How Can I Change My Negative Mindset?

In this article we are going to talk about the How Can I Change My Negative Mindset? At one point or the other, everybody in their life feels low, dejected, discouraged or depressed.  This encourages to form a negative mind set. negative mind set does not let us to enjoy the life and sees wrong in everything that is happening in our life. Negative mind set discourages a person from being happy thereby discouraging the surrounding peoples mind set as well.

There is a saying that goes “everything is in the mind” which shows that how a person is and what he thinks. A persons behaviour can be categorised by the way he or she thinks. The person behaves and acts according to the his or her mind.  So keeping our mind free of negative thoughts and decisions is very essential especially during this pandemic times and circumstances. . The pandemic has made us being confined to our homes. There is a situation where we are not being able to socialise, not able to meet friends and colleagues . These are the points which triggers the negative thoughts in our minds and even sometimes these negative thoughts even rise to be suicidal thoughts. So It is very important Find the cause for the negative thoughts as early as possible.

How To Change Your Negative Mindset?

The time when the mental health issues rises and the major problem which give rise to the mental health disease Is the negative mind set and negative thinking. These negative mind set and thinking can be overcome by many ways. Though  it might be difficult as it has already became a habit, but through consistency anybody had can come out of the negative thinking and mind set and making by making some of the changes in their lifestyle habits Etc.

The top ten ways to change negative mind set are :                                        

1. Stop overthinking

Stop overthinking

Overthinking is the most serious and confirmed way which leads to decreased mental health thereby leading to negative mind set. When we have more free time or leisure, we tend to start thinking the things about our past memories or worrying about the future and most of the time we fail to live in the present. We over pressurised ourselves by over thinking. this leads to unnecessary thoughts to flow in our mind. by over thinking , we also fail to notice the happy things that are happening to us and thus we ourselves make our life miserable. So one way of stopping overthinking is by keeping our mind busy and not giving ourselves time to overthink. We should start to live in in the present rather than thinking about past or future.

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2. Stop reading negative news or Stories

Stop reading negative news or Stories

Nowadays, the news or stories that we’re getting from social media or the news channels are filled with fake news and negative stories. Sometimes the news that we are getting from social media an unnecessary for us. So one of the best way to avoid such news or stories is, by turning off the notification, so the involvement in these notifications doesn’t affect us.  Stop seeing those channels which affects our mind set and which makes our mood low and dull. Starting the day with mobile phone is the most undesirable way so , we should not start the day with negativity. Start focusing on more on the positive side of everything and disconnect from everything which brings negativity into your life. Start seeing and reflecting life on yourself by working on your own life.

3. Start a day with positive affirmations

Start a day with positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are those words which we should say to ourselves for being happy and positive. Positive affirmations like “I can do this”, “nothing is impossible”, “it’s going to be a great day” etc. can make wonders. Starting a day with such positive affirmations not only bring positivity into our life but also makes us more enthusiastic and happy all over the day. Starting a day with such energy keeps us remain calm and helps in setting more clearer goals. Setting a to do list for a day can help us to be more organised and remain focused. Through positive affirmations we tend to set up the goals that we can do and it boost creativity an innovation . Positive affirmations helps to keep the negative thoughts at Bay, because through this we become more aware of ourselves.

4. Maintaining gratitude Journal

Maintaining gratitude Journal

This is my most favourite part. I have been following this since three years and results are great. Set aside a Journal for yourself and from day one start writing three things that you’re grateful for when you get up in the morning. And start writing why you are grateful today at every night before you go to bed. We can start to see the results in just 15 days as there will be a more inflow of positivity into our mind and thoughts. Gratitude is the most beautiful behaviour or habit that I think everyone must follow. When you’re grateful for one or the other things in life and you notice that, and that’s where you start seeing the life in a positive manner and attitude and a negative thought does not come into our mind. This is the most effective way to change the negative mind set.

5. Starting a hobby

Starting a hobby

It is the most helpful way in developing a suitable lifestyle. Many of us always wanted to start something which gave us a more sense of satisfaction , pride etc. we all have a hidden talent which does not come out because of our busy lifestyle. So this is the time where we can start a hobby. Which can be very helpful to our mind as it keeps us busy and does not give time for a mind to wander. By starting a hobby we can keep our thoughts an mind focused and calm. A hobby in long run can also help us to earn income. so starting a hobby is very much helpful to the mental and physical health as well.

Some of the few hobby ideas car

  1. Trying out new recipes
  2. Gardening
  3. Painting
  4. Art and crafts
  5. Reading books

6. To forget the past and focusing on present

To forget the past and focusing on present

All have the memories of past that haunt us everyday. Example, death of loved ones, cheated by others, hurted by someone. These keeps reminding us every day that makes us to feel like we are worthless . That’s because we couldn’t forget the past so everyone should move on from their life and starts to live the life to the fullest. As past memories increases the negative thoughts in us it is very important to take step towards building optimistic attitude. Enjoy every moment in life by being in present and start acting according to your goals and start seeing positivity in every single aspect of life.

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7. Spend time with family

Spend time with family

Family is the most important aspect of life. No one can ever understand as your family does.  Spending quality time with the family members and making most of the time, eliminates any negative thoughts in our life. Sharing our thoughts with family members helps our mind to relax and get free. If any negative thoughts comes share it with family members and they might give us some suggestions and might become our biggest help in coming out of negative thoughts. Family is the greatest strength in anybody’s life so make sure we spend quality time with them so that the positivity spreads all around.

8. Helping others

 helping others

We will be more happy and contented when we help others and see this smile and satisfaction rather than  spending money on ourselves. We can help others in different cases such as you can help family members while doing household chores, helping in cooking and helping in  their business as well. You can help the strangers as well by helping poor, beggars so that we can keep ourselves occupied.

By doing the things which gives us calmness and gratitude mind. Make sure that you are helping the person who is really in need through this our mind starts to observe all the positive thoughts.

9. Meditation


It is one of the most effective and traditional way of controlling the mind. A regular meditation daily for at least 10 to 15 minutes does a whole lot in improving his as a human being. There  are a lot of advantages in doing meditation. It helps to gain more concentration and focus. By doing meditation regularly our lifestyle sees a considerable changes, the changes which is very much necessary to us.

Being able to control the thoughts in our mind is being able to control ourselves as we become more aware about ourselves and our surrounding. Meditation helps to see the positive side of everything and we ever cells unable to control the negative thoughts and mind set.

10. Being optimistic

Being optimistic

Finally, we should know that there are positive side to everything around us. being able to take up only positive things and rejecting the negative aspect that comes along with it is a major type of being optimistic. when we feeling anything, we tend to take up does a major failure but as a responsible person we should take a positive things from that failure such as, . correcting the mistakes we have made and should start working on that. , being over optimistic can also affect us but, what we need to understand is that keeping negative thoughts and negative mind set at bay is good for our own well being.

So these are some of my ideas of how we can change our negative mind set . Do read this and make sure you follow what your heart says . Be optimistic .

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