Short Essay On Global Warming

In this essay we are going to talk about the Global warming. Environmental problems such as climate change and global warming have become topics of huge concern in recent decades. The scientific community including various organizations like NASA and the UN along with climate scientists and environmentalists all over the world are really worried about the adverse consequences humanity might face if we continue to ignore environmental problems.

Short Essay On Global Warming

The increasing pace of global warming is the biggest and most dangerous and threatening challenge our planet is facing right now and we should soon take suitable steps to reduce its pace so as to avoid any adverse consequences and also to reverse the ill effects that we are facing currently. In this article, we will discuss in detail what is global warming? What are its causes? What are its ill effects and consequences? And what we are doing to solve this problem? 


As the name suggests global warming refers to the phenomenon of increasing average air and surface temperature of our planet due to reckless human behavior towards the environment and over-exploitation of fossil fuels which are non-renewable energy sources used in industries and automobiles. Global warming has been taking place since industrialization but its adverse effects became apparent only in the last century. The increasing pace of global warming is really alarming as its rate increase every decade due to more and more consumption of fossil fuels.

Essay On Global Warming

For the last couple of decades, the planet’s annual temperature is increased by 0.2 degrees Celsius which is its all-time high. The consequences of global warming are something that cannot be ignore as it endangers even the human extinction and making it almost impossible to survive on this planet. So we need to immediately do something before it is too late and the damage becomes irreversible.

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Causes of global warming

There are various causes for global warming both natural and human-induced, but all other reasons are of very little significance and contribute negligibly to global warming. The most paramount cause of global warming is the “Greenhouse Effect”. The greenhouse effect refers to the trapping of solar energy in the atmosphere because of greenhouse gases. Due to the increased concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere when the solar energy falls on the surface of the earth and reflects back it is unable to escape the earth’s atmosphere and gets trapped which results in the overall increase in the earth’s temperature which further contributes to global warming.

The major greenhouse gases are methane, chlorofluorocarbons, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. These gases are released when fossil fuels are burnt in automobiles and in industries. There are other sources of greenhouse gases like chlorofluorocarbons are used in refrigerators and air conditioners, carbon dioxide levels are increased by deforestation. So we can say that mostly the cause of global warming is human activities and our recklessness towards the environment.

There are other less significant natural reasons for global warming like volcanic emission and changes in solar radiation but their contribution to global warming is very little, the major factors that contribute to global warming are automobile emission and industrial emission of greenhouse gases. If we need to slow down the pace of global warming the first step should be to decrease the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and to that we need to take a lot of major steps, which we will discuss in the further sections of this article.

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Adverse effects of global warming on our planet

Global warming has a lot of adverse effects on our planet which can prove to be life-threatening for many species of animals as well as for humans too. Global warming can bring about many changes in the climatic conditions of our planet for example the melting of glaciers and ice sheets due to global warming results in rising sea levels which in turn causes floods in many areas. Many other climatic fluctuations like droughts, heat waves, storms can be caused because of global warming these fluctuations in weather and abnormal climatic condition caused by global warming are all together referred to as “climate change”. Climate change is not a single problem it contains in itself a bunch of other problems.

Climate change can push many species to extinction in many ways like for example when glaciers will melt the temperature of the oceans will increase and arctic animals like the polar bear and penguins will lose their habitat which will result in their extinction, also other sea animals that are used to living at an optimum temperature will face problems because of the rise in temperature of ocean water and may eventually become extinct.

Climate change will also cause problems for humans as the global temperature will raise the cases of forest fire will increase and human society will have to go away from forests there will be loss of forests which will again result in increased greenhouse gas concentration and global warming. The fluctuation in climate will cause droughts and floods which will also affect agriculture creating a shortage of food for humans. Scientists also believe that global warming can cause the death of several thousands of human beings and push millions to poverty if we are not able to keep it in check.

Essay On Global Warming In English

What are the steps we are taking in order to tackle with climate change?

Since the rapid increase in the pace of global warming and sudden rise in annual global temperature, several nations and organizations have acknowledged the dangerous consequence we might face because of global warming. Several nations have proposed and implemented several laws and regulations to prevent global warming. International organization has like NASA and the UN have stepped forward and are trying to solve the problem of global warming and climate change. UN has also made a special commission to monitor and study global warming and climate change, the commission suggests using renewable sources of energy like solar energy, wind energy which do not emit any kind of greenhouse gases and switching to electric vehicles for transportation for the same reasons.

Climate change is the problem of the whole of humanity and not just one nation or organization. It is the obligation of every nation and human to contribute to this fight against global warming as our and the next generation future depends on this we cannot handover a planet which is impossible to live to the next generation. Everyone can contribute to help fight global warming in individual level by doing various things like switching to electrical cars and not wasting fuel for frivolous reasons, saving electricity, by avoiding the use of products and appliances which contain chlorofluorocarbons and being a little more responsible.

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Global warming is a problem cause by human recklessness and negligence so it is our responsibly to solve it so that we can handover our planet to the next generation as we received it. So we hope you will be more responsible from now on and help the world to fight against global warming.

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