Where Should I Take My Boyfriend On Date?

In this article we are going to talk about the Where should I take my boyfriend on date? Every person is different. Sometimes you love some thing and the other person may or may not appreciate things in a way you do. That’s how you read people noticing small things about them. Most importantly their interest and likes/dislikes. From food to cloths to all the other small details matter a lot on deciding what to do and what not on a date that you are planning. Obviously there is special occasion or you just want to appreciate the presence of person in your life. Let there be any reason the important thing is why you want to do that or why are you planning it?

  1. So in the first place you should be clear about the reason for taking this effort, simply because it should not go in vain just because of some silly mistake.
  2. A “LIKES AND DISLIKE” list can be a life saver. Damn don’t forget to wear his favorite color.
  3. Finally try to make a list of his comfort zones or in simple words things he like to do in a day or what his best day of his life be like. The key here is to think keep yourself in his shoes, remember you are doing it for him. So, if he loves to watch football watch even if you don’t get it.
  4. Finally the most important thing plan your day. Sounds like nerd work but do it. It’ll help you to keep a track of things and you’ll not forget anything.

Where should I take my boyfriend on date?

So when you are done thinking about these things let’s see where you can actually go or what you can do. Choose wisely keep in mind what type of person he really is.

1. Movie dates

 Movie dates

Never under estimate the power of one’s favorite movie. If you doubt that tell marvel fan DC is better or just tell them new spider man movie is boring they’ll kill you. Not literally but yes they will. So movie dates isn’t always about watching latest release in a fancy theater. It can be about staying in and re watching his favorite movie. If you planning it to be indoor decorate the room and have a cozy vibe. Cuteness of fairy lights never gets old.

And don’t forget about his favorite snacks and drinks. And if you are planning for theater make it sweet drive him and get him something simple yet significant so he can remember the day. Maybe you can order his favorite food and don’t forget the ice cream. It’s not always about how much you can spend it is all about how much effort you can take to do things. Planning everything and doing it perfectly on end time isn’t easy. So just be cool and cherish the moments. 

2. The staycation

The staycation

Who doesn’t love spending time away from hectic life even if it means only for a day. You can plan a romantic get way. It need not be fancy but should be relaxing and pleasure full. You can plan stay somewhere in outskirts near to the heart of nature and less crowd. You can spend time walking in green lanes or just doing the couples activities. Or just plan those activities he loves to do. And if the person likes to stay in what about getting his favorite coffee and listening to all his talks. Yeah remember to keep a happy face and just don’t get bored even if he starts complaining how bad his boss is. Pre book the place and ask the management to prepare something special.

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3. The adrenaline rush

The adrenaline rush

The best day for an adventure loving can be a day spend doing any adventure activity or you can go to any theme or amusement park which has those breath taking roller coasters and dangerous rides. You can go for multiple activities like bowling, go karting, Trampoline Park and many more like that. For bonus you can plan one activity on each weekend and have date weekends where you have fun and get to send time together making memories doing what you love.

4. Camping


Sleeping in tent under clear sky and enjoying the heat from bon fire. Having to talk about best part of life and sharing experiences in short creating happy memories. Being in place a way from noise and city lights gives mind peace. Who doesn’t like spending time in peace with their partners. Surprising them with special musical performance from the local band and bring their favorite food.

5. A simple coffee date

A simple coffee date

Yes this sound normal but it is not out dated. Remember his order perfectly. You should definitely chose a café where there is less crowd and beautiful ambiance. Anything that can calm the mind can sooth the soul. So why not a coffee. It’s not about you going extreme one day and being normal on other days. These small efforts counts. Giving happiness to someone is easy just be true to yourself.

6. Taking classes together

Taking classes together

Not literally the class but couple workshop of his love interest. Can be simple art or cooking together workshop where you not only have fun but also learn things. These are actually good for people who are more into art and literature. Maybe after that you can visit the art gallery or go on long drive taking the scenic route. 

7. Self-care date

Self-care date

Can book a special couple spa spot and spend the day relaxing together. You can also have you own self-care at home. Yes I’m talking about trying those trending reel where gf gives facial to guys. Let it be their day skin care day. With movies and snacks.

8. The sport match date

 The sport match date

The best date for sports geeks. Biggest surprise getting tickets or passes for the match of his favorite team. Yes don’t forget to order those cute merchandises and a jersey for yourself too. Everything is available on internet including the autographs of his favorite players. Don’t worry if you can’t get the tickets or the next match is no where near your place. Just create the match vibes at home with those banners and balloons.  

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