topic or something to act about something. And wherein student is not supposed to speak up that is student is not allowed to utter even a single word while he can only do actions through his hands and other are supposed to guess that what this student is trying to convey through his actions. And the one that answers it correct can be the one to act next. This is a really fun, curious and engaging activity wherein students even learn the team work.

10. Word Chain

Word Chain

This is a nice and helpful game to increase the spontaneity of student and their thinking capability. Here with, you can start like with any random word for example Apple and the next student need to say the word starting with letter ‘E’ and it should not take more than 5 seconds for them to think about the word. Also, to make it more interesting what we can do is students are not allowed to repeat the word that is already uttered by some other student. This will sharpen their memory and thinking skill and will increase their attention towards the game as well.

All, these games are super fun to play and has some or the other benefit for the student and also helps them to get fun along with knowledge and are super helpful for teachers and students will have the willingness and curiosity to learn something new and would be prepared well for some revision and surprise test as well. These games would make the classroom more lively and joyful for both students and teachers.

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