What Are The Best Qualities Of Your Parents?

In this article we are going to talk about the What are the Best Qualities of Your Parents? Parents are one of the most important beings in our life. They are the only person in our life who loves us unconditionally. They look after and take care of us from the day we are born till their last breath. They are the one who teaches us about the life. They are responsible for our mental, physical development. They play a huge role in overall personality development of children.  They help us in our problems by giving suggestions and by boosting our confidence.

What are the Best Qualities of Your Parents?

If a person is successful and doing good in life, it will be mainly because of how his or her parents brought up them. They are the only individuals who always blesses us the best in the world. They stand as strong pillars in our life. They support us and give guidance in the way of life. They are the one who loves us even before we are born and they do so until the last day. They always strive hard to provide us with the most comforting and happy life.

They care and love us no matter how old we grow up. They start to see their happiness in our smile and success in life. I would say that parents are the best and most valuable gift that God can give us. We must be fortunate enough to experience their love and care towards us. Here are 10 best qualities of my parents.

1. They love us unconditionally

They love us unconditionally

To love unconditionally is to love someone without any limitations and expectations. The only being that gives us unconditional love is our parents. They are the ones who show the true meaning of what love is. They love us no matter how we speak, how we love, how he behaves, etc. They accept us for who we are. Parents are the first relationship that we form in our life and this is a relationship that will last longer than any other. Parents always shows their love in many of their  action or by just saying love you everyday to the children and one of the main quality of showing unconditional love to is that parents do empathise with us. They understand us very much. Through this a child will learn about being more compassionate. So parents are the first teachers in your life.

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2. Ensure to provide us education

Ensure to provide us education

Education is very necessary to every individual in order to survive and lead a lifestyle of our choice. Education is also the key to unlock and understand the world better, so parents understand how important education to their children is so that they always encourage us to study. No matter how difficult to bear the expense of the education, parents make sure to never grab a child’s right to education. They do pursue us to study so that we can be successful in the society and also helps us to evolve as a responsible citizen of our surroundings.

Parents know that how difficult is to live a life without education so they think that their situation should not come to their children, so that providers all the things that is necessary and the things which make us happy. They want to see us getting succeeded in life. This is the best quality that my parents have.

3. They are my best friend

They are my best friend

Though in the initial phase of our life, we find our parents strict and stubborn but has gradually we grow up will find out that no one can understand very well as our parents do. So we can never find a very good best friend other than our parents. They are our comfort zone. We don’t have to be worried about being charged as they give us enough freedom to share all our feelings. Though as children we may have different perspective and also there is a difference of age gap but, that allows the parents to understand us as they have also gone through the same phase in their life earlier.

We can hang out with them, spend the time having long and deep conversations about life, even gossip about others, we can take help from them for our academics or get advice from them for our career or future. So, they are the best person we can find in our life.

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4. They always wants to see us happy

They always wants to see us happy

Parents are the only individuals who don’t wish us bad instead; they wish us all the happiness in this world. They make sure to provide us anything that makes us glad. Right from the moment we are born, their happiness also depends upon us. They pray to God to provide us all the success. They always bless us a bright future. They buy us clothes, Accessories, surprise us with gifts, cook delicious meal for us, and take care of us only to see us happy. Parents tend to sacrifice their dreams and aspiration to make sure not to lessen any of the opportunities to the children. They don’t pressurise us and lets us to pursue our passion because, they don’t expect perfection from us and they are the main teachers to teach us self discipline so that we become a responsible person in our future.

5. Supports us

Supports us

Parents have the strongest pillars in our life. They stand beside us firmly whatever the situation is. They start to address Strengths and weaknesses and start bringing it to our notice. They always encourage pursuing our hobbies, passions if they sometimes don’t like it also.  They always correct our mistakes and encourage us to do better in whatever we are interested in. They never feel to recognise our achievement and their support and push is really responsible for us to succeed in whatever we are pursuing in. We face many challenges in our live so parents are the only people who help in fighting those challenges effectively.

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6. They are our perfect role models

They are our perfect role models

Role models are the people who we take inspiration and motivation from so to become like them. There cannot be a perfect role model than our parents. They not only inspire us through their words but also by their actions, interactions, behaviour, attitude etc. are all the factors which makes them to be a good role model. Parents are directly responsible for the development of behaviour in children like being compassionate, being kind, sympathy and empathy etc. Parents are the first and foremost thing that a child sees and learns from them, so only their behaviour and habits are able to cultivate a positive attitude in the children. Instead of keeping unknown person as role model, parents can be a perfect role model as they inspires us each and everyday.

7. Makes us feel safe

Makes us feel safe

The safest place that anybody could be is in their parent’s arms. They make sure to spend enough time to make us feel loved. They give us more affection than anybody else in this whole world. Affection also plays an important factor in child’s development. They always makes us feel worthy by encouraging and praising us when we did a good job. They are always ready to listen to our any words; it may be our problems or even sharing our happiness. They gives us a feeling that they are the people who waits for us, listens to us, care for us and loves us unconditionally. This brings a thought that we are not alone in this world. Their love towards us never changes irrespective of how we change as a person. This is most adorable quality that our parents possess.

8. Open minded

Open minded

If the parents have to be our best friends, then they should be open minded as well. This means that they should also see a topic or subject from their children’s perspective. If the parents do so, then there will be no arguments. Instead of being over protective and heavily controlling the children’s life, Parents should also understand that they take care of children only up to a certain age, and then the child will be able to take control of his or her own life and to make decisions wisely. Letting children take care of their life responsibly and correcting them if they make any mistake is the main point in being open minded. So it is very necessary to the new generation parents to know about this and I think I am very lucky in this thing as my parents are open minded.

9. Respect


 Parents can expect to be respected only when they also respect their children. They should respect their children’s thoughts, feelings, decisions, behaviour, etc as they also have their own identity. A parent should give the children some amount of lenience and gradually should let them take responsible of his or her own life. If the child is interested in anything, let them pursue that by encouraging them. If the child is going in a wrong way, then the parents should correct them in a positive way instead of punishing or acting violently. Teaching children to be more respectful, not only for elders, but also to his their juniors as well, was one of the best thing that my parents thought me. As discussed earlier, children’s behaviour are mostly influenced by their parents, so the parents also should respect everybody.

10. Best teachers

Best teacher

Parents are the best teacher we could get in our life. No one can teach us as effectively as our parents do. Parents teach us the real life experience. They are the one who teaches us to face the real world out there. They are the one who prepares us to face the world. They teach us how to overcome our difficulties and they teach us to how to value a relationship in our lives. They teach us how to behave with others and teach us to help those who are in need. So this is one of the major qualities that my parent’s posses that taught us how to be a good human being in this society.

So here are the best qualities of my parents that always make them special for me. There are many other qualities of them which cannot be explained in just words. So let’s be grateful for our parents.

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