What Are The Best Qualities Of Your Parents?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are the best qualities of your parents? No matter who never stands for us or has our back, parents always have our backs and stand for us through tough times. Around 3-5 decades ago, children developed fear toward parents and seemed like dictators.  Though in the olden days, parents were stubborn and created lines between children and parents.

But now parents have evolved and adapted to deep thinking. They have developed so much in understanding their kids and the problems they face. Sometimes, their support is all we need in the end. They aren’t the machines that give us what we want. They strive to give the best for us in terms of anything you will ever need.

It is a mere responsibility to notice and thank them for giving us this life because if they aren’t there we aren’t there. They are the pillars of our life and no matter what till the end, they are the only ones that wish good for us more than anyone. It is important to be grateful for them. Each of the qualities they own is selfless and it is difficult to pick one from it.

What are the best qualities of your parents?

So, let’s talk about the 10 best qualities they possess and which we should develop in us over time.

1.  Caring, loving, and gentle

Caring, loving, and gentle

Their love, care, and affection are immeasurable. It is pure and genuine, straight from the heart. Their love is ever flourishing. I’m sure you must have heard your parents say, no matter how big you become in age you are still a baby for us. That one line simps my heart. The affection is so warm and caressing. It is rarely found in this huge world and even if you find it lasts for a short time. But their love is promising till death.

2. Best surprise givers

Best surprise givers

Their surprises are so precious that even the smallest of them is so meaningful. The best surprise is midnight birthday day;  typical birthday celebrations, yet the most beautiful. The kind of surprises they give is shocking for us because even we forget that we had wished for that one thing, and boom they bring it one fine day and shock us. Though it’s not the number of surprises that matter, it’s the love with which they bring for us, and seeing us happy, puts a smile on their face.

3.  Best cheerleaders

Best cheerleaders

From small defeats to big achievements, they are our constant cheerleaders with the same energy. Their cheers are the best part of victories. Sometimes, it is just to see those happy blossomed faces after achievements and there is no better motivation than that in this world.

Those claps, cheers are priceless and sometimes the reason for victories could only be that. No matter the result, they cheer us on and support us much more than ever. I don’t know what else will matter more than that. This quality should be surely adopted by each one of us.

4. Consolers


They provide so much emotional support saying everything will be okay and not to stress much. Maybe it is after one bad test, a failed match, a fight with a friend, and so on. They assure that it is okay at times and humans tend to make mistakes. And raising from those mistakes is what matters most. They console us and make us understand that things happen for a reason.

5.  Selfless friends

Selfless friends

It is always them whenever you wanna go out for dinner, watch a movie, go to parks, and so on. Parents are surely our selfless friends because outside the world whomever you see being a friend, they aren’t selfless, at least at some point. But parents, their selflessness will scare us sometimes because it is seen as something as ideal or something which can never be attained.

We, humans, tend to develop some negative feelings over others, even at a minute but we would because for multiple reasons. They effortlessly are selfless toward everyone and empathetic. Someday, this quality should be inherited and this is one of the qualities that needs constant practice.

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6. Best Helpers

Best Helpers

From school projects to interview nervousness, they help us everywhere in life. They are always the first to help us in completing our homework, school projects, and so on. Helping nature is rarely found nowadays because humans have become selfish and keep things to themselves. And I’m not claiming to give everything to the people in need, but at least mental support would matter a lot to many people.

7. Fearless, Kind, and strong

Fearless, Kind, and strong

No matter how hard situations they face they deal with the utmost care, sense, and thought. Looking back, our parents have faced a lot of troubles growing up and had the toughest times because of the lack of technology and the literacy rates weren’t high. They always face situations fearlessly and I always wonder how.

The kindness they treat others, people in need is the best quality I have seen. Being kind is so effortless and carefree. Overcoming these hardships, they have evolved into the strongest people through experiences.

8. Welcoming nature

Welcoming nature

We all should agree that they have the warmest hearts of all. They are so welcoming and warm and always feel at home. The kind of laughter they choose to spread in, the kind of hospitality they provide, with the kind of love they treat with is unmatchable.

9. They understand mental health problems

They understand mental health problems

Many parents even now do not understand mental health issues or address them instead they tell them that these are drama or other. But I’m fortunate to have my parents understand these issues and help me come out of them. I have had a major mental breakdown and felt lonely but my mom assured me she was there to subside the loneliness and provided me emotional support. I was so fortunate to receive such a nice gesture from them.

10. Overcomers


They are the real overcomers from the greatest obstacles. Growing up, I have seen my parents financially poor but yet the kindest. They worked day and night for us, and slowly within time, they built strong foundations and overcame them. When they were children, it was a huge task for them to study under candlelight, go to schools without shoes, without proper allowances, and no proper treatment at home. Bearing all those with excruciating pain, they are the real overcomers.

We are truly fortunate to have been born in this generation with numerous provisions. These are the 10 best qualities of my parents. What are yours?

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