What Skills Do You Need To Manage A Team?

In this article we are going to talk about the  What skills do you need to manage a team? Maintaining a team isn’t a small task is it? Being a team leader or a manager itself is a big task. A team always has individuals with different behavior and perspectives. It’s not at all an easy task to do this by your own. Every team members come from different background and you need to understand that and act accordingly. But you can be a good leader if you understand what is the most necessary things to manage a team.

What Skills Do You Need To Manage A Team?

A team is what makes your work efficient. And some of the basics are needed in every team. If a team is growing it means the individual is growing. Remember, you are only lead them and its on you how to make them follow your lead. Here are the top skills you need to manage a team.

1. Communicate


Now communicating is not that hard right? But communicating or conveying the right thing is a little tough. A team requires a leader who communicates effectively. Communication is the most important thing in every relationship whether its personal or work. When you talk with your team leaders you get a sense of security and bonding. So to manage a team you need to talk to your team members. Helping them with their difficulties. Always involve them in discussing new ideas  and make them feel comfortable.

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2. Be compatible

Be compatible

Be compatible or consistent; understand your team members have different personalities. Use different approaches with each team members. Some might take your criticism in a good way whereas some wont . So you need to learn the psychological behavior of each individual. You have to be an effective and consistent team manager.  Don’t just find faults but also appreciate the good in them too. This would create a good impression upon your teammates.

3. Appreciate and acknowledge

Appreciate and acknowledge

Being a good leader you need to know the strengths and weakness of your team. Not only there flaws needs to highlighted but also their efforts too . If they are doing something which is good acknowledge it. When you appreciate the good in them they understand that you do notice everything. It gives a boost to their hardwork . When you appreciate they would do better than that and others would also see it as an encouragement to do better. But see to that you support and motivate others too, otherwise it would be you are playing favorism. Simple things from your side like congratulating them in front of other teammates would be great.

4. Be open for new

Be open for new

 Simple words, right? Always be open for new ideas, thoughts and experiments. Forming a team is hard but maintain it’s more tough. You have to be perfect from all sides. And to manage a team you have to be open to all ideas and opinions of your team members. This gives them a true feeling that they are a part of your team projects. Otherwise they will feel like they are just working like donkeys and don’t get anything in response. So its way to make them comfortable. And who knows some of your team mates may have really great ideas and that would do well to your projects.

5. Improve relationships

 Improve relationships

Now, you really need to work on this on a personal level too. Meet your team mates outside of work for casual talks over lunch, dinner too. It would build a comfortable relationship. It will help you know each individual personally too. Always remember, being comfortable with every member would build a good team.

6. Be the one

Be the one

You might be thinking what’s this “be the one” refer to. It refers to you. This is the best way to show your expectations. Be the leader and set an example of how you want them to be. Actions speak louder than words. So if your team members see you working hard they would do the same. If we take an example of being honest. If you are not honest at your working hours, you let others carry your workload and only ask them to oblige all your orders that won’t be a good role model right? So if you want your teammates to be honest, punctual, loyal and hardworking you be the one first.  Let your actions influence them.

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7. Trust


 The hardest thing on a professional and personal level is to trust a person. But since it’s a professional one you have to trust your team member because you and they are here to work with efficiency. So you need to trust your team and also ensure them that. If you don’t trust their opinions on different things and decisions it would make them feel a little demotivated. This won’t build a team but break it. And your job is to build a good rapport with all of them. So trust your coworker’s decisions and plans.

8. Purpose and goals

Purpose and goals

You need to be clear cut of what you expect from the members. The purpose of this team on duty and the goals to achieve on a daily or weekly basis. If you put up the goals there would be a sense of purpose for the team a goal which has to achieve and a sense of responsibility on them and also it would give a mission kind of feeling. So they would work on to achieve them.

Trust me, if you give and assign them there tasks it would really work. You should never assume things that they already know what you expect from them. You need to tell what do you expect from them and let them achieve it . Nobody can understand your expectations and what you think unless you have a team of psychologists under you .  So convey and be straight forward of what you are expecting from them. Each task has different roles so act accordingly.

9. Planning and meetings

 Planning and meetings

You should always be two steps ahead of your team members. You should plan carefully. You should conduct meetings and plan for your next task. See the interests and participation of the team in the meetings. You can improve them accordingly. Meetings can be boring but of you manage it and if you have specific and clear intention about the motive of the meeting, it would be great. Ask them to speak out their minds. And even consider those points.

10. Time management

Time management

 Time management is an effective method.  A team leader or a manager should know how to manage time of themselves and their team mates too. Less stress would create a cheerful environment. So better plan everything and time it considering everyone’s schedule. You should also track how your team members manage their time.  If the time is according to everyone’s interest, every member will be productive and be focused. We can’t provide a flexible time but we can hand them their personal time. So working should not affect their personal life. Understand the difference between spending and wasting time. So create a time schedule for everything it would ease workload and a peaceful environment would be created.

These are some of the most important way of managing a team. Hope you find them helpful and wishing you success as by reading this , you are already one step closer to success.

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