What Romantic Things You Can Do For Your Boyfriend?

In this article we are going to talk about the What Romantic Things You Can Do For Your Boyfriend? Well, gifting is always a pleasure and when the person receiving it is your partner, joy knows no bounds , but often we find ourselves addled while selecting gifts. While gifting is pleasurable one must make the right choices keeping the  receiver’s choices ,likes and dislikes in mind.It is not always easy to please people but some gifts that are not only stunning but also tend to add sentimental values tend to add to the value of the gift.

Romantic relations when nurtured properly bear fruit , similarly gifting the right thing to your beloved brings a smile on their face just as you would have wanted. So here are an array of options for all my ladies .

What Romantic Things You Can Do For Your Boyfriend?

Fancy candle light dinners , a boat ride or showering petals are stereotypically the most overdone romantic gestures and quite the reason why it could fall flat.Just when you start thinking a little differently you can plan amazing gifts that are pocket friendly and would definitely wow your partner.

1. A Photo Journal

A Photo Journal

 A photo journal is nothing but a diary or note books that records memory along with pictures associated to these memories. The reason why this makes an interesting gift is because good memories and reliving them is an important part of a relationship.One could get a photo journal made by the help of professionals or create it themselves .All one needs to create it are, pictures ,loads of cherished memories , little notes for your partner ,creativity and a plethora of love ! And there you are .Your loved one can relinquish the memories with a flip of the photo journal .

 2. Personalised Merchandise

Personalised Merchandise

Personalized gifts are very much on the trend , the market boasts many stores that would customize daily essential items such as mugs , pillow cases , key chains,etc. With a personal touch . You could add your favourite pictures and they would be right on the surface of your chosen product. This is a great gift indeed, since whenever your person uses it he would instantly be reminded of you .You can literally picture your partner sipping on his morning coffee from his brand new mug , and just when his eyes have  a glimpse of the mug , it jogs his memory !

3. A Memory Map

A Memory Map

 There are some places that hold a lot of importance for couples , for example the first place they went on a date at , etc.Memory maps are nothing but detailed map of that particular place that is of paramount importance to you . Many websites have been customizing such maps with accurate longitude and latitude details as well as tiny notes , these also come framed and splendidly wrapped  , other than that one could easily  DIY such maps . Such gifts are a reflection of the person’s emotional attachment to the person receiving it , gentle reminders of the good old days is always healthy for a romantic relationship.

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4. A Bouquet Of Flowers

A Bouquet Of Flowers

Flowers never go out of fashion , as it was romantic gesture maybe 50 years ago it is so even now. Earlier gifting flowers was always believed to be  a very “ Chivalrous “ and “ Romantic “ .  gesture when done by a man . Since times have changed , it is not  men who only court women , women have also been turning tables and pursuing romantic relationship.Flowers are a bold yet subtle choice to gift your man , the sweet scent and pure colours of rare flowers would definitely tempt and delight your man. Did you know , different flowers convey different messages and this language is known as Floriography. For example yellow flowers convey gestures of friendship whereas red flowers are considered to be messengers of love.

Hence a bouquet of aptly chosen flowers would not only be a pleasant gift  but also  a gift that would make him wonder !

5. Perfume / Scents

Perfume / Scents

Eau de Parfum or Perfumes  are an excellent options for gifting since we all tend to dislike unpleasant body odours.Well one could gift her man a specific scent , cologne and it would definitely cross his mind how his partner desires his smell to linger all around her , thus making it a very romantic gift.Perfumes come in a variety of options, undertones from which can select according to their partner’s liking.Some prefer woody and strong smells , whereas some love an aquatic splash with beachy undertones to wash them away !

Perfumes are  a great gift since they add a lot of depth and warmth to anyone’s character.

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6. Chocolates


    For women whose partners love to indulge in chocolate delicacies , this is one of the best options to gift. A box of handmade chocolates , exquisite and lip smacking would melt his heart inside out. Let me inform you not only are chocolates good for your senses but also for your body since it has quite some health benefits.It is known to be a very good source of  antioxidants and minerals such as magnesium and zinc , it is known to facilitate a greater functioning of the heart . Hence it is a win win situation .

 7. A Custom Gift Basket

 A Custom Gift Basket

A gift basket is a great gifting option for those who get perplexed at the idea of gifting a particular thing. Assorted gifts in a neatly decorated basket will definitely grab his attention and could also win you some praises. All you need to do is get a basket if possible decorate it to your liking and place all the items you have in mind .One can also have a theme for the basket , for instance  a winter themed basket would include a chapstick , a muffler , a pack of hot chocolate , a pair of gloves ,etc. Just use your creativity to make a basket full of happiness for your partner.

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8. A Fitness Watch

A Fitness Watch

 Amidst our busy routines we almost forget to monitor our health , exercise regularly. With a hectic schedule all of it seems like a far fetched dream, doesn’t it ? well fitness watches are relatively new in the market and serve  a lot of purpose.These watches are designed to keep a tab on your blood pressure , level of oxygen and also monitor the heart rate.With the help of these watches you can set healthy reminders , set aims , etc.It is also designed to keep the cellphone and itself connected so that the user does not have to cling to the phone for the notifications. This happens to be a very thoughtful gift that is available at different price ranges as well. The receiver will always know how much you care about their well being .

9. His Favourite Team’s Jersey/ Goodies

His  Favourite  Team’s Jersey/ Goodies

  Its no secret that men and their enthusiasm for sports , especially football go hand in hand .It never fails to surprise me how emotionally attached and loyal fans men can be.It is safe to say that such loyal fans would quite unquestionably  be impressed by a gift that is associated to his team or sportsman . Jersey’s of a particular football club , sports organisation or similar to that of  a renowned sportsman could be a tear jerking gift for an emotional fan , other than jerseys merchandises like cups , bags could also be great options and considered while gifting.

All of these items are easily available and aren’t even too heavy on the pocket . The reason behind gifting these would be to make him realise not only do you care about his well being but also that you are well aware of his likings and respect his fandom and acknowledge it , isn’t that a great way to make him feel wanted and loved ?

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10. A Cool Sound System / Speaker / Headphone

A Cool Sound  System / Speaker / Headphone

Many a people believe in music therapy and find listening to music aloud quite therapeutic , gifting them a a sound system or speaker would be fitting. Infact if your man happens to be a party person and enjoys grooving to cool beats a speaker would be IT for you , since when he turns the speaker on you both could have your own party !

Sound system to be more particular would be fitting for watching videos or films with good quality audio , so if you  plan to gift your partner a hands on audio experience this is definitely an option to look out for. A headphone is a comparatively portable option for any music lover .If you want him to carry his favourite songs on the go , then this might be it. These amazing options enhance the audio experience thereby making your partner groove with the tune of their favourite music

These are just a few suggestions that could help you while selecting a gift for your boyfriend , if you are as picky and as fussy as me. Other than these options you could always go for DIY creations , which undoubtedly adds a personal touch to gifts. When in confusion or if pocket does not permit , DIY gifts are saviours.

Gifts are definitely a very important medium to covey one’s gratitude , love and affection as well as a reflection of themselves ,but what is importance is the thought put into it and the care. So before you gift your beloved , don’t forget to put loads of love into it ! anything that you do with love , makes it even better !

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