What Are The Problems With Long Distance Relationship?

In this article we are going to talk about the What Are The Problems With Long Distance Relationship? Every relationship has its beauty and prosperity and this keeps everyone happy and lovable. So, it does not matter that you have long distance relationship, the intensity and truthful love in your relationship is like same as that of other relationships. But the way you handle and take care of your relationship is the matter. If you do not take care this in a proper way, definitely this will create lot of problems and future conflicts in your relationship. This may happen in all relationships but the chances will be more in long distance relationship. There is lot of huge problems that actually occur with and without your knowledge. So, here I will explain the major problems and some solutions to solve these problems in long distance relationship.

What Are The Problems With Long Distance Relationship?

Let us explain each problem in detailed way along with some solutions that may help to get rid of these problems for keeping a healthy relationship.

 1. Over expectation

The major problem that happens in between long -distance relationship is over expectations. This is an unknown problem which happens between the persons without knowing each other. Before getting into long distance relationship, they may expect lot of things that other couples do and enjoy in their relationship, but it is a fact that many things and couple goals will not be easily made or possible in long distance relationship. Because long distance relationship has its own limitation, and when they get into this the over expectations and imaginations that they created before will be equal to waste of time and this will slowly start to create many problems and future conflicts within this relationship. And the major problem is they did not know why this problem has been occurring, and they are unaware while doing this.

But this problem due to over expectation has the power to end this relationship, so it is very important to take care this problem in a matured way. Otherwise, everything will go uncontrolled. So, always think about the importance of that person and you should rethink that why did you start this, and try to be aware with the reality and limitations in this relationship, and be matured with this relationship. So, this is the first major problem that occurs in long distance relationship.

2. Wrong assumptions

The another major and very dangerous problem that they do without knowing each other is wrong assumptions. Without knowing the fact or truth they will start building huge wrong assumptions in their mind and will build a wall with rock in their love, and will completely forget about this relationship and automatically fall into depression. These assumptions will be dangerous as poison. Because, many of them create conflicts in long distance relationship due to wrong assumptions without knowing that they create unwanted conflicts. When they feel alone, they will try to imagine these wrong assumptions for non-replied calls and messages. And may be some bits of funny talks can also have the power to create wrong assumptions in mind.

These thoughts will build huge conflicts within your mind and these may lead to further problem which you never thought about. These wrong assumptions can create anger on your partner and without knowing this, there is a chance for arrogant behavior towards them. For controlling these wrong assumptions, the only way is be yourself busy with your work. Because, when you are engaged you have to think about that, or you sit alone without doing anything you will start unwanted imaginations and end up with wrong assumptions, and always try to keep an understanding in your relationship and keep a clarity in your conversation. And share your thoughts frankly to your partner and be confident and clear in your relationship. So, this is another major problem in long distance relationship.

What Are The Problems With Long   Distance Relationship?

3. Loneliness

When you are in long distance relationship definitely there is a chance for the occurrence of this problem. It is the reality that, in long distance relationship the time spending with your partner may be less as compared to the other relationship. The chances for meeting each other and sharing feelings and thoughts will be comparatively less so that, even if you are in relationship also you will feel a loneliness and this is completely normal. This loneliness may create unwanted thoughts and assumptions and this will create problems in your relationship. So, to get away from this loneliness, give importance to other great relationships in your life like, friendship, and life with parents, or pets etc. not only this relationship is your life you may have may goals and do work for achieving that also.

When you completely focus on that person and his/her attention and love, you will definitely feel loneliness and this will end up in depression. So, make strong friendship and care towards your parents you will never feel loneliness, after that also you feel loneliness, you can buy a pet and take care of it and do your work and make yourself busy and try to understand the situation and limitation of your partner. This is the problems that have been created by loneliness in long distance relationship.

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4. Expecting immediate reply to calls and messages

This is a common and dangerous problem in long distance relationship and this will create lot of conflicts in this relationship. It is a fact that the only way to connect each other is using calls and messages. But this expectation has the power to create many problems in your relationship. You will start imagining that they are trying to avoid you, and so many other wrong assumptions will take birth during this time, the only solution to this problem is stop thinking unwanted this and stop assuming wrong things. Just think that they are also humans and they have their own life with busy schedules, give importance to their time also and give concern towards your partner.

Definitely they will give reply or they will call back during that time speak patiently and try to understand their words, do not create unwanted arguments and anger during this time, this will be the worst situation of creating conflicts. So, be patient and understand your partner and give importance to their life also. So, this is another common problem that happen in long distance relationship.

6. Trust matters

This is a problem which is rarely happened in long distance relationship. If there is no confidence and understanding in your relationship this problem will be easily occurred without knowing each other. Trust is really important factor in every relationship in our life and this is very important in long distance relationship also. Try to understand and take care your partner and be confident in your relationship, then you can escape from this problem easily. So, this is another problem that may happen in long distance relationship.

7. Connecting from different places

This is very common problem that every long-distance relationship couples are facing in their life. If you are living in a place without good connectivity like rural areas and your partner in any other city then it is very difficult for making a proper call with them. Already there the chance to meet them will be rare and if the connections in calls at different time zones will be difficult, so can create many problems in your long-distance relationship. So, decide a proper time for spending each other and find a good communication with them. This is another problem that happens in every long-distance relationship.

What Are The Problems With Long   Distance Relationship In English

8. Cheating

This is a problem which is rarely happened in long distance relationship. Cheating may can happen in long distance relationship and other relationships, but the chances for this problem is comparatively higher than other relationships. Because, when you blindly believe your partner, they may cheat but if you are in long distance relationship it will be not easy to find this problem. Because you are not meeting them and you should have to believe what all the things they say and if you do not know their background and their life there is no chance for enquiries about them.so, this is a dangerous problem that may happens in long distance relationship.

9. Jealousy

This is also a common problem in long distance relationship. When your partner makes close relationships with their friends and colleagues, there is a chance for occurrence of jealousy because, they will not get this much attention and care like the once you are close with. So, this is another problem in long-distance relationship.

10. Possessiveness

This is very common problem in every relationship especially long-distance relationship. They will become possessive due to the love towards you but the over possessiveness may also create many conflicts in your relationship. So, this is another problem in long distance relationship.

11. Depression

This is also a great problem in long distance relationship. When you do not get enough time to share your thoughts this may leads to depression. If you believe in your relationship and give importance to your partner as well as personal life this problem can be solved easily.

So, these are the top ten problems in long distance relationship.

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